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juvus juvus posted a comment:

"“Bashar Assad is no voice of moderation. He is the factory that manufactures extremism,” he said. "

Everybody in that region is a comedian now.

Yeah I am sure Assad has a little factory pumping out little Wahhabi jihadists all over the world and sending them to far away places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan.

Assad is manufacturing extremism in Syria, but Al Sisi is manufacturing peace in the Egypt/Sinai and Saudi Arabia is manufacturing democracy in Yemen.

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chuckles chuckles posted a comment:

The question then is what works best to either change the regime's behavior, or to propel change in other ways. Better to demand better of a regime that both holds and executes political prisoners before reaching a deal, but then some in the State Dept. were perhaps trying to work a deal with the IRI in other areas. That's not an excuse to ignore the obvious merciless cruelty of public executions of many innocent citizens, nor the damping effect these executions have on public speech and gathering, so then how best to end the public executions and imprisonment of political activists, while promoting the prosperity and health of Iranian citizens? I am not so sure sanctions worked, but getting more from the bargain struck would have made sense. It seems like the regime must be facing strong pressure for change, or they wouldn't be ramping up their public executions like this - is this a sign of mounting public pressure on the regime? It always is darkest just before the dawn.
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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:


Remember that your beloved murderous SAVAK must have murdered, at least, as many if not more innocent Iranian than these bastards have. It was none other than your idle, the treasonous Queen of Kings who brought these monsters to power. He was an undignified coward and a murderous thief. He also believed in miracles, due to the fact that he was deeply religious. In his lousy memoir he gives credit to Hazrate Abbas for having saved his miserable life. He wrote that it was Hazrate Abbas responsible for breaking his fall, while being thrown off from a horse. Those who follow that treasonous embezzling thief, are either ignorant or as vicious as their admiring SAVAK or both. I am beginning to see that Tarehgol is on to something when he calls you Angali. Let’s hope that you are not that F#$%^G character whose biggest pride and joy is/was declaring himself being a British lackey, calling himself Anglo Phil.

One thing for sure: The treasonous, thieving Pahlavi clan is dead and gone, I am not quite sure that people like you have digested or gotten to that point of reality yet? And being a fanatical, Basidgi minded that the Shahollahis/Hezbollah characters are, make that reality very hard, but can’t be used as an excuse. Furthermore, Pahlavi SOBs will never make a comeback, since they were thrown out with more disgust than a dirty rag. Mullahs, who have tried to bury Mossadegh’s name and are in fear of even mentioning it, are making fun of the Pahlavis, without any impunity, to the point that they have been running a television serial out of their miserable lives.

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chuckles chuckles posted a comment:

We cannot survive unless we escape this fragile planet.. and visit South Dakota! Corn palaces, great farmland, and garden seeds - you will be hard pressed to find that on Mars!
I see the gist of what he is saying as more of a fevered sales pitch to keep exploring and possibly colonizing other places (maybe the moon makes more sense for starters). It's good to keep expanding our horizons, better than other expensive things we do, but so much emphasis on the 'out there' might be keeping us from paying better attention to what's here on this planet. True, if we don't totally mess up this living planet, seems like keeping it alive and healthy makes more sense than aiming for the stars, but we can have both, maybe starting with trimming the bloated defense budget and increasing NASA's budget to more than 1% of the total Federal budget for starters... Read more

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Kaaveh_Aahangar Kaaveh_Aahangar posted a comment:

آنچه سبب خوشبختی‌ یا بدبختی ما، حال چه به صورت یک فرد یا یک جامعه، میشود ریشه اندیشه و باور‌های ماست. پس بایستی‌ در اندیشه و انتخاب باورها دقت و تامل بسیار به کار گرفت. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

همه مردم ایران میدانند که کمونیست‌ها به ملاه‌ها کمک کردند و میهن عزیز ما را به این روز انداختند.

برای مردم ایران فقر و فلاکت آوردند. این خیانت در حافظه ملی‌ ایرانی‌‌ها جای بخصوصی دارد.

اگر حرف من را قبول ندارید یک مسافرتی‌ به ایران بکنید و ببنید مردم چه میگویند. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Somebody STOP me! there is a retired LT col Tony Shaffer that needs a smack in the head.

“ISIS is going to figure out how to adapt in Yemen … both ISIS and the Houthis hate the Saudis so they may find a way to coexist efficiently to go after the common enemy … ISIS may well adapt and figure out how to work in this region,’ said Shaffer

It's one thing to say BS, it is another thing to get paid to say BS. If he is a senior fellow for a policy research company, he was not allowed to make this mistake.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend has its limits. Daesh put out a video saying they are in Yemen to KILL Houthis. I doubt very much the Houthis are going to hold their hands and sing a song.

When the Houthis started marching to Aden the analysis was they were going to work with Al-Qaeda. I wanted to pull my hair out. Why are these people getting paid to say nothing. WHY???

When I hear things said about Yemen that are sooo disconnected from the reality of that country, all I want to do is go to those TV "pundits' " place of work and do this.

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

ابهام در وضعیت رسول بداقی

رسول بداقی، عضو هیات مدیره کانون صنفی معلمان ایران؛ یکی از فرهیخته ترین اعضای شورای هماهنگی کانون های صنفی معلمان سراسر کشور است. او در مدت فعالیت خود در هیات مدیره کانون صنفی معلمان همواره پیگیر امور صنفی فرهنگیان کشور بوده است.

بداقی پیشتر در سال 85 در یکی از گسترده ترین اعتراضات معلمان ایران به اجرا نشدن قانون توسط دولت دکتر احمدی نژاد دستگیر و به سه سال حبس تعلیقی محکوم شد. پس از آن و همزمان با وقایع سیاسی کشور در شهریور 88 در اداره آموزش و پرورش اسلامشهر دستگیرشد. نیروهای امنیتی پس از تفتیش منزل بداقی، او را به بند 209 اوین بردند. در ادامه توسط قاضی صلواتی در شعبه پانزده دادگاه انقلاب به شش سال حبس محکوم شد.

این عضو هیات مدیره کانون صنفی معلمان در مدت پنج سال و هشت ماه که در زندان بوده حتی برای تشییع و تدفین مادر گرامی اش، یک ساعت مرخصی نداشته است.

در آستانه هفته معلم بدنه آموزش و پرورش در التهابات ناشی از اعتراضات معلمان کشور نسبت به وضعیت اسف بار آموزش و پرورش به سر می برد. از طرفی فرهنگیان ایران بی صبرانه چشم انتظار آزادی معلمان زندانی هستند و مسئولان مربوط به پرونده ی رسول بداقی تاریخ آزادی او را سیزده مرداد 94 اعلام کرده اند، در اقدامی عجیب دادسرای شهید مقدسی اوین عصر روز شنبه پنجم اردیبهشت رسول بداقی را برای بازپرسی احضار کرد.

امروز (ششم اردیبهشت) رسول بداقی برای حضور در دادسرای مقدسی اوین توسط عوامل زندان رجایی شهر انتقال یافته است. و تا کنون هیچ خبری مربوط به بازگشت ایشان به رجایی شهر گزارش نشده است.

امیدواریم مسئولان مربوطه با درک شرایط موجود زمینه آزادی معلمان زندانی را فراهم نماید.

اسماعیل عبدی-دبیرکل کانون صنفی معلمان

ششم اردیبهشت هزار و سیصد و نود و چهار

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Dakho Dakho posted a comment:

سخنان تکان‌دهنده مشاور آب معاون اول رئیس‌جمهوری
کوچ اجباری در سرنوشت میلیون‌ها ایرانی
عیسی کلانتری: ایران با بهره‌برداری از ۹۷‌درصد آب‌های سطحی خود عملا تمام رودخانه‌های خود را خشک کرده است و دیگر آبی در طبیعت باقی نمانده است. این موضوع به معنای آن است که اگر به همین وضع ادامه دهیم حدود ۷۰‌درصد ایرانیان یعنی جمعیتی معادل ۵۰‌میلیون نفر برای زنده ماندن ناچار به مهاجرت از کشور هستند. توان تولید ما در کشاورزی، تأمین غذا برای ۳۳‌میلیون نفر است برای تأمین غذای بقیه جمعیت باید به واردات فکر کرد. Read more

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