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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

Over 1,700 Killed In Iraq's Violence In July

Who do we have to thank this for


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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani replied to comment:

I know it looks like that, but I don't think that is the reason. I think NIAC thinks their US-Only policy will work, and that if they come out as an opposition group, that will harm their ability to get anything done here.

It is a valid point and I can even see the thinking behind such a strategy, but NIAC has in the past couple of years come out strongly against the Iranian government especially in posts like Marashi''s where they condemn Iran's human rights record like this.

Both Parsi and Marashi have done quite a bit of it. My point is you can't be "Sort of Pregnant". Either you are, or you aren't.

Consider this. If NIAC were to switch sides and begin the same concerted effort they waste on American politicians, and find ways to politely and legally engage those leaders in Iranian politics who are willing to listen, I think ALL of us would support NIAC, both morally and financially.

The goal should be to gently force Iran to self modify and self moderate and self reform. In order to achieve the second (and hopefully final) revolution without any bloodshed, and without anyone getting really too upset enough to start bloodshed.

Kind of a "Matter of Fact Revolution". Read more

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gaga Shlome Aprilson posted a comment:

IDF are brave men and women who go after the criminals who duck like cowards behind defenseless women and children Hamas has no scruples, such cowardice not man enough to meet IDF in open field . Once a coward always a coward!! They are insane W.C. Read more

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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

Great review, as always.

sadly I am overwhelmed by the sheer death and destruction that is taking place in another part of our world.


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cyrousmoradi cyrous moradi replied to comment:

What I am trying to say is : west is unable to recognize her long term benefits and interests.
In 1953 they managed a coup d;eta in Iran. It just brought them short term interests and in a long term period it was disasters for the west.

They tried to mobilize Germany against soviet union but at the end Hitler fought against west and Russia in the same time. Read more

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SoosanKhanoom akaDarya posted a comment:

Hamas is a terrorist organisation. It killed 3 Israeli civilians. Israel is the most moral army; it's shown restrain and killed only 1500.

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Bavafa Bavafa replied to comment:

Dear AI,
Just noticed your response and I appreciate the time an effort you put into it, I really do. Despite our vast difference of opinion, I, likewise cherish a respectful and civil conversation.

I think one fundamental difference in how we view things might be that I look at things in a much broader scope and where things are now. Facts on the ground shows less territory for Palestinians and growing number of settlements as time goes by. A harsher and more restrictive life for Palestinians with less opportunity for a viable nation for Palestinians. I also view with lesser of credit for giving something back where it did not belong to you at first place, though I would acknowledge and recognize it as a step in the right direction. An example of such view on the opposite side is that, I don’t view stopping suicide bombing against civilian as concession to Israelis. That act was wrong to begin with and stopping it merely corrects a past wrong doing. Just as I believe giving back occupied territory is wrong and giving it back is merely correcting a wrong policy.

Another fundamental difference might be (and this is just how I view things whether in the context of Israeli/Palestinians, US/Iraq or when Iran had actually occupied parts of Iraq) that I strongly disagree with occupation and tend to sympetise with occupyee then occupier. I may have said it in this thread but certainly elsewhere, that if/when Israel ends occupation where legally recognized as occupied land, I will march on behalf of Israel when/if they are attacked or provoked. Just to show you this is not an empty slogan on my part, when I was in service during Iran/Iraq war, at some point we were 16k into Iraqi territory and I was openly expressing my disagreement with others with being in a land that does not belong to Iran. This was still at earlier stage of that ugly war as Iran had re-captured Khormshahr only a few months earlier.

In regards to the current battle in this war which is being fought in Gaza, I believe we, as an Israeli, as a Jew and as a human being ought to be outraged by the sheer violence and DISPROPORTIONATE response. I can’t think of a scenario when/where I could agree with such disproportionate response regardless of who is inflicting or who is being inflicted on.

Lastly, I know the discussion and arguments in regards to what territory is being recognized as “occupied” can be endless. For that I usually refer to the UN and what legally recognized as occupied.

A quick search on Golan Heights on Google

Read more

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