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varjavand varjavand replied to comment:

Hoshang Aziz, Just as too much inflation is bad, deflation (the opposite of inflation) is equally a detrimental to the economy. We are of course always worried about the danger of inflation but deflation can be equally bad especially for business and production sector. If consumers expect that prices are coming down they cut their current spending, the drive to economic activity under capitalism, thus fueling deflation and stagnation, downsizing and further unemployment and wage cut. According to many observers, the most important danger to the world economy now is Europe. Low inflation in the Europe, currently about one third of 1%, is bad for the global economy because Europe produces almost 20% of the world output and it is seems it is heading toward even more deflation and sluggishness. Many blame European governments for contiguous use of austerity measures that have led to current deflationary situation. There European economy cannot rebound unless such policies are relaxed or abandoned.

I also happen to believe that the sensationalism created concerning the nuclear talk with Iran is unbelievable, I may be wrong, but I think that possibility of a drastic structural change in the Iranian economy following a deal with Iran is remote. The life of ordinary Iranian citizens, without a doubt, will be much easier only if the restrictions imposed as a result of sanctions are removed as a result of the deal.

And one more thing, the US economy is well a structured with the most sophisticated financial and monetary system, what applies to the US economy may not apply to the Iranian economy.
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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Obtuse denial of everyday realties of life in Iran; mass poverty, homelessness, the worst kind of being a hater.

وجود بیش از ۳ هزار کارتن‌خواب زن در پایتخت

رئیس کمیسیون سلامت و محیط زیست شورای شهر تهران با اشاره به وجود بیش از ۳ هزار کارتن‌خواب زن در پایتخت، از فراهم شدن مقدمات تاسیس نخستین گرمخانه زنان در تهران خبر داد و خواستار همکاری نمایندگان مجلس برای مرتفع شدن مشکلات قانونی آن شد.

به گزارش تسنیم، رحمت الله حافظی در پاسخ به این سوال که شهرداری و شورای شهر پایتخت چه اقداماتی در راستای ساماندهی کارتن‌خواب‌های زن در تهران انجام دادند، اظهار داشت: در حال حاضر و بر مبنای آماری که شهردار تهران از تعداد کارتن‌خواب‌های شهر تهران ارائه دادند، چیزی در حدود 15 هزار کارتن‌خواب در شهر تهران وجود دارد؛ و از این رو به نظر می‌رسد که زنان کارتن‌خواب نیز در این میان، 20 تا 25 درصد کارتن‌خواب‌های شهر تهران را تشکیل می‌دهند. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Homelessness is a global problem and issue and not confined to Iran.
The only reason for homelessness is a system based on greed and short term profit.
Public spaces are hardly any "home" for the homeless, especially in freezing cold of the winter.
The resources are present to eradicate this problem, world wide. But it's just not a priority in the current global economic system. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

خواهش میکنم سیروس جان قابل شما را ندارد. اتفاقا بخشی از خاطرات نصر به شریعتی و آل احمد هم اشاره می کند.

این اولین بار (و احتمالا آخرین باری) است جایی خواندم که شریعتی مستقیما با ساواک همکاری داشته.

"شریعتی مورد حمایت سازمان امنیت بود به احتمال خیلی قوی، به نحوی یا همکاری یا عضویت داشت، در آن شکی نبود. منتها او می‌گوید من این کار را می‌کردم برای پیشبرد اهداف انقلابی. یک عده می‌گویند نخیر این‌جوری نبود، آن تعبیر دیگری است که به آن کاری نداریم فعلاً. حتی وقتی‌که ممنوع‌الدرس شد سازمان امنیت دستور داده بود که دانشگاه فردوسی حقوقش را بدهد، بعد هم که آوردندش تهران، مشاور وزیر علوم بود، نشسته بود و هیچ‌کاری نمی‌کرد و حقوق خیلی خوب می‌گرفت."

این ادعای همکاری مستقیم از سوی نصر مقدار زیادی مبالغه آمیز به نظر میرسد. نظر شما چیست؟

پیش خودمون بمونه من دلم برای نوذر آزادی تنگ شده. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash posted a comment:

Negotiation about "ATOMIC MULLAHS" ends in 2 days from now.
Some blogs are final attempts to justify illegitimacy of ruling criminal mullahs in Iran.
The numbers has been given in this blog is fabricated. It is NOT true. For example, please take a look at this piece:

"U.S. unemployment is anywhere between 12% and 25%"
from the text

U.S unemployment drop to less than 6% in recent month. The chart from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 5.8% in Oct. 2014.
The rest of the blog is also filed out with wrong statistic and numbers.
It is fascinating to see some people use "new user ID", but they write the same old stuff.

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

You Know Income Inequality Is Bad When an Investment Bank CEO Says It’s Destabilizing the Nation.

Even smart capitalists and intelligent investment bankers know why class and social justice dynamics matter.
FDR was no "Leftists" when he introduced Social Security, Collective Bargaining and all those other social reforms, he knew he had to give in to some of people's demands in order to save his system.
Do you seriously think Iran will ever by economically vibrant with the existing mass poverty?
Read the article above and let us know if class and social justice dynamics are still totally beyond you.
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cyrousmoradi cyrous moradi replied to comment:

از این داستانها در تاریخ معاصر خودمان زیاد داریم.
مهندس روحانی که وزیر دولت های هویدا بود در زمان مصدق هم از مدیران ارشد و یا حتی معاون وزیر بود.
در دهه 1360 در رادیو ایران برنامه ای بود تحت عنوان : ماجرا های آقای ملون با شرکت زنده یاد منوچهر نوذری. برنامه محبوبی بود.
هوشنگ جان مقاله پاچه خواران من را در همین ایرانیان بخوان. خود دکتر فردید است. ممنون به خاطر ارسال خاطرات دکتر نصر از فردید. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Reza jan I basically have the same questions.
The article's optimism in commendable but on the other hand it seems to seriously overlook and underestimate structural limitations of Iranian and world economy.

The latest report by Iran's central bank reports that three out of four Iranians have no function or contribution to national economy. All economic observers in Iran agree that banks in Iran have been contributing to real-estate speculations rather than long term investment in basic industries. The question remains as to how lifting of sanctions (which in best case scenario will take a few years to be fully implemented) is going to miraculously remedy and overcome these stubborn structural problems.

The most important point that doesn't get a mention in here is the context of global economy; still recovering from crisis of 2008 and in midst of an extremely dangerous deflation. European zone is going through another recession. Japan has officially announced beginning of another recession. US and Chinese economies are not doing that well either. How is any economy in the world suppose to do well when all power engines of world economic growth are stuck and on the verge of another recession.

Iran has been independent for the past 35 years. Lack of independence is not our problem. How Islamic Republic interacts, or rather hasn't been able to interact in the global economy remains the issue.
In early 21 century all economies of the world are inter-dependent and greatly contingent on each others performance and well being, the interaction between US and China is a good example of this.
Last but not least there are class and social justice dynamics that are totally jettisoned from this report. Read more

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MohammadAla Mohammad Ala محمد علاء posted a comment:

Yes, I watched it and few other programs. As Ali Parvin mentioned, people wait until these national figures pass away, then gather to praise them. Mazloumi was in a roster which Iran won Asian Cup twice. He almost scored one goal in each game that he played in it.

I found it interesting that on Mazloumi pictures in people's hands, the shirt displayed: Taj. Read more

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