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juvus juvus posted a comment:

F@ck the French!! Is there a mountain top high enough I can go to say this? Take me there.

Everyone is focus on the US congress as being an obstacle when the real obstacle is sitting at the table already. MF France. I have said it before and right now is good time to say it again. France is the country to watch because they are Saudi Arabia's man at the table. Unlike the US president that has a stake in getting a deal France is getting paid to make one next to impossible.

FRance is a diplomatic gun for hire country and has been like this for decades. Forget congress watch the freaking French. Read more

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jgarbuz jgarbuz posted a comment:

Yes, Jews were very much indebted to the Persians and never complained under Persian rule in Judea. Then the Greeks defeated Persian and Judea fell under Seleucid rule, and eventually the Hasmoneans rebelled and after years of guerilla warfare managed to secure another century of Jewish independence, until the Romans stepped in as a result of Jewish politcal infighting. Again, centuries later, the Jews chafing under Byzantine rule supported the Parthians who in 614AD by rebelling and the Parthianstemporarily scored a brief victory. But the two sides were so exhausted by war that the Parthians let the Byzantines hold on, and the Jews were punished even furhter for having helped the Parthians. Then in 636 AD came the Islamized Arabs, and the Islamization of Persia as well. Read more

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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani replied to comment:

I will take this to mean you have no answer or response. If you did you;d say it. Suggesting I am insulting and that you are reasonable, is the height of arrogant defeat.

Using the social failures of the US, to mask or avoid the far greater failing do if Iran, is the ostrich sticking his head in the sand to avoid being stuffed for dinner.

If you want to ignore the immeasurable failures of Iran now, and pretend it is great by comparing to to problems that other people in other countries have, abdicates your responsibility for fixing Iran's problems, and shows a total lack of caring for and respect for our country.

Look, you're not even willing to admit we have problems.

Finally, while the social issues in the US now are at a heightened state, if you notice they are being discussed freely and this society is starting to deal with the problems they have experienced. Americans are having civic meetings, protest marches, and even legislation is now happening to address it.

Can you even dare to say the same for Iran? Do Iranians have the right to redress complaints? NO.

Does Iran have a race problem like in the US? NO.

Do Iranians have ANY way to affect or express their opinion of social and common laws? NO.

If there was a social problems in Iran now: say for example: rampant addiction, prostitution, highly popular adultery, that clearly proves Iran's religious morality to be an utter insulting failure, does ANY journalist in Iran have the courage to write an article about it? NO.

I Iran today, even though everyone especially Iranians agree that Iranians are VERY smart and EDUCATED and have all this KNOWLEDGE to no exactly what a better form of government and existence is, apparently what we lack, as you have demonstrated by running from the debate now, is COURAGE.

Sad to see this in you of all people. I hoped you would stand up. But clearly you are just like the majority of Iranians who know their place, and even if their principles differ, refuse to stand up and defend them.

Don't sit on your hands for too long sir, you may lose all feeling in them. Read more

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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani posted a comment:

My biggest problem with him as the character The Sheikh, is that it wasn't an Iranian character I could ever like.

In Iran we have no sheikhs with the traditional Arab head dressing like this, and the depiction was a rather racist depiction of Arabs and if anything glorified Arab culture.

That being said, I can't imagine how else he could have ever been as successful without "selling" himself as the character "The Sheikh" and doing what he did in his long career.

One thing I can give him is that among wrestling fans he was somewhat beloved and that positive light is well, positive, even if it does not shine on Iran. Still, an Iranian did a notably honorable thing, and we should celebrate that.

But as far as overall positive image of Iranians goes, I still contend that success of the show "The Shahs of Sunset" has done more to realistically improve the image of Iranians in the world, than any thing else we have offered to date. Of course we can debate the definition of "improve".

Maz Jobrani does a good job too. Read more

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Tehrooni3 Tehrooni posted a comment:

Thank you for this posting, it is time that somebody do something against these murders.

This article says “... The German government could take up the case as this group has requested, but doing so would jeopardize German relations with the United States, which is a strong ally and fellow member of NATO.“

Well, as I can say, the relations between USA and Germany has already reached a historic low, and the people in Germany are absolutely not supportive of USA foreign policies. Read more

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PageMagen Page magen posted a comment:

The movie is now available on ITunes at

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Tehrooni3 Tehrooni replied to comment:

Having a blowzy appearance have an old tradition in Shia Islam:

1- It suggests, you don't care about worldly values like money or status
2- It suggests, you are not receptive to bribery
3- It suggests, you prefer a simple living
4- It suggests, you are focused on “Akherat”
5- It suggests, you are trustworthy
6- It suggests, you are in line with Islamic values

These “Tazahor” is nothing new. In Iran and elsewhere in the world you can observe these behavior. Read more

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