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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

Regarding "the worlds greatest democracies" the "USA, UK, France & Germany"

Someone I spoke with had asked me, "who will stop 1 Million Iranian Women coming out with out Hejab?" I replied that You know the answer to that Question, because you know exactly who brought this IRI regime to power and who gives them all the technological assistance it needs to remain in power, with out which the IRI Regime could not stay in power.

The Coercive forces of the Regime murders & tortures Iranians in mass for the Democratic Regimes, Iranians who's Parents Generation they tricked into supporting 1979 by wrongly teaching Iranians that the Late Shah was the Wests Nowkar and was brought to power by them, as opposed to the truth & how hard the Shah was working for Iranians to enjoy Peace, Progress & Human Rights against the Dictates of Democratic Regimes.

The West Made very little from Peace, Progress & Human Rights the Shah had struggle to bring about against their Dictates and for the last 36 years has made its Interests come true by Using the Iranians they Had Helped & Paid to Get Brainwashed with Lies to get rid of the Shah. And help impose Extremism and Violence to Control Oil , turn the Shahs Progress into Regression, while profiting from media and weapons sales.

There has been nothing Popular about the IRI or where Iran is today at mullahs hands, the massive brain drain and every person that can leave Iran leaving implies the IRI is not only unpopular, but unwanted. It has been unpopular for its entire existence & please for the sake of giving your own common sense a chance, deal with your confusion regarding the IRI, which has very low levels of popularity in Iran and has reduced even the popularity of Islam among the entire country. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Almost every country has their Anne Coulters. The person who stand and tell you the end is near or is already here if we don't do things their way.

In her case, Anne is now telling us that America is going to be a 3rd world hellhole. Well she is late the "America is a HELLHOLE" party. It has been happening for years now. Depending on who is president it is either conservatives screaming hellhole or liberals.

According to Anne the concept of child abuse was imported to America by those filthy immigrants who brought all their violence, corruption, and not paying taxes attitude here, since America didn't know violence nor corruption before Immigrants started coming here from countries with brown and black people.

And she states that no country, ever, has ever had as much respect for women as anglo-Americans has.

There a segment of American society and western culture that is dedicated to telling people in non-European countries that somehow their lives was forever going to be Sh!t until white people showed up to save them from themselves. Everybody else are backward and progress is theirs to give.

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Tahereh Tahereh replied to comment:

You're being a bit too casual, bordering on crass and disingenuous about this. A most violent, brutal campaign of hate mongering, bias and prejudice against Baha'is in Iran has been going on for 36 years.
You're either totally ignorant of the extent of human rights violations in Iran or too much of a hypocrite to admit the scope of those violations.
Have you heard of Taraneh Musavy? Look it up and find out what happened to her. She wasn't a Bahai either. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

"For any decent human being solidarity with a political prisoner especially when they've lost both their mother and wife is just basic decency."
Hoshang Tarehgol

Yes, it is,
but hey these 2 people I mentioned in my above comment didn't loss their mothers and their wives. I don't know what you're talking about ? Here is again.

"Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani (37) and Arash Rahmanipour (19) were executed on 28th January 2010"

If there were no "Affiliation" So why these 2 people were executed ?
What are you smoking ?

I have already posted the rate of approval for our dear Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi as 28% equal to leader of Green movement.
What part do you have hard time to comprehend ?
28% is different from Zero (0) Please let me know if you want me to post it again and again. I know you have a tendency to forget what we discussed before.

Did you read my comment before making any comment.?
I seriously doubt it because you didn't mention anything about groups N.I.M.A or P.A.R.S or Nojeh patriotic military officers who lost their lives for restoring Monarchy in IRAN.
Please go back and read my comment before making any comments.
Thanks, Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

The Iranian Idea of making this life matter based on making this life more like a Paradise, which gave rise to Shah-han-shahi is among the most idealistic, empowering and honest. To make a country feel like your home, like a group of households, based on groups of families and respecting the individuals in them to make the home like a Pardis. Making use of the love and light people receive from their Parents to create Majesty & celebrate renewal. From Zoroastrianism and very different from Islamic teachings to focus on the after life. Read more

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Mammad Mammad posted a comment:

The Pahlavi dynasty was overthrown by a popular revolution. Agha Reza has no "legal" standing, just as the Qajars have no standing to make any reference to their rights given the Constitutional Revolution. The Pahlavi dynasty is dead. Get it over with and move on. Agha Reza has no popular support within Iran. You say he does? Demonstrate it. Read more

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kharad کامبیز ایرانی--- کنشگر سیاسی replied to comment:

با درود دوست گرامی،

اگر برایتان امکان پذر است از واژه های فرهنگ باباشملی حفیر و بنده دوری نمایید. بدون تردید من به شخصیت شما و آقای فرهنگ چه موافق و چه مخالف، احترام می گذارم و تلاش می نمایم تا با مطالب و نقدهای متنوع که بدون تردید خالی از اشتباه و نقض نیستند، گامی در راه فرهنگ سازی بردارم. با سپاس کامبیز Read more

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kharad کامبیز ایرانی--- کنشگر سیاسی replied to comment:

اقای فرهنگ، نظر من اساسا در رابطه با شکل گیری ساختار یک تشکیلات سیاسی ست و نه مشخصا مارکسیستهای اسلامی یا مارکسیستهای توهم گرای وطنی...

نظریه ای را که در کامانت بالایم مطرح ساختم یک مفهوم است و جملگی تشکیلات و احزاب دمکراتیک را در برمی گیرد. مد نظز ذز ایجا پرنسیب می باشد. یعنی هر تشکیلات یا حزب سیاسی که مدعی دمکراتیک بود ن می نماید برای خویشتن پلاتفرمی را ترسیم می نماید، که در این پلاتفرم برای اعضای خود بطور دقیق به قواعدی که در آن رعایت بشود، اشاره می نماید. این قواعد را می توان نیز پرنسب های تشکیلاتی نامید. من در این رابطه سخن گفتم

در کشور ما شوربختانه این پارامتر حتی در حد معمول خود نیز به هیچ وجه رعایت نمی شود. وجود تفکر استبدادمنشی و رسوبات فرهنگ اسلام سیاسی در بسیاری از رهبران و اعضای سازمانها و احزاب سیاسی گذشته و حال منجر به این گردیده است تا آنها حتی به قواعدی که خود تصویب نموده اند پایدار نباشند و موضع سازمانی یا حزبی خود را بطور ممتد تغییر بدهند

فرهنگی را که بسیاری از این سازمانها به جامعه ایران عرضه نموده یا می نمایندُ، هیچ تفاوتی با فرهنگ تقدس گرایی اسلام سیاسی حاکم ندارد.
مضون نگه داشتن رهبران و اعمال انها را از هر انتقادی منجر به رشد فرهنگ تقدس گرایی کیش شخصیت یا بت پرستی شده است . نمودهای آنرا بوضوح می توان در میان مجاهدان مارکسیست های اسلامی و مارکسیستهای چریک فدایی و سلطنت طلبان بوضوح مشاهده کرد.
شوربختانه بسیاری از آقایان خارج نشینی که پرچم مبارزه با استبداد مذهبی را در دست دارند، خود زاییده این فرهنگ می باشند. نمودش را می توان در برخوردهای غیر دمکراتیک آنها با یکدیگر دید.
برعکس آقای فرهنگ من با نکاتی که شما به آقای پهلوی سازمانهای مارکسیستی و مارکسیست اسلامی نسبت دادید، کاملا موافقم... کامبیز

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iamfine iamfine replied to comment:

forget about him. As I said before, what you are saying has no value to the reader. Get out of the box and come out with something that readers would benefit from it, biology, physics, creation, evolution, nanotechnology, stem cells, psychology, all those good stuff. Expand your knowledge and don't forget "mind is a terrible thing to waste" Read more

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alimostofi Ali Mostofi posted a comment:


Welcome to what I have been saying all these years.

All he has to do is to say "I want to go back to Iran safely" for the sake of the 1906 Constitution. He must explain his mandate to all. He must warn Obama in talking to the illegitimate Shi'ite regime.

He then tells Iranians that it his right to live in Iran. Then watch how many millions will protect him like they did to Khomeini.

I wrote about this and he knows his mandate. So does Shabanou.

But he has Mars in Cancer. He has no guts to act. It's his astrology to play the drums in tge back.

So he needs to appoint a Prime Minister with balls. You know the rest.
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farhangpooya farhangpooya posted a comment:

اين هم ظريف، اين آقاى صد تن حريف
در باره مصاحبه محمد جواد ظريف با چارلی رز
ظريف: کسی به دلیل ابراز عقیده در زندان نیست.
دولت ما، دولت دين
مذهب و آئين مبين
دولت كل شيعيان
هرچه شيعه توى جهان

زرتشتى كه عقيده نيست
يهودى كه عقيده نيست
مسيحى هم عقيده نيست
اينا كجا، اسلام كجا
شيعه كجا
اين مذهب و ايده كجا
ما همينيم
دلت بخواد
دلت نخواد

خدا يكى
قرآن يكى
عقيده وايمان يكى
لينك Read more

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