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Shirzadegan Siavash posted a comment:

Mr. Parsa,
Sounds like you and your uncle had a good life during shah days, but you took it for the granted and you're paying the price by living in the foreign land. That is typical story of many Iranians.
There were some mistakes in the former system, but people could have fix it very easily without allowing a bunch of the rag head criminals took over the country. That was the problem, all of our elite people of our country ran away and left the country for Islamist thugs/lumpen take over.
What we read in the text books about democracy, freedom is way different than reality. Those concepts look good and fascinating only in the books and theory. It doesn't have any reality basis. No system in the world is perfect. They all have some kind of short coming and errors. Read more

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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

It is all too soon to tell but if by some miracles, the Russians and push and even destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq, than it is fair to say that they will have both Syria and Iraq squarely under their influence.
Destroying ISIS will also big blow to the Saudis and all other fanatic groups in ME who supports this cult. Such move could actually win the Russians the "heart and mind" of many in ME.

Mehrdad Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

"Middle Finger" should go toward the people who put our nation in such a misery/poverty and suffering for 36 years.
I think you have already learned who they were. They were Black and Red reactionary. Mullahs and communists.

"Funding from outside of Iran" was a logic Khomaini used to manipulate the mind of our people and you keep repeating his nonsense in any opportunity you get. Please listen carefully to Khomaini to see he was saying exactly what you're repeating after 36 years.
With that logic, Khominie leaded our nation to poverty and suffering. Do you want our people continue to suffer ? of course NOT, so please do NOT keep repeating what Khomainie was preaching.

اوج بی‌سوادی و دروغ گویی خمینی و یارانش
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M.SaadatNoury M. Saadat Noury replied to comment:

Thank you for the poem. Please accept this in return

تو آمدی ز دورها و دورها
ز سرزمین عطر ها و نورها
نشانده ای مرا کنون به زورقی
ز عاجها ز ابرها بلورها
مرا ببر امید دلنواز من
ببر به شهر شعر ها و شورها.... : فروغ فرخزاد Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

TPP Could Kill the Internet.

"What we're talking about here is global Internet censorship."

The "disastrous" pro-corporate trade deal finalized Monday could kill the Internet as we know it, campaigners are warning, as they vow to keep up the fight against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations.

"Internet users around the world should be very concerned about this ultra-secret pact," said OpenMedia's digital rights specialist Meghan Sali. "What we’re talking about here is global Internet censorship. It will criminalize our online activities, censor the Web, and cost everyday users money. This deal would never pass with the whole world watching—that’s why they’ve negotiated it in total secrecy." Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

"Trans-Pacific Partnership" free trade agreement (TPP) is the most significant free trade agreement yet in the history of world economy, and its significance is mainly negative and destructive.
TPP countries include: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, US and Vietnam.
This amalgamation of nations account for nearly 40 percent of global GDP and about one-third of all world trade.
And if you thought NAFTA was bad for working people and very good for multi-nationals when TPP is fully implemented it just make NAFTA look good!
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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

This is an incredibly weird and twisted story of a Russian volunteer who is supposedly paying $200 a month out of his pocket just for the love of fighting ISIS and killing terrorists.
Apparently he first applied as a volunteer with pro-government forces in Damascus but they were so disorganized they couldn't even sign him up. So now he's fighting alongside Kurds against ISIS but he says he's not pro-revolution or pro-Assad he just wants to kill ISIS terrorists.
Twisted and weird indeed.

P.S. What Russians officials could never explain is how their racist Great-Russia policies in Caucasus has alienated majority of the Muslim population in there and turned them into potential allies of all types of extremist religious groups. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Today is soo full of news, it's hard to know which to share.

The hotel where Hadi is staying in Yemen got blown up and immediately they blamed Iran and the houthis for the explosion. Fine. When things blow up you look for people with motives, houthis have motive. why not? But even is after Daesh took responsibility for the attack and even provided video proof, the coalition would not take daesh as the answer. It had to be houthis and Iran and no one else.

They would NOT accept proof it was not Iran. XD It seems that only Iran has the knowledge to blow up things. Where have they been for the past 2 years? Daesh has been doing quit a lot of blowing up. And now they are going to use Emirate soldiers as target practice too.

The hot mess that is Yemen is about to be an epic HOT MESS. As suspected at Al-Qaeda and Daesh just waited for Saudi Arabia to mow the lawn for them and now they are going to set up camp just like they wanted to.

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

Kobany still stands as an outstanding instance of how ISIS could be defeated through a participatory mobilization of the entire population, including women, elders and basically however is willing and able to fight against ISIS.
But reactionary forces including Russian military are not into a method of participatory, popular mobilization. Why?
They're too bureaucratic, top-down, male-chauvinist and just plain undemocratic.
If Russians had learned anything from their past mistakes it could have been the lessons from their debacle in Afghanistan, but apparently they haven't learnt squat.
Onward towards another quagmire in Syrian! Read more

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M.SaadatNoury M. Saadat Noury replied to comment:

Thank you for your note. Please accept this in return

بررسی مهم‌ترین مشکلات صنعت چینی، بلور و کریستال ایران

داستان چینی، بلور و کریستال: کدام خانواده را می‌توان بدون این وسایل تصور کرد. بیش از 20میلیون خانوار ایرانی مشتریان پر‌و‌پا قرص این بازار هستند؛ بازاری که بدون هیچ تعارفی در اختیار چینی‌ها قرار گرفته تا هر جور دلشان می‌خواهد در آن جولان بدهند..... : گزارشگر علی رمضانیان
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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

This discussion is more complex & it deeply related to Iranians in Iran. Al Quaeda & Al Nusra have lost over 20 tanks, the pictures of them up in smoke is shown, yet the corrupt media insists Russia is 95% not going after terrorists & extremists yet we all know none of those tanks belong to the Syrian Opposition, yet Russia is blowing up each day more tanks than the US led coalition has in since it started. You ask how come? Every intelligent person knows who is supporting the extremists & terrorists are the same group that wants to talk with them & negotiate with them in Iran, to keep their Mullahs, It is only the stupid Iranians in Iran which say marg bar Russia thinking the Russians are the ones who imposed and maintain the IRI on Iran, where as it is the USA, UK, France & Germany doing this against the people of Iran for 37 years now. Democratic Regimes have little concern for the rule of law, human rights, freedom, justice, peace or progress & by creating hypocritical propaganda against the late shah they revealed their own hand, how they work & what they stand for. Patriotic Iranians are driving these points home among one another about how Democratic Regimes Act, in contrast to their own Iranian National Culture & Persian Traditions, which embodies Goodness, Peace, Progress & Human Rights to NOT be used as Patsys for Democracies as in 1970's. The Late Shah Standing for Iranian Culture above Islamic Values engaged & Opposed the anti-iranian Values of the corrupt Islamic authorities. How can the God which these Muslims Worship be Good, Just, Kind, Compassionate, Merciful & Loving like Ahura Mazda? How can the God of Islam be anything but cruel if God makes 72 virgins live with these ugly Islamic assholes? Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Valentino went tribal for this collection. But it seems that Europe is just working it's way to going where it really wants to go. Take women to their ultimate destination in Fashion.

Back to square 1.

Tribal + sheer/transparency + little fabric= Future of fashion. I have a preview.XD

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