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MohammadAraki Mohammad Araki replied to comment:

دایی پدرم این عکسها را گرفته. دقیقا نمیدانم کجا این عکسها را گرفت. میدانم که چندتاراز عکسها در اراک گرفته شده

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

Hooshang, As long as you stop using Dr. Mossadegh's memory to further your anti- Western agenda; I really don't care how ignorant you are as to the extent that patriotic supporters of our Shahanshahi system have contributed to the cause.

If you really had monarchists in your family, you would not be here spouting IRI propaganda day and night. Pull the other leg.

No nationalist/ monarchist would tolerate such wholesale distortions about Iran's proud history.

Just like in the 1960's and 70's, you Marxists are puppets of communist powers and traitors to our heritage.

Tamam shod.

P.S. Never associate Babake Khorramdin with the self hating left. He was a nationalist and a hero for all Iranians trying to break the chains of religious fundamentalist tyranny. Not some Iran hating communist trying to dissolve all international borders and working for Kurdish separatism. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Concur. This is what happens when a political current become fossilized, isolated and irrelevant. They have zero presence in Iranian politics and culture, and zero future in Iran, all they "have" is a faded image of their fascist past and all that "had been" glory! Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Contrary to your obtuse distortions Iranian history in its complexities and multiple instances from Mani, Mazdak, Babak and tens and hundreds of other instances remains a source of inspiration and validation for all devoted to social justice and egalitarianism.

Your infantile distortions also forgets that American Civil Society remains a bastion of progressivism in the world. Furthermore thanks to efforts of Iranian Labor activists progressive formation like "US Labor Against War" and others are now in regular contact with various different Iranian labor activists and organizations.
What you ought to ask yourself is how come all these American labor formations like USLAW, Labor Notes,...have such an extended relationship with Iranian workers while monarchists are loathed and despised by practically every single segment of Labor movement in Iran? Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

PJ, Go back to calling Bahais 'agents of the British'. lol

You and your mullah allies have no credibility.

P.S. If you want to personally attack people, leave those poor Bahais alone. Come and talk to me with that kind of dahati language. I think its hilarious. Watching you people discredit yourselves is actually entertainment.

Sayonara. Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

You don't really think anybody but your local basij station actually supports the Pan-Arabist Republic of Iran, do you?

Because if you are operating on that level I am left speachless. At least 85% of the population prays nightly for the day they will finally be free.

You don't really believe 'Amrika' gives a hoot about the comments and articles of Iranians do you? Do you think the U.S. is actually going to 'attack us' due to human rights violations?

Lets get one thing crystal clear now. America does NOT care about how many thousands of Iranians are tortured and executed by the Pan- Arabist Republic. Human rights are a pretext for invasion.

No. We will remove these animals ourselves with the help of Sepah THEMSELVES. I am, and always will be, an Iranian citizen. I am in regular contact with friends back home. I go back every year or too.

And guess what else. Every time I go back its obvious you have lost more and more people. Especially the youth.

You guys now have only 2 options.

1. Calmly and quietly shave off your beards, wash off the lajan of fundamentalism and blend back into the population.

2. Keep on using your few thousand supporters back home to beat the public into submission and steal as much of the oil profits that you possibly can until the day that it all hits the fan.

I would choose option 1. Option 2 is what you have already been doing for 35 years. Read more

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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

One track mindedness of the Shahollahi/Hezbollah always comes order to justify and to rewrite history, and only God knows why??!! Since Iran and Iranians have moved on, and live in an entirely different universe/dimension...these folks are still stuck on to the events that had happened in 70's! Read more

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P_J.. P_J.. replied to comment:

One should ignore the Shahollahi/Hezbollah nonsensical diatribes...they mean nothing to anyone but themselves!

We should be able to separate Akhoonds, that I am diametrically oppose and against, and every day hardworking descent Iranians who are and have become even more creative in the face of all that extreme levels on animus! Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

I thought he had posted a comment himself using a VPN from Iran.

As far as the division within Sepah is concerned, I've repeatedly said that about a third of them wanted the regime replaced yesterday.

We agree on all of those points you made about the regime agha joon. We pretty much agree on every single point. Except:

You and the rest of the Marxists HATE Iran's history. You hate all of our historical achievements. You hate our greatest Shahs, like Kuroshe Bozorg, and you people have only a few ''idols''. That is Mazdak, Amir Kabir, Mossadegh and a couple of modern Marxist poets.

Please stop using Dr. Mossadegh's memory to further your anti-American agenda. Its disrespectful to the good doctor and all secular, liberal nationalists.

I have Kurds in my family. None of them are anti-American Marxists. Read more

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only_nowruz_is_pirooz only-nowruz-is-pirooz replied to comment:

the World does not want to eat us up -- no way.
unless we just think this way, and let ourselves to believe that we are minute people -- we are a Great nation, with Great people.
why isn't Turkey this way, and has same GDP as Iran, without the free National-Wealth of Oil, Gas, Copper, etc ... Read more

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only_nowruz_is_pirooz only-nowruz-is-pirooz posted a comment:

we can not afford to day-dream about "our lives is not in our hands" or being toyed around!
the world we live in, does run with much ration too, isn't it ?
most of Leading Nations have some small issue with us, while they are united about it too.
seems logical if we do our best to carry out what is possible to ease the pain for our citizens! ... unless we fight them all, and "bare strongest sanctions" and let our people receive the punishments -- since it is in our interest !

well, lets see. we as a great history of civilized nation in the world, having highest potency citizens in most important science & economics, using logic & rational for decades even when small group of us been in exile.

None of us believe, we are doomed, nor we deserve such punishment to be cleansed.
the punishment or the Great-Price the Nation of Iran is paying to carry-in the Sanctions is not a Curse from heavens !

and none of us should be proud of it, nor should counts its minute blessings!

-- now -- we are in "No Way" some sort of Nation to be toyed-around for sake of Israel or by America or West! Could not happen, would not happen.
unless we care enough to have our own regime running the great-country of ours, to keep us a Doomed Nation, and let the Curse be upon us, as a agenda deserved, and want such regime to "regulate us that way" ... so we are toyed with

or maybe, we just day-dream that our lives not in our hands.
and doomed to be influenced Directly by other powers -- same other powers that could barely solve their unEmployment for the past 7-years . or get their expenses under control.

the sanctions "would have been considered Great" if the regime in our Country was a "Curse from the Heavens"... Read more

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AnonymousObserver Anonymous Observer replied to comment:

Wait, I though the great and all powerful Islamic Republic was self-sufficient and did not need to rely on the Great Satan for anything. Are you telling us that the Islamic Republic is so pathetically incompetent that its people die if the United States cuts off medicine to them? After 35 years of greatness--and specifically your "mashallah's" and Tehran Times reports about its greatness--the IR is that pathetically dependent on the Great Satan? Really?!!! Read more

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argebam argebam posted a comment:

من اعتقادی به دین ندارم, نه جدیدا بلکه در خانواده غیر مذهبی بزرگ شدم. عزیزشان بهایی, زرتشتی, سنی و دیگر اقلیتهای مذهبی ( وای چقدر من از این کلمه اقلیت متنفرم ) همه ایرانی هستند, جامعه متمدن و فهمیده از پتانسیل همه شهروندانش برای پیشرفت کشورش استفاده میکند. در این حکومت فاشیستی, تبعیض جنسی, دینی, زبانی و حتی شیعه خودی و غیر خودی هست, شاید از 10% پتانسیل جامعه استفاده میشود.
امیدوارم روزی در ایران دیگر واژه اقلیت وجود نداشته باشد.
بسیار متاثر شدم. من دوستان بهایی زیاد دارم, بسیار مردمان شریفی هستند و بسیار تحت فشار این حکومت. Read more

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M.SaadatNoury M. Saadat Noury replied to comment:

To FN: Please accept this in return

بصار = مباصره: فرهنگ واژگان فارسی به فارسی
مباصرة = از دور برافراشته نگریستن (منتهی الارب) - (آنندراج). برافراشته شدن و نگریستن از دور (از اقرب الموارد) - (از ناظم الاطباء): لغت نامه دهخدا
بصار = بَصْرَه یا بَصِرَه (منتهی الارب) - (ناظم الاطباء) - (اقرب الموارد): لغت نامه دهخدا
بَصِرَه = ماهی صدفی (زرنبات) وقتی که خشک شده باشد: لغت نامه دهخدا
بصره = قبةالاسلام = خزانةالعرب = رعناء = نام شهری از عراق عرب (غیاث) - شهری از کشور عراق در کنار شط العرب درنزدیکی خرمشهر - گویند این لفظ معرب «بس راه» است (ناظم الاطباء) - (از منتهی الارب): لغت نامه دهخدا
بصره = دومین شهر بزرگ عراق می‌باشد. این شهر بندر اصلی کشور عراق و مرکز استان بصره ‌است. بصره در تاریخ اولیه ی اسلام نقش مهمی داشته‌ است: دانشنامهٔ آزاد ویکی‌پدیا
بصره = روستایی است از توابع بخش مرکزی و در شهرستان سردشت استان آذربایجان غربی ایران: دانشنامهٔ آزاد ویکی‌پدیا
بصار = نام جد نصیربن دهمان (منتهی الارب) - (آنندراج ): لغت نامه دهخدا
بصاری = منسوب به بصار که بطن (تیره) ای است از اشجع و آن بصاربن سبیعبن بکربن اشجع است (از سمعانی ) - (از اللباب ): لغت نامه دهخدا

Read more

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argebam argebam posted a comment:

Hooshang, makes a great argument. All Iranian intellectuals, including Mr. Zibaklam, clearly know that it is not in Iranian interest to go after atomic bomb. Government wants a bomb to take out insurance for its survival.
This article has been based on the feelings of anti-israel and the West, then has gone and tied up some facts and false presumptions.
For example, although the relationship between Hamas and IRI
Was cooled off over Syria, they started to warm up again
After events in Gaza, USA and Iran certainly talking more recently since hostage crisis but this does not mean they are friends. IRI idea logically is against westernization, against israel this idea has precipitated over the last 50 years into many Iranians. Putting aside the emotions, any rational Iranian knows nuclear bomb and even reactors ( considering fukushima, russia) is not in our interest.
Looking at USA options with IRI clandestine nuclear activities, all they could do was sanctions, other options was war.
The whole reason Rohani is negotiating and wants a deal is because the sanctions are bitting. The mis management of IRI is hurting more but sanctions have had their psychological effect too.
بقول دوستی شما هزار گره به هوا زدی که حرفت را به کرسی بنشانی Read more

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