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alimostofi Ali Mostofi posted a comment:

To understand how war benefits the US Treasury market look at how the Malaysian plane strike has made the US Treasury market to rise.

Iran and the Middle East situation is part of this whole prcess. The US markets benefit. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

Iran as a land route to China with abundant energy reserves is too important for china to move away from any government in Iran, I don't see what you are hypothesizing at all.

Russia also has interests in Iran remaining far from US sphere and so is Anti-Pahlavi as one can see from their media bias against him.

Meanwhile US is stupid, they don't want to change their aims and so they want no Pahlavi for Iran, the Iranian response is, who cares what the USA thinks. We the people want him. Read more

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Bryan7 Bryan replied to comment:

بله من یک نژاد پرستم , نژاد پرستی طرفدار مردم ایران و تمامیت ارضی ایران . شما نژاد پرست نیستید, ولی نگران مردمه فلسطین . اگر فلسطینیها آزاد بودند, الان فلسطین مثل عراق , سوریه , مصر , لیبی بود . نه مانند سوئیس . مردمه سوئیس راکت پرونی و کلاش ینکوو بازی بلد نیستن . مردمه سوئیس امر به معروف نمیکنن . جهاد بخشی از دینشون نیست . مردمی سوئیس دینیشون رو با تهدید به ایران آغاز نکردن . ما ایرانیها باید مثل سویسیها زندگی کنیم, ما میتونیم مانند ژاپنیها باشیم , مثل آلمانها . این فلسطین بازیها باید از فرهنگ ما برود. این ادا , اصول ها برای ایران آب و نون نمیشد Read more

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kps59 kps59 replied to comment: you have a problem with spiritual principles themselves rather than the "leaders" whom you say didn't adhere to them?

That's very telling.

And you have a problem with spiritual principles if you suspect they've been championed in an earlier era?

Again, very revealing.

You admit that it is the principles themselves you have a problem with.

You hate the idea that humanity is one.
You hate the idea that women should have equality with men.
You hate having an end to prejudice of all kinds.
You hate the Idea that spiritual principles should guide economics.
You hate the idea that everyone be free to investigate truth themselves.
You hate the idea of education for all.
You hate the idea of global peace.
You hate the idea of science and religion being in agreement.
You hate the idea of easy communication.

You love the divisive factionalizing of humanity.
You love the oppression of women.
You love prejudice of all kinds.
You love economic instability.
You love manufacturing false writings to keep truth from being found.
You love denying people education.
You love the idea of perpetual warfare.
You love science and religion being in conflict.
You love linguistic barriers.

OK. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

And yes you are racist, if the people of Gaza really had a chance, they would want to live as advanced as they are in Switzerland. Many Palestinians that leave the region reach the top posts in Universities in the west, because they have the opportunity to make something of themselves. People need motive and children are being killed all round them, this is the opposite of giving them motive , a desire to live and do well. Their circumstance has to change and their isolation from the world must be ended (in a safe way with security checks). Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

Your trust in your own Israeli government and what it is telling you is what is wrong with this picture BRYAN. I read your views and do not see a Monarchist, but one day I hope you change a lot of your views and honestly consider such a Natural System, of course with sophisticated refinements.

With out a doubt in this day all those who killed the children could have been Identified and put on a list, from top to bottom, seizing them and punishing them would have taken many years, but would be a real solution. But Israels is allowed to act, if it is in Line with US actions and like the USA both are keeping their own people in the dark.

Their unstated Goal which they are accomplishing is to increase extremism in North Africa and the Middle east, this is at the heart of all their actions and is a real regional policy. This is the secret agenda and no one even discusses what the USA and Israel are doing and for what purpose, not media, not politicians, no group of Israelis is even aware of what they are doing and for whom. Some people are discussing what I am saying, they are in fact very academic and open about it. Read the Recommendations of MIT to the Club of Rome in the 1970's and you will see US and EU Policy in black and white and it is why the USA brought Islamic Fundamentalism to Iran and backs them everywhere.

Read more

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alimostofi Ali Mostofi replied to comment:

Obviously for you it is. But I can assure you for most politics is a personal matter and not the other way round. It is highly charged and divisive. No two people ever agree on politics. I suggest you keep your divisive comments to yourself. We all do. You are not the first person to have expressed such views. Or worse still labelled as as you have. I will forgive you. I have not come into your Blog and made Astrological comments and I hope you keep your political overtures to your audience. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Try operating two high speed printing machines, calling technicians to fix the damaged machines, having a vendor on hold, and writing a reply, from your phone, at the same time and you shall see how well your writing could be my friend!

We're not here for an interrogation or a Q&A session. And I'm not the only reader of your blog that has pointed out the exact same comments about the practical implications of your blog in here, and what "replacing" could mean for Iranian people.

A substantial part of maturity and properness is taking responsibility for ones mistakes (which most monarchists seem to lack) and ability to self-criticize oneself, as I respectfully think you're in need of it for this blog. To each their own. Perhaps the dissenting comments in here shall serve as a lesson to you for future occasions.

The lunch break is over and machines, technicians and vendors are calling! Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

مجید نفیسی

از من خواستي
كه نيت كنم
و اين رمضان روزه بگيرم.

سحرخيزي با خانواده، زيباست
و روزه گشايي با خرما، شيرين ست.

اما در سرزميني
كه دين
برچسب جنايتهاي دولتي ست،
مرا ببخش مادر،
روزه خواري از روزه داري
پُرمعناتر مي نمايد.

14 ژوئيه 2014

By Majid Naficy
You wanted me
To make a resolution
To fast this Ramadan.

Awaking before sunrise with one’s family is charming
And breaking fast after sunset with dates is sweet.

But in a country
Where religion
Is a tag on state crimes
(Forgive me, Mother)
To break fasting laws
Looks more meaningful
Than fasting itself.

July 14, 2014

Read more

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alimostofi Ali Mostofi replied to comment:

With all due respect. You are being far too presumptive about my political persuasion, that I do not have.

I am not advocating any of the things you have mentioned. You are being very off topic. A topic that is very old hat. Please desist.

By the way, that last comment was better written. Read more

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