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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

Political prisoners are the heart and soul of resistance against tyranny and they ought to be supported by all who care for freedom, democracy and independence in Iran.

These brave bunch have put their money where their mouth is when it comes to freedom in Iran and ought to be an inspiration to all of us, specially for those of us who sit in the comfort of the West and wish for the over throw of the government/regime by foreign forces.

My hat off to each and every one of these brave bunch fighting for their freedom and freedom for other Iranians.


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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

From the report;
In an “unprecedented deal,” Republican lawmakers were “helping Netanyahu defeat his rivals here, and he is helping them humiliate their rival there,” wrote Nahum Barnea, a columnist for Yediot Ahronot. “It’s dangerous, it’s toxic and it’s not so funny anymore.”

Netanyahu pledged Sunday that he’d “go anywhere I am invited” to warn against the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program and a potential deal with Western powers that he said could leave Iran “a nuclear threshold state.”

But the prime minister’s rivals in the election campaign accuse him of alienating Obama and damaging Israel’s strategic alliance with Washington.

“Netanyahu is directly hurting the president of the United States,” Yitzhak Herzog, head of the opposition Labor party, told Army Radio on Sunday. His joint slate with Tzipi Livni, a former justice minister, is running neck-and-neck with Netanyahu’s Likud party, according to recent polls.

“What Netanyahu is doing with this brutish behavior is harming Israel’s security interests,” Herzog added. “The American political system can’t stand this behavior.”

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schamsi1 Schamsi1 replied to comment:

"PS: There are far less shanty towns in Iran today and now than those during the miserable Pahlavi reign of terror! "

Interesting: how did you manage to survive SAVAK and the reign of terror? Did you change your adresse every week? Did you masquerade? you did this for years? Do you plan to write a book about those dark days? people like you deserve more attention and admiration!

btw: les shanty towns: You are still in iran? You made an investigation?
Well, and if it would be so: after 30 years the islamic republic managed to build with the help of french, turkish and austrian companies an airport so small like the the airport of cologne/Bonn in Germany. (well the primary modell was Dallas Ftworth) and they managed a chinese Metro. Congratulations.

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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

In this day an age,

شرم آور است


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schamsi1 Schamsi1 replied to comment:

Well since "history" is not a person, it cannot be a techer. I know what you mean, but this is poor romantizing things. History is made by people with money and power, that´s it. And especially I cannot accept a revolution financed by a british oilcompany as a process developing somehow in a mysterious way from the air, out of nothing.

Above you are describing the fight of diffeerent iranian groups against the IRI in 35 years. But you are absolutely not able to draw the right conclusions.

So, with your own words, every day there had to be a revolution in Iran since 1979. but it did bnot happen. Despite one Leader, One Party Sytem, SAVAMA and shaunty cities.

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