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MashGhasem52 Mash Ghasem posted a comment:

Mr. Tahery has seriously lost it in his old age, not that he had all that much when he was younger either.
The entire world is rushing to get their market share in the "late blooming" Iranian economy. US corporations, the real and ultimate decision makers of US foreign policy, have no choice but to follow suite.
It's interesting to observe that while US was pushing and forcing England to reduce it commerce with Islamic Republic in the past four years, during the same period US's share for commerce with IR actually dramatically increased.
Europeans have no more patience for such hypocrisy.
Per "War Lobby," if the war lobby a..holes could have invaded Iran they would have done it ten years ago. Iran is too big to chew and they'll just choke on it.
Iran's strategic depth and its formidable (although minimal) ballistic defensive systems makes it militarily unconquerable.
A much easier and more profitable path is to conquer it through direct foreign investment and integration into world economy, and that's exactly what is happening right now.
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MashGhasem52 Mash Ghasem replied to comment:

بالام جان شما مقداری تعارف می فرمایید, ما ایرانیان چند تا آجر که چه عرض شود, قابلی نداره, ماها کل کارخانه جات آجرسازی و بتن آرمه و فولاد سازی و اخیراً هم ماشاءالله هزار ماشاءالله انرژی هسته ای را هم داریم, اشکال کار اینه که یه مشت دزد بی پدر مادر بی ناموس, همه چیز را در دست خودشون انحصار کردن و به نام مذهب مستبدی می کنند.
اینجا است که خود شما هم خیلی اوقات به جای هوای مردم ایران را داشتن,
پشت این بی پدر مادرهای بی ناموس را می گیری.
نتیجهء اخلاقی داستان: از ماست که بر ماست.
اگه خیلی از این اوضاع دلخوری, اینقدر پشت این آخوندهای بی همه چیز را نگیر و سنگ شونو به سینه نزن.
اگر هم پشت آخوندها را داری پس دیگه خالی بازی موقوف! Read more

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marhoumKharmagas marhoum Kharmagas replied to comment:

mammad jaan mokhlessim.... interesting that we agree on shah, although I am not surprised.

Recently I was reading an article from a decent Iranian writer (rare, huan?), and he quoted a Persian writer of our generation:

"it is difficult to teach those who get paid not to learn ............(something similar to that), I guess even marhoom shah can not
teach those shahis who suffer from that syndrome!

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

All the Executions were supported by the Green Movement Leader, Mousavi, Khomeini & Khameneii & all elements of power. Mousavi's he's not been seen, hopefully the desire for a democratic regime by Iran's Insane & Ignorant disappears based on education as enough people figure out democracies record in opposition to human rights in comparison with Monarchy. Learning to Admit Mistakes will one day again be an Iranian strength. The unjust anti-monarchist movement in response to the march for freedom and the white revolution was the wrong response, there should have been an anti-mullah movement, but sadly & predictably many people of the old generation were as insane as they were ignorant. The less Ignorant morons we have in Iran, the better for everyone, being able to make comparisons based on reasons should be taught in schools. Who can forget those Ignoramuses praising the worldwide unproven system of democratic regimes after their record among all the other 3rd world republics were so much worse off than the successes of the Pahlavi Monarchy. Read more

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dariushabadi dariushabadi replied to comment:

The Sunni accounts were all written down 150 years after the Prophet (s), including what would be "narrations" from Aisha's mother to justify the "virtue" of Aisha over Ali.

She had no virtues, as she is condemned in the Qur'an (alongside Hafsa) in Surah 66 verse 4.

And yes, we would have to put the same degree of doubt on all other aspects of hadith narrators -- which is why Shias don't consider any collection of hadith books as "sahih" (authentic) but rather always under constant investigation.

One scholar might have read certain biographies and hadiths that discredit a set of hadith that another scholar did not read or have access to. Which is why just like any historical account it must constantly be scrutinized. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

The deal won't bring back the thousands of innocents executed by the regime, or the thousands that will be executed by the IRI or do anything to really reduce the suffering of the people of Iran & the hardships they face as a result of having the IRI. The Next person who brings up the unconfirmed "crimes" of SAVAK as an excuse deserves a Slap in the Face! Those who can not do a comparison in their own minds regarding the human rights record of the past compared with the rest of the world should self sensor their ignorance. Read more

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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ replied to comment:

Of course if you look at Iran alone it might seem that Obama is a pacifist. Unfortunately, Iran is only one country out of many. In any case, I don't think he's trying to help Iran at all. I think the nuclear deal is likely to be a prelude to war with Iran... but that's just me (and a few others).

Obama is basically irrelevant now. His term is coming to an end. The nuclear deal will probably survive, and then he'll be out the door. The next administration can do whatever they want with the deal. Read more

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irajkhan iraj khan posted a comment:

Carl Jung:

"The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.

The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man (1934) Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

Keep in mind this is the same wanker that used to say regime's opponents should be hanged to death during Friday prayers and kept there for public to see.
It's very easy to speechify about "peace" but the abysmal record of his dysfunctional administration speaks for itself.
Not only rates of executions, incarceration, closing of newspaper has increased, Rohany hasn't delivered on even a single one of his economic promises.
Islamic Republic of Hell & mullahs are doomed. Read more

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irajkhan iraj khan posted a comment:

“Iran is now being known as a peace-seeking country in the world… Iranophobia is in very dire conditions; it is nearing its death despite efforts to resuscitate it,” the president said."

Good job Mr. President keep it up, more steps are needed because the plan is to bomb Iran, in the long run. Read more

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