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Bahram_Bukhara Bahram_Bukhara posted a comment:

These are the same animals that were roaming Iran about 1400 years ago. Makes you realise what our ancestors could have gone through. The diseased ideology of those animals still remains, with the descendants of the invaded and murdered wailing and praying over the graves of the invader. Using an language of the invader. It sickens and angers me to the core. Read more

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LadyMacbeth LadyMacbeth replied to comment:

Stop it with the naneh man gharibam bazi. There's no shame in a logo. Problem is 'aberoo' is only a skin deep concept for the Shahollahis.

And it's quite evident that English is your 2nd language, and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is your questioning of other people's knowledge on a subject that you clearly know less about. Capiche? Read more

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Persa Persa posted a comment:

I was also trying to find the very fine article about the memoirs of an Iranian Admiral on how the Soviets did not allow the Iranian navy to take Shah's pleasure yacht through Volga to Italy and have it repaired! Soviets offered their help to repair it while in Caspian Sea and not beyond and Iran refused the offer and they finally fixed it in Iranian ports. The article also made references how Shah was intimidated by the Soviets from any serious naval activities in Caspian Sea and whatever vessels we had there were none but just some toys and history proved it to be correct. If anyone recalls that article please put the link for public awareness. Thanks Read more

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Persa Persa posted a comment:

It is imperative for all Iranians to always bring up the subject of Caspian Sea and the Iranian interest.

For references I think everyone will enjoy reading -"Diplomatic History of Caspian Sea" by Iranian diplomat Guive Mirfendereski and chapters from that book. All such references are taken from comments on of yesteryears:

A) Equal, But Divided:

1) Statements by Admiral Anoushirvani:

2) Oil Spoils and the Sea:

3) Reference to a statement by Alice Fullerton (Note: she and her partner went to Iran and mostly resided in Hamedan region and while staying in a village they started to document, collect and classify new flora being found in that area. Her book is called TO PERSIA FOR FLOWERS, Oxford University Press 1938)

4) Chapters of the book:

5) Filling a void:

6) Taming of the Turkmens:

7) Caspian Quartet (There are 4 sections to this):

To purchase:
Read more

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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

Dehati refers to residents of dwellings called Deh! We used to spend summers in Meigoon. This beautiful village, only 2 hours from Tehran, had no running water, electricity or anything else, and an extremely dangerous road to get to. As a kid I noticed the harshness of their lives and had immense respect for them.

Agreed on Beluga and Beluga caviar that is a rarity now and quite expensive. Kabob that they prepared always tasted supreme, not only to us but, to others, i.e. Americans and Europeans. Read more

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Marjantaj Marjantaj posted a comment:

بسیار عالی...خسته نباشید دوست گرامی.

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Marjantaj Marjantaj posted a comment:

خسته نباشید آقای شافعی گرامی...کار شما مثل همیشه بسیار جالب است اما در عین حال کمی ترسناک.

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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani posted a comment:

Addendum: Of course any of the current Jewish Settlers in the West Bank who did not want to return to Israel, could stay and become Jewish Citizens of the new state of Palestine in the West Bank. If they did not want to become Palestinian citizens, and wanted to move back to Israel, the Israeli government would have to buy their homes back, and pay them to move and resettle etc. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

I just tried to be helpful.That's all.
Sorry that English is my 2nd language. Unlike some of the commentators, I spent all my university time in Iran, NOT in Europe or America. In fact, my degree carries logo of Islamic Republic, NOT shahanshahi.
It is a "Shame" to have Islamic logo on my degree.
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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

The above comment doesn't bring anything to the table except some vicious attack against the above singer. That might be attribute to the vicious mentality of Islamic gang who occupied the Iran's government these days. "Vicious mannerism" is predominate culture after our shahanshah left the country. Read more

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irajkhan iraj khan posted a comment:

Israel has sent a team today to push opposing any deal with Iran.
US congress members are lining up waiting for their to bow in front of their masters.
The prize: to be re-elected to US congress by the help of the influential Zionist lobby in U.S.A
Democracy in action, as a farce.
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ayatoilet17 ayatoilet1 posted a comment:

Bahman-jan: I totally agree. There must be NO formal recognition of any change in the Caspian Sea arrangements. At the very least Iran should do NOTHING, and the very best, Iran should trade any changes with an economic and political UNION of all littoral states except Russia. I have proposed a Central Asian Union (which I have called the Median Union) many is worth allowing multi-polar exploitation of the Sea in exchange for the creation of a strong, regional union (that can stand strong and be significant enough to sit around the table with China, India and Russia ...and get a seat on the security council, etc. etc.). Right now many littoral states are actually trespassing on Iranian rights, and in effect must pay compensation to Iran. That is fundamentally good for Iran - for now. Read more

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