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SoosanKhanoom akaDarya posted a comment:

Do U remember what Bush the senior say? " I will never apologize for the U.S I do not care what facts are " George HW Bush commenting on the downed Iranian airliner - August 1988

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jgarbuz jgarbuz replied to comment:

First of all the Jewish homeland was repeatedly conquered and occupied by others. The Jews had no problem with the Persian occupation since the Persians had freed us from the captivity and were rel... Read more

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jgarbuz jgarbuz posted a comment:

After WWI, the Council of the League of Nations basically created 11 Arab states but returned western Palestine to the Jewish nation just as Cyrus had returned Judah to the Jewish nation in exile. ... Read more

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VafaRahmati vafa rahmati replied to comment:

اینهم راجع به کتاب اقای زاهدی اردشیر که هنوز در ویلای گل سرخ در مونتروی سویس زندگی میکند میدانی البته ویلا هدیه به پدرش بود از طرف شرکتهای نفتی امریکا بماند کتاب را میخواستی اینجا هست راجع به ا... Read more

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