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SoosanKhanoom akaDarya replied to comment:

Thanks ghourbagheh, I will take a look at it … If it was not because of all these brainwashing , not even one single Israeli would have been defending the animals such as IDF .

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SoosanKhanoom akaDarya posted a comment:

Please call the Israeli Embassy 202-364-5500 to voice your concern about another hospital being destroyed by the IOF. Do not allow them to intimidate you by trying to put the blame on Hamas. The e... Read more

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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh posted a comment:

To understand the psychopathology (lack of a better word) of the Israeli society and IDF, I suggest watching this film: Read more

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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

Dear Saïd, Thank you for a well thought out and open heart response to not only Maz who I have a great respect for but also those who might have shut their eyes, ears or heart to this grave situati... Read more

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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh replied to comment:

There is no doubt that personal responsibility is at core of what happens to us in life; however, blaming the victim has a limit, if at all just. A woman is raped. She could have made smarter choic... Read more

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Bavafa Bavafa replied to comment:

"Hamas is a terrorist organization" If this is not straight out of what we continuously hear from the Israeli side and those PAC supporting them, please share with us how you come to that conclusio... Read more

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