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Terrorizing Iranians
How Iranian-Americans can block an attack on Iran
March 2, 2007

Dear Mr. President
How should the U.S. respond to demonstrations in Tehran?
June 20, 2003

Monster mistake
Job site's move to drop Iranians raises legal and ethical questions
April 23, 2003

Break the cycle
Raise your sons to respect and admire women
May 30, 2001

Breaking the rules
Believe it or not, Iranian youth party hard
March 13, 2000

No wonder Egyptians loved Iranians so much
February 11, 2000

The ballot box
Majlis elections mark new era
February 21, 2000

In their hands
Iran's fate decided by the masses
February 18, 2000

Voting for change
Skeptical Iranians will vote to defeat conservatives
February 17, 2000

My lemon yellow roosari
My hejab had to say something about me
December 28, 1998

Cyber clash
Conversations with Iranians in cyberspace on the clash of civilizations
December 9, 1998

Dokhi Fassihian is a former Executive Director of the National Iranian American Council, NIAC. She has a M.A. in international relations from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland. To top


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