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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:

Wrong! Creators are Israel and Saudi Arabia, the new Israeli sweet heart that is about to fall...Iran has nothing to gain but to have a headache like Al Qaida and/or Taliban! These are Sunni/Shia nonsense/crap that Saudis create to divert world attention from atrocities they commit and their basic instability!

A study done by the US and after 9/11, indicated that Ben Laden would have beaten the Saudis for leadership of Saudi Arabia by a margin of 80% to 20% had he ran for president! Read more

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jgarbuz jgarbuz posted a comment:

True., but 3/4s of that money stays in the US, and employs 20,000 US workers in the defense industry. IN addition, the US has sold the Saudis and the Gulf States and other countries still technically at war with Israel about three times as much as it has given to Israel, so the proifts from those sales offsets the losses of giving planes to Israel. Read more

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dale dale replied to comment:

Your comment is a non sequitur. You then go on to defend a brutal dictator, who was put in power by the CIA and was a US puppet, a traitor to democracy and to the people.

With democracy, people can choose their own path. No sane person wants to go back to the feudal past, nor would any decent person praise a bloody tyrant. Read more

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dale dale replied to comment:

You attribute to the people who praise Mossadegh your own ignorance of his vision and program. Educate yourself before criticizing others for their alleged ignorance.

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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

The person who bears the highest levels/degree of ignorance in analyzing and consideration of those monumental events can't be anyone else but yourself! But, again your simplistic Shahollahi/Hezbollah mind may have been overheated or overextended, thinking about important historical events as such! Read more

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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

Also, let's not forget the extreme hatred that Pahlavis had generated, and may have been a major contributory factor. Believe, that Mullahs hoodwinking and fascistic rule are at exhaustion levels...and unless they change direction drastically or come up with something that can further fool the populace they will experience what the treasonous Pahlavis did! Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud posted a comment:

Dr. Mossadegh was certainly a nationalist who wanted to improve his country's position. He, like the Shah, transgressed the Iranian constitution repeatedly to lead his nation toward independence and progress.

But in his bid for power, Dr. Mossadegh made several mistakes that would stay in the minds of Iranians forever.

After being appointed by the shah and parliament,( under dubious circumstances after the previous prime minister was assassinated by Islamic fundamentalists), he then set about demanding 100% of Iran's be controlled by Iranians themselves, which was a common aspiration among Iranians at that time. This was what everyone was saying.

In the year and a half that he was prime minister, the Iranian economy completely collapsed, he appointed himself 'commander of the armed forces', and shut out 3/4th of the majles when it became apparent to him that his disastrous uncompromising policies had alienated, not only the entire nation, but the parliament as well.

Even the Americans, who initially supported him, had to finally break the impasse in negotiations by Iran and Britain, by attempting to remove him in an operation code-named, TP -AJAX. Actually, their attempt failed, and the next day, religious leaders like ayatollah Kashani and tens of thousands of citizens protested for the Shah to return to his thrown after the first illegal coup by Dr. Mossadegh himself when he failed to comply with the farman removing him. If only Dr. Mossadegh could have seen the incredible strides Iran made in the following years of the Shahanshah's rule.

The oil was finally, in practice, nationalized in 1971, when Iran under the Shah took virtual control of OPEC, angering the Saudis and Americans.
By the mid-1970's, Iran had become a showcase of development among third world countries. Iran had, under the Padeshahi system, developed the 'critical mass' of educated people needed for advancement in science and technology and was a ''brain-gainer'' by 1975.

Aside from women's rights, Iran's per capita income had risen TWELVE FOLD! From $195 in 1963 to approximately $ 2,400 in 1978. ( 25 years later, in 2004, it finally reached pre-revolutionary levels)

By 1976, Iran's GNP had increased 700 TIMES compared to 1925, the first years of Reza Shah's rule. Between 1963 and 1976 the average annual industrial growth rate exceeded 20% and the size of the industrial workforce doubled. NON of the other oil producing nations had a similar record so it was not due to oil only.

By 1985, Iran's per capita income was projected to reach $4,500.

The achievements do not stop at economics:

1935 September- Women are admitted into university.
1936 January 7- The veil is abolished. Religious zealots were kept in check by the monarchy.
1942- Dr. Fatemeh Sayyah becomes the first female professor
1947- Mehrangiz Manuchehrian becomes Iran's first female lawyer. In 1963 she became one of Iran's first female senators.
1959- The issue of women's enfranchisement is brought before the 19th majles. The clergy objects strongly and ayatollah Boroujerdi vetoes a government plan to hold a women's day parade in Tehran.
1961- Princess Ashraf Pahlavi becomes honorary president of the 'High Council of Women's organisation in Iran'.
1962- Prime minister Alam announces a new law which upholds women's right to vote in local elections with bitter protest by the clergy and ayatollah Khomeini.
1963- The Shah launches the 'White Revolution'. A reform program which further extended the franchise to women.
1963- The clergy lead by khomeini protest the expansion of women's rights and he gets thrown out the country by the Shah, who refused to execute him for treason, due to a constitutional law prohibiting the execution of 'ayatollahs'

Massive literacy programs, reforming land ownership laws and improving the rights of industrial workers were also a part of the reforms. Six women are appointed to the majles that year.

1967- Majles passes the 'Family Protection Law' to liberalize the ulama dominated areas of civil life.
1969- 5 female judges are elected to the judiciary including future Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi.
1975- Mahnaz Afkhami becomes Iran's first female head of foreign affairs and the second in the world, after France.

From the few achievements that I listed above, anyone with a rational mind would conclude that the bitter hatred the Shah is shown by a minority of leftists and the religious fundamentalists here is totally false.

Dr. Mossadegh would have indeed been proud of Iran's achievements during the 1960's and 70's. Its a shame that the discredited anti-Pahlavi propaganda is still regurgitated by these irrational haters.

Today, the 'Mossadegh Industry' has become a good profitable business. On the one hand, western liberals have another anti-American talking point that suits them well. The president can even toot his own country's intelligence 'horn', and some confused westerners can go on believing: '' Iran was, in 1953, a democratic, progressive nation that was destroyed by greedy Americans and their 'puppet' shah.

Let me just point out that the western media and oil companies laughed all the way to the bank after they were successful in convincing Iranians that all of the progress they were making under Shahanshah Aryamehr and Reza Shah was ''a trick to turn you into Europeans and steal all of the oil'', and the nationalist Shah was finally removed.

Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

You're correct in the sense that both IR and Assad have benefited in the short term to mid term from ISIS's domination of the opposition in Syrian and how that has actually helped Assad to strengthen his regime and also helped IR in its goals as far as keeping Assad in power.

But in the long term no one in the region or the world will benefit from an entity hell bent on rearranging all the regional borders. Here's what Immanuel Wallerstein thinks about this whole thing:

The Caliphate vs. Everyone Else

"In the endless geopolitical realignments of the Middle East, the Caliphate of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS or ISIL) seems to have frightened just about everyone else involved in Middle Eastern politics into a de facto geopolitical alliance. All of a sudden, we find Iran and the United States, the Kurds (both in Syria and Iraq) and Israel, Turkey and Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government, western Europe (Great Britain, France, and Germany) and Russia all pursuing in different ways the same objective: stop the Caliphate from expanding and consolidating itself." Read more

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Ashianeh Ashianeh posted a comment:

Thank you, Ms. Amini for this timely article. Dr. Mossadegh was indeed a great patriot, a man for all ages, who fought for democracy, rule of law, and national interests of Iran and Iranian people. No wonder why still today he is remembered and revered across the Middle East for what he stood for. The question that I keep on asking myself is why we have regressed to where we are today. Decades ago, our country produced a enlightened leader like Mossadegh and and today a bunch of Mullahs who have taken back our country to the Middle Ages. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Actually Adolph Reza Khan was as "big" a coward as they come.
Seyed Zia in his memoir about the Coup he pulled off with Reza "Khan" (back then he was called Reza Mirpanj, was still a Savadkohi and hadn't stolen the name Pahlavi) writes that once they got to the gate of the mansion they were suppose to enter and finalize the Coup they heard some shots being fired, and once Reza "khan" heard the shots he was so scared he just wanted to leave, and was very hesitant to even enter the premises, so Seyed Zia had to literally push him into the building and get the job done.
No wonder Zia saw himself as more "qualified" than him!

P.S. This tired "post-modern" emphasis on so called Identity Politics is an obtuse fad with zero attention to actual complexities of our culture and heritage. All cultures are dynamic, ever evolving phenomenons which are constantly in change and fluctuations, only a reductive "sleep-walker" (as you aptly put it) will reduce such multifaceted complexities to one sided idiocies.
Also keep in mind with half our current population on poverty level they would careless about what brand of Post-Modern Identity Politics to subscribe to; they need food, good paying jobs and FREEDOM. Read more

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hamal hamal posted a comment:

Good man he was I am certain.
He had some faults, I am also certain.
However the debate today should not be about Shah or Mossadegh.
The debate today should be about the best way to free our country. About the best way to overthrow the criminal islamist regime. Read more

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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh replied to comment:

"So basically he did not want to revive our ancient Persian identity, values, culture and traditions."

Where do you exactly get that from? What evidence known about Mossadegh points to that conclusion?
Read more

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hamal hamal posted a comment:

It seems that ISIS is a creation of Islamist regime of Iran and Beshar Asad of syria
A New York Times reporter recently wrote on her Twitter account that according to a Syrian government advisor, ISIS was not a priority for Assad’s regime. Two leading American analysts just wrote in the Washington Post, “The non-jihadist Syrian opposition insists that ISIS is a creation of Iran.” Read more

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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

On the contrary! Regaining the lost Persian identity, pride and self-respect was top on his agenda, and major in his attempts to reestablish and inspire Iranian populace!

Stop your sleep-walking nonsense and grow up. And stop repeating the Shahollahi/Hezbollah failed, discredited mantra that makes little of no sense!

Mossadegh was a Persian patriotic nationalist NOT an admiring British sycophant, i.e. the Queen of Kings and the Shame of Aryans, the treasonous M R Pahlavi and/or his gang of losers!

Iran was as well off, those days, as Afghans are today, therefore money to a starved nation was everything!

And I refer you to a statement made by Houshang Tarehgol, who rightfully said that Monarchist suffer from Fuhrer deficiency or complex! Adolph Reza Khan was a British puppet, like his son, who although, not as big of a coward as his treasonous son was, but nevertheless did not disobey his British masters and never attempted to go against them!

Mossadegh did just that, in a BIG way, and succeeded!!! Therefore, reason for his greatness!!!
Read more

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