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FaridParsa Farid Parsa posted a comment:

Consumerism in the West has reached some absurd heights. On the clean up days, the local councils pick up mainly stuff left in front of houses that are new or hardly ever used. Why buy it in the first place. The amount of energy used in producing them is a great stress on earth’s resources. People’s obsession with food and clothing is neurotic. If this madness of consumerism continues something needs to happen.

Also many people sadly have nothing better to do than shop, that’s why perhaps the phrase ‘retail therapy’ is invented, but it doesn't work. When was the last time someone said he was cured of his personal crises by shopping. Shopping needs to be treated as a form of addiction if it crosses certain boundaries. Shopping for the sake of shopping is unethical and wasteful. I know we are all guilty of it but the sooner we correct our behaviour the better and healthier we are for it.

Socrates once walked in a marketplace and said, “What a lot of things I don’t need!” Read more

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cjcxfile cjcxfile posted a comment:

All true. The Shah was condemned by the left for f=exhibiting any kind of firmness dealing with the radical terrorist element. Today sadly soldiers and police carrying heavy weapons are seen in every western capital and rightly so in the name of national security civil rights have been suspended in France. Actions much less intrusive brought condemnation on the Shah. n 1978, the Shah prophetically said if He fell, the Middle East would fall and the world would suffer. How right the Shah was as we see it today. Those who vilified Him should raise their glasses to His memory and salute Him! Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Worshiping is never going away. It was created for a reason. Whether you are worshiping God, or a hot body, worshiping a great athlete at the stadium church, or worshiping your great intellect for not believing there is God, you will be worshiping. So it is written. XD

Crossfit WILL save your soul at the iron church

The grassy church

The Atheist Church
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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Did you expect Khomeini to write about how to have proper sex with African lions?
He also has lines on how to have proper sex with cows, donkeys, camels,...
He's only one amongst many Shi'ite spiritual leaders that have written extensively about proper Islamic, Halal bestiality.
Life is stranger than fiction, ain't it? Read more

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LettersfromIRAN www.lettersfromIRAN.COM posted a comment:

Mr Bahmani, I read your "featured Blog" article and I was asking myself why the "web master of Iranian web site" even allowed your article to be featured!!!!
You should do a little bit more research before placing such negative comments on this site regarding your own countrymen!!
Since, your quote " I have been screaming about it, for years" what have YOU done? other than fighting from behind your PC!!!
Just, google the words "NEW YORK PERSIAN PARADE" and you will see more than 500,000 articles come up!!! or better yet, you can even go to their site!!!
so next time you decide to scream, at least do it for the right reasons!!
Also, I have a suggestion for the web master of this site too, please do a little bit of research before "featuring a misleading article"!!!!
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PashJehan PashJehan posted a comment:

I remember seeing a movie about Nostradamus as a kid and I clearly remember our fear as kids of that Third World War... The movie clearly mentioned the Third World War will begin between the Crescent a. Islamic symbol and the rest of the wold. At that time it didnt make sense to me. Now it does. Perfect sense. ( incidently, the symbol of the Crescent is one of the many things stolen by the Arabs from the Persian Religion n culture of the Sasannians. The crescent was a popular Sasannian Zoroastrian symbol of the Mings of Iran) Read more

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Baharan Baharan posted a comment:

من مست و تو دیوانه ما را که برد خانه/ صد بار تو را گفتم کم خور دو سه پیمانه
در شهر یکی کس را هشیار نمی‌بینم / هر یک بتر از دیگر شوریده و دیوانه
جانی به خرابات آ تا لذت جان بینی/جان را چه خوشی باشد بی‌صحبت جانانه
هر گوشه یکی مستی دستی زده بر دستی/و آن ساقی هر هستی با ساغر شاهانه
تو وقف خراباتی دخلت می و خرجت می/ زین وقف به هشیاران مسپار یکی دانه
ای لولی بربط زن تو مست تری یا من/ ای پیش چو تو مستی افسون من افسانه
از خانه برون رفتم مستیم به پیش آمد/ در هر نظرش مضمر صد گلشن و کاشانه
چون کشتی بی‌لنگر کژ می‌شد و مژ می‌شد/ وز حسرت او مرده صد عاقل و فرزانه
گفتم ز کجایی تو تسخر زد و گفت ای جان / نیمیم ز ترکستان نیمیم ز فرغانه
نیمیم ز آب و گل نیمیم ز جان و دل / نیمیم لب دریا نیمی همه دردانه
گفتم که رفیقی کن با من که منم خویشت/ گفتا که بنشناسم من خویش ز بیگانه
من بی‌دل و دستارم در خانه خمارم من/ یک سینه سخن دارم هین شرح دهم یا نه
در حلقه لنگانی می‌باید و لنگیدن / این پند ننوشیدی از خواجه علیانه
سرمست چنان خوبی کی کم بود/ از چوبی برخاست فغان آخر از استن حنانه
شمس الحق تبریزی از خلق چه پرهیزی/ اکنون که درافکندی صد فتنه فتانه: مولوی
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Dakho Dakho posted a comment:

ساعدی در اوایل دهه 50 گاهنامه الفبا را به همراه تنی چند منتشر کرد که قبل از انقلاب شش شماره آن چاپ می‌شود و بعد از مهاجرت به فرانسه اقدام به چاپ دوره جدید آن می‌کند.

الفبا، غلامحسین ساعدی

ساعدی و الفبا در تبعید Read more

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Dakho Dakho replied to comment:

You're wrong again. If you weren't so illiterate and could actually read and comprehend Persian texts you could have read the history book above, educate yourself and step out of your ignorance.
But you're illiterate, actually can't read or comprehend Persian texts, hence you shall always remain ignorant.
Doof bleibt doof, da helfen keine Pillen!
Read more

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Dakho Dakho posted a comment:

" تمام هموطنان در اینجا کثافت کاملاند. کثافت محض اند. منِ بیچاره چه گناهی کرده بودم که باید به این روز بیفتم. من از همه چیز خسته ام. سه روز پیش به نیت خودکشی رفتم بیرون و خواستم کاری بکنم که راحت شوم و تنها و تنها فکر غصه های تو بود که مرا به خانه برگرداند. هیچکس حوصله ی مرا ندارد، هیچکس مرا دوست ندارد، چون حقایق را میگویم. دیگر چند ماه است که از کسی دیناری قرض نگرفته ام. شلوارم پاره پاره است. دگمه‌هایم ریخته. لب به غذا نمیزنم. می خواهم پای دیواری بمیرم. به من خیلی ظلم شده. به تمام اعتقاداتم قسم، اگر تو نبودی، الان هفت کفن پوسانده بودم."
- بخشی از یکی از نامه های ساعدی به همسرش. Read more

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Dakho Dakho replied to comment:

Sitting in your palace on a cold Friday evening, that is boring.
Your list of crimes against Iranian people starting with your participation in the illegal coup against Dr. Mosadegh is our documented history.
You're too illiterate and allergic to reading to have a clue as to the extent of literature in this field.
Read the book below, educate yourself before making a you know what out of yourself.

مصدق و کاربرد «اختيارات، رفراندوم و انحلال
مجلس» درپيشبرد اهداف نهضت ملی ايران Read more

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