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juvus juvus replied to comment:

I know it is going to be hard to believe but
Africa, Asia, Latin America are not name of countries.

And YES hunger is in EVERY country. Every country has poor people.

But do you WANT me to list you the greatest famines in the 21st century.

Let's start with Ethiopia and the Dergs and the Soviet Union and the famine they made possible.

China and his communist leadership of the great strategist Moa, but lousy leader.

North Korea famine under communist leadership

Not quite famine, but a reminder that soviet Russia was not exactly feeding the masses with abundance of food.

Whatever the weaknesses of capitalism may be, it makes feeding people easier. If you are going to be a poor hungry person, you would want to be that person in America not socialist/communist North Korea or Eritrea or Venezuela or Cuba. Read more

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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:

One can only wonder whether or not you can overcome your Pahlavi obsessions. Conspiracy theorists are usually paranoid Right Wingers...let's hope you are not one.

BTW, connecting Putin to the treasonous Shah is in itself a giant leap and a miracle. Putin was a hard core Soviet KGB officer, a Soviétique, who considers Soviet break up, 20th centuries biggest catastrophe. He would have, most likely, hated the treasonous Pahlavi. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Walter Benjamin in his essay about "The condition of German peasant kants" refers to how these peasants could see the freaking tree, but missed the freaking jungle!
World hunger is WORLD HUNGER, it's prevalent in all continents of the world. Africa, Asia, Latin America, even in US & Europe they still have problem with parts of their population going to sleep at night with empty stomach.
What do you think Structural Adjustment policies of World Bank & IMF has created in Africa, Asia & Latin America for the past three decades?
Misery & hunger.
Never seen yuppie wanna be so dense & out of it. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

If they keep killing us girls in favor of boys, these parents better get used to son doing it with men, because there won't be enough women to go around in some countries.

Or we may see a rise in Polyandry because women are going to be asked to take on more than 1 husband to help out. XD So this could also mean a pendulum swing toward women power and get a matriarchal society. But I have a feeling it won't be any fairer than the one we have now.

Right now we need to educate the people most likely to do this that women matter. People who support a women's right to abortion, need to stop condoning that choice when it extends to a women's right to terminate a pregnancy solely because the baby being a girl is not helping anyone. It is just extending the misguided idea that girls are liabilities instead of assets. We are the greatest asset on this planet. Without us there is no one else.

Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Can you understand what the concept of "a mode of production" refers to?
Capitalist mode of production is now, early 21st century, the dominant mode of production in the world. Every single country, society & market is now fully & totally integrated into capitalist world market.
There's very minuscule to no pre-Capitalist mode of production left in the world.
There's practically no post-capitalist mode of production any where in the world yet.
Capitalism firmly established in the guise of a savage, austerity measures driven Neoliberalism rules the world, plain & simple. What part of this is so hard for you to comprehend?
World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization & a handful of other international finance organizations set the agenda, tempo & game plan for all economies of the world; North & South.
Since early 80's the game plan has been imposition of poverty on a global scale carried out by Neoliberal politicians & policy makers.
Check out the stats for world hunger & even your yuppie wanna be "investor" mind could see why Neoliberalism is responsible for world hunger. Read more

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P.Galenous P_J. posted a comment:

You were absolutely correct, mentioning the need for principle changes to Akhoond's rule. it is hard to comprehend how Akhoonds think...are they after geopolitical gain...if that is the case, they have performed miserably with complete and utter ineptness or may be there is something else. Problem is that Iranians are suffering from their mishandlings. They do not have a single friend in the entire world, but most likely despised by quite a few.

Openness can be hazardous to dictators and dictatorships...let's hope they use this opportunity rather than plundering it...Iranians have suffered enough. Read more

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juvus juvus replied to comment:

Oh now I am defending the military industrial complex because I pointed out that the arms used in the conflicts around the world that you so conveniently want to magically drop at the feet of capitalism were actually manufactured and sold by communists.

Give names off all the countries you think capitalism is responsible for starving the children living there. In your head I am sure it's 3/4 of the world's population so it is a lot of countries. To make it easy on you give me your top 5.

My yuppie wanna be investor self can't wait to read this list so make it good.
Read more

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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ replied to comment:

Yeah, it's not exactly a free enquiry in search of truth, it's agenda-laden and intended to frustrate political opponents.

The trouble is, these guys are probably going to form the next US government. Even if the deal survives the Congressional review, the hawk agenda is not going to disappear.

I find Rubio's argument the most interesting, and perhaps the most substantive out of these clips. He is confident that if the US refuses to lift sanctions (or reimposes them) that it will effectively block a lot of European economic activity in Iran. In other words, it doesn't matter what the EU thinks because America has them by the balls; they are not going to choose trade with Iran over trade with America. It might not stop Russia and China, but let's assume the non-US sanctions collapsed: the EU would still be either blocked or reluctant to invest, and the hawks could use the increased trade ties with Russia and China against Iran in their propaganda, building a case for war, or at least as a motivator. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

NRA's crazy lunatic propaganda in defense of gun lobby sounds immensely rational compared to your "defense" of Military-Industrial complex.
Stalin & Mao jailed, exiled and killed more socialists in Russia & China than any capitalist could. Authoritarian socialism is another copy of capitalism.
If capitalism could feed people every thirty seconds a child wouldn't be dying of hunger. Just add up the numbers of children dying of hunger at rate of thirty seconds and see what number you end up with for one year. This is the biggest Holocaust of human civilization, but apparently this kind of numbers crunching is too challenging for yuppie wanna be "investors"! Read more

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juvus juvus replied to comment:

And what does arm manufacturing has to do with capitalism? just selling someone something doesn't make you a capitalist genius.

Most of those conflicts you seem to be so concerned about are using guns that were made by such well known capitalist countries such as USSR, CHINA, North Korea. No one is using an AR-15 in CAR or Sudan.

The world has tried the other option, and it didn't work out so well. The USSR and Moa's China were not such great success. North Korea is not rolling in food and goods.

two of the biggest environmental crisis we had in the 20th century happened in communist Russia and socialist India. China governed by people who call themselves good communists has practically polluted their country to death and now spreading their polluting hands to make sure the rest of the world suffer their fate. But unlike you I am not going to throw pollution at the feet of economic systems. People who don't care about their world made these accidents possible not Karl Marx. I am confident that whatever BS he talked about in his books, he never got to writing about the 10 best ways to screw up the environment for his followers.

Capitalism is not perfect, but it is the best we have. When you create your Utopia where people barter everything and work the farm and share a house, please come back and tell us how wonderful it is working for you. Until then I will take what I can see is clearly feeding people and not starving them to death. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Gisele looks AMAZING even when she is not showing her face. XD
Gisele figured out that the best way to stay anonymous in the 21st century is to hide your face.

The people who say she is mocking Islam are f@cking retarded. There is no burqa in the Koran. It's a central Asian invention. Covering your face is not a copyrighted thing. Do Ninjas owe those people money? Do women who have a traditional Chinese wedding owe loyalties.

A future where more and more people who are not Muslims start wearing burqas or face coverings to get a break from constant surveillance is plausible. Machines now can do facial recognition in the dark. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

What is the most profitable line of business in the world: Arms manufacturing. Who controls power dynamics in the West and throughout the world: the Military-Industrial complex.
Every single country, society & economy is currently integrated into the global capitalist market. Capitalism is the dominant mode of production in the world of early 21st century, wake up.
Short term profits as the main motive for capitalism is behind all environments crises devastating nature on a global scale.
Yuppie wanna be "investors" need to learn there are as many version of Socialism as one could imagine; Democratic Socialism, Market Socialism, State Socialism, Communal Socialism, Workers' Socialism, Libertarian Socialism,.... Read more

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juvus juvus replied to comment:

How don't know how capitalism became responsible for wars, but who knows how your mind works.

People living on a 1 dollar a day is something you find mostly in countries that are NOT capitalist countries.

And now even the "Earth Melting" XD is thrown at the feet of Capitalism. I am sure all of us not living in huts doing commune work and reading with candle light and wiping our butts with banana leaves pain you greatly.

Horshang get together with Amir and the two of you can discuss crazy together. Gay marriage is legal Everywhere in North America now, so I hope your marriage to Amir is long and prosperous in glorious crazy. Good luck! Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Under auspices of capitalism you also have a child dying every thirty seconds (from hunger), you have more than 30 armed conflicts around the globe, more than half population of the world living on $1.00 a day; an Earth melting to pieces and an eternal sequence of global financial crisis.
The best we could do? NOT. Read more

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irajkhan iraj khan posted a comment:

Any noise made by supporters of Iran deal is better than no noise at all, my thanks goes to those who participated in producing this video, suffice to say.

A note to our slightly bewildered at times monarchists:
Question: Reza Pahlavi said in his interview that he is ok with the Iran Deal. What is he doing in support of the deal? Is he speaking to Jewish organizations to support the Deal?
Is he asking his followers to support the Deal by signing petitions, calling congress, etc?
Real problems desparately seeking real solutions. Read more

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