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aaa3636 aaa3636 posted a comment:

These numbers are incorrect. Life expectancy in Iran is low due to pollutions and the lack of real doctors and nurses. The good doctors and nurses are leaving and the dumb ones are practicing medicine. Cancer is as popular as cold and flu Read more

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Tahereh Tahereh replied to comment:

در ره عشقت ای صنم شیفته بلا منم
رسته ز کبر و عزریا مظهر کبریا منم

طاهر خاک پای تو مست می لقای تو
منتظر عطای تو معترف خطا منم

شیر تویی شکر تویی شاخه تویی ثمر تویی
شمس تویی قمر تویی ذره منم هوا منم Read more

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AliRastgoo ali rastgoo replied to comment:

You are right about that, Mohamad could not read or write ( a God that is a creator of this whole universe that we live in, a universe in which exists billions of galaxies which each contain billions of stars and planets but wasnt able to miraculously make Mohamad read and write), so he would come and state a few passages he understood from the jews around him and then it would be upto the people around him who could read and write to put into writing, this was followed years later when it was polished and thus here we have the Quran. Read more

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P_J.. P_J.. posted a comment:

Dear Dr. Noury,

These were the gathering of great, highly comprehensive, educational, entertaining and useful information. Actuaries would have loved having accessed these information in deciding the life insurance values and premiums.

During Iran/Iraq war life expectancy dropped precipitously, due to the massive number of war casualties, but strangely enough, Iranians have always enjoyed a fairly high life expectancies otherwise.

In US the lowest life expectancy belongs to American Indian and in the world the longest belongs to Japanese women!

Thanks again! Read more

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MRX2412 MRX2412 posted a comment:

This is one truly a sick society we must admit. Thanks to the mullah's and islam the disease has spread all over the society. I suspect it will decades if not centuries to take this disease out of the psychee of that nation. Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

Exactly. A terrible copy. The Tazi-nameh reads like someone was trying to recall the Old Testament after reading it once.

Not that I consider any religion worthy of being copied.

Except Zartoshti. I guess that's just my nationalistic bias. Oh well! I guess that's why you see so many people with a necklace showing the Fravahar in Iran. It's a total rejection of the mullahs' policy of Pan-Shotorism. Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

Amir jaan, I understand what you mean about western democracies. I also support the return of our proven Iranian Shahanshahi system. But democracy and monarchy do not have to be mutually exclusive. Even a return of the monarchy must first be voted on by the population in a open referendum. Under a democratic Constitutional Monarchy, the king will have only limited powers and the freely elected prime minister will be responsible for executive authority.

Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi has already made the need for a free democratic system first, very clear. Whether that is in the form of Constitutional Monarchy or Republic, is up the people.

But both forms of government should be democratic and secular. I ofcourse support a democratic constitutional monarchy with Reza Pahlavi as rightful Shahanshah.

Javid Shah. Shahanshah Read more

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Teerdaad Teerdaad posted a comment:

These women like the male thugs in Majles, are servants of a brutal religious dictatorship. Just look at their photo, they are wrapped in a black bag, they want women to walk around like crows. They should all go back to 7th century and leave Iran alone.
Why hejab should be mandatory in the first place? What was wrong before the revolution? Women who wanted to wear hejab, did it without any problem, and women who didn't want the hejab, did not wear it. Can these hezbollahis understand women should be free to choose? Look at the rest of the world, it is 21st century. Read more

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Teerdaad Teerdaad posted a comment:

Those who attack women with acid these days, are the same savages who after the revolution with the full support of Khoemeini, marched in the streets of Iran with guns, knives, and chains, chanting Ya roosary, Ya toosary, hezb faghat hezbollah, rahbar faghat Ruhollah...and the era of mandatory hejab began. This is not new and some of the powerful regime political-security officials are behind it. Read more

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