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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

Let's not forget the cause and effect problem! And/or the frustration that the average Iranian has to face, day in and day out. That could be an impetus that results those catastrophes when they boil over. So, to fix the problem we should think more analytically and try to get rid of the cause. Best example is the Westerners that have joined the ISIS...these people were, mostly, born and raised in peaceful democratic societies of the West. But, obviously something important had gone wrong and they were either alienated because of racism, injustices or other societal mal-functions that minorities usually face. As a result they become monsters themselves...and decapitate a human being...the ugliest most nefarious, savage act that a human being can commit, when NOTHING could be more vicious! Average Iranian lives under far more pressure than those folks do, thinking of their own lives and their children's future!

If any of those similarities/conditions existed or became norm in any member nation of the Western world...cannibalism would be practiced, unabated and becomes normal occurring! Read more

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Quite agree regarding the animals that are ruling us...but facts are that these beasts would have had a chance in HELL or could have come to existence had we had not the animal like the treasonous and murderous M R Pahlavi, and his SAVAK killing machine who were as bad if not worst than the present ones! Read more

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What these loony tunes do is called self deception, bordering mental daringness and insanity. And for the life of me I can't understand they think that by lying they can coronate an incapable and incompetent BOOB like the CLOWN prince???!!! That in itself is nothing short of stupidity, wishful impossibility and insanity. Read more

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Why is it that the Shahollahi/Hezbollah crowd is bothered, so much, by historical facts and the TRUTH...1st how can you deny the butchery of nefarious SAVAKi murderers on orders of their treasonous master, M R Pahlavi, the Queen of Kings and the Shame of Aryans! When we witnessed the confession of his colonial masters, US, who not only disowned him, but were embarrassed of his mere existence, and dumped him and his corrupt family like dirty rags, the same way that 90+% of the Iranian populace had! What else could possibly awaken you from your 35 year old, deep sleep, convince you, and make you face up to those undeniable realities and historical facts!?

PS: SAVAK prisons, for deniers, and it's torture chambers, with torture equipment, have completely been preserved, and can be openly visited in Tehran. Read more

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Shah1 Shah posted a comment:

It is sad in Iran where human life has less value than a hewaan animal women get raped in prison by mullah secret police it is shame a taboo on islam all Islamic country need new good leaders who can present good example of Islam look what is happening in iran moslem brother neighbours pakistan Iraq Afghanistan khoda ya save us from jahanum. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

the constant dictatorship, disproportionate and excessive brutality like Israel carries out on Palestinians, is what this Islamic regime conducts on its own people and why it must be opposed by all Iranians until it and all its leaders face justice. This Regime does not seek to reform or act lawfully, but seeks to make educated Iranians who are moderate and progressives and broad minded (which is all unlike themselves) and make them the national enemy, which they are not. The Mullahs are acting like Iranians National enemy and the results of their actions show this clearly. However we can not solve this unless we look at how they came to power and what was true and what was a lie from the past, as Iran's Peaceful and Progressive forces which enjoyed access to power and representation were the victims of this regime and the lies that brought it to power. Read more

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ichbinhxm ichbinhxm posted a comment:

So what, every country that has been in war, has used it- except for Iran & few others; Israel, is the main abuser of mustard gas, nerve gas, cluster bombs, etc; US used Atomic bomb for peace!! so why now we are concerned about Syria? is it because Syria is on the other side of West's fence? besides Syr would've used it earlier, had it not been for the threats from the western machos; now if they used it against these islamic terrorists from isis to any other terrorist religious or others group more kudos for Syria which their action also benefits mostly the western machos & their benefactors....however I envision isis is going to the so called holly land unless an effective measure is taken by the western machos & local puppets. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

yes savak the dreaded, the notorious, the ... x, y, z. it is the unconfirmed lies of the past about both savak and the shah, not by opponents of Iran, but by Iranian enemies of Iran, which enabled this to even be possible. A thorough independent evidence based investigation by all groups is necessary for the past, for justice, so people can see who was working for human rights and how, and who was undermining the organization that did more to combat crimes and brutality from occurring and forwarding evidence to prosecute crimes where they occurred by individuals. Read more

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yolanda yolanda posted a comment:

This movie trailer has over 300,000 hits on you-tube in 3 days! It seems to be highly anticipated and seems to have a lot of momentum!
This movie has a lot of Iranians in it, but they are not the main characters! The main characters are played by Mexican (playing Maziar) and Danish (The interrogator who smelled of Rosewater).
Another version of the trailer: Read more

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cjcxfile cjcxfile posted a comment:

The Is;amic republic has tortured and murdered people since February 1979 with the world press remaining basically silent on the matter. They still write the exaggerated numbers of those who suffered and died during the Pahlavi era. Ms. Mahbobi asked a pertinent question: Mousavi, a reformist? I think not. he's just in a differnt gang then the Khameni crowd! Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Why Holocaust Two?
There have been so many Holocausts in human history that if we want to assign them numbers it will definitely be at least a two digit number; Middle Passage aka African Holocaust, Native American Holocaust, Irish famine Holocaust, Armenian Holocaust,...
And lets not forget every thirty seconds a child dies of hunger, which is a totally preventable death given our world wide resources. Just add up the numbers of how many kids die every month and every year and have died just in the past decade and you'll see that it is by any standards the largest Holocaust ever, but no one is talking about it. Go figure! Read more

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