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NiloufarParsi Niloufar Parsi replied to comment:

I actually stated that I'd make an attempt at realism. I do not consider myself there yet. Having said that, what would be the reason for not naming and shaming the criminals who cause chaos and w... Read more

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DrZurvan DrZurvan replied to comment:

Arvand Rud, you deserve to have the last word on this because you put it so well. To emphasize your point on those who drive the discussion on Iran away from the regime and blame outsiders, one cou... Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud posted a comment:

Deflecting attention from Iran's own internal problems by attempting to drive the discussion to the failures and mistakes of the west is a common tactic adopted by the mullahs. It has lost it's app... Read more

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DrZurvan DrZurvan posted a comment:

You labeled your particular approach to the situation in Iran as "realistic" as opposed to others who are "optimists" or "pessimists". I can understand that from your viewpoint and your narrative y... Read more

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Mustosheer Mustosheer posted a comment:

Perfectly said. One add on, You can not destroy or modify a solid brick by a hefty inflated balloon that just recently got blown up.

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