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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ replied to comment:

It's not inaccurate to describe global capitalism as a form of continuous economic revolution. Capitalism also impacts domestic and global political systems, although typically incrementally rather than drastically as in 1917/79-style political revolutions. Changes are made incrementally in the civil war of capital versus labour so as to avoid the setting off of reactions from its victims, the people, which could give rise to full-scale political revolutions. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Saudi Arabia is an amazing petri dish to observe how men think about women rights, and why to enact some laws to keep them busy and away form important things.

One of the women in video said how her priorities are in getting family issues rights, and driving is not something she is concerned about, and she clearly does not feel oppressed in her niqab.

In the mind of Saudi muftis, if the Saudi Woman get the right to drive then she will want the right to leave her house without the permission of a male guardian, and if she gets that right, then she will ask for the right to take off her abaya in public. and if she gets the right to move outside without her abaya, then she will ask for rights to work side by side with men. and if she gets that right then God knows what else she may want. XD

It's like the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." The Saudis have decided there will be no cookie, but they are willing to drop crumbs here and there and call it progress. XD

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

Mr. fathi,
With one simple example, I make it very clear for you.
Ask your aunt. The aunt who never rent the room to Afghans.
Ask her wether she is wiling to rent a room to Arab from Palestine.?
I know her answer, but you don't .
that is different between me and you.
Now, ask her one Iranian guy by the name of Siavash wants to rent the room. I am sure she doesn't have any problem to rent a room to me as long as I pay the rent.
That is called: Bonding, connection.
Hope this simple example clears it up for you.
We don't have bonding or connection with those in Israel and Palestine. If someone in my family was Arab or Jew, I would have said let's take a side. We are Shia, NOT sunni or Jew.
We don't speak Hebrow or Arabic, we speak Farsi.
We have nothing to do with Arabs and Israel conflict. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

For example...... "US sent the CIA Chief to Iran when the riots got out of hand and told the Shah to either go out there and kill the rioters or they had some one else(Khomieni) who would do that". FYI- There were no Riots anywhere in Iran with the late shahs Team before the CIA/Carter forced the Shah to release around 2000 leaders of foreign funded extremists held in Custody by SAVAK, including those who were part of Khomeini's Team.

On the "He is not coming back. I am pretty sure of that part." clearly if we were making any assumptions based on your views and inaction, we would not be making any predictions of the Restoration and Return of the King of Iran. One doesn't need to be an award winning Scientist to make this prediction of your views. My hallucination is you are one of the Many Iranians who's good intentions can be used to pave the way to hell for themselves and others. How Lucky we Are To Have You Among Us. Read more

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nickwho nickwho replied to comment:

Mehrdad Joon,
If your standards were equal across the board, I would agree with you 100%. But the problem here is the standards are different. Iran can commit crimes against humanity, Palestinains can commit crimes against humanity, But Israelis defend themselves against these clowns and now they are an apartheid state and they should be taken to international crimes court. Give me a break brother. It's not even steven, Specially when it comes to Jews!!! Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

When one has views that are false & untrue and they exist from the ground up, sadly due to propaganda, it's no wonder they have no idea who has control of their mind based which they believe to be true. When the USA sends its children out to murder and steal from others, it pretends to do it for a good reason, but what is your excuse for pretending to have an understanding that is the same as the one put out by the Military Media? Read more

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