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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh replied to comment:

Why can't people like you ever contribute to the solution rather than inflate and exaggerate the problem? She's trying to make a connection. Do you have any
goddamn clue how hard it is to be an Iranian kid in an American school? Do you have any idea of the enormous load that is added to the regular tsunami of peer pressure? You post a nonsense like that and I could dissect it into the little pieces of garbage that it is made of, but then it would take up my time and would be a distraction from the real issue she is talking about. You think Iran is a lost cause. Good for you. You can post all over this site. You can paint it on your roof. Hell, I'll pay you to tattoo it on your forehead. But, can you at least have some empathy with the next generation. You want that resurrection? It starts with her! Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

Divide and conquer may be applicable to Arab and African history. NOT Iran's history.
Unlike Arabs and Africans who were colonized or has been taken for slavery by Europeans, Iranians has had great civilization/culture. Iranians view themselves equal to Europeans, NOT Arabs or Africans. In fact, our shahanshah was close friend of General De Gaulle and Nixon. When De Gaulle died, our shahanshah reached to France immediately and comforted De Gaulle's widow in private room for 45 minutes. He appeared with military uniform. You may take a look the book called "Shah last ride". You will see his picture with De Gaulle's widow in private room. Read more

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jgarbuz jgarbuz posted a comment:

Congratulations. Iran and Israel are two Middle Eastern countries who can bring light to the region and the world, with new medicines and therapies and ways to help the world if their people are allowed to be free to do so rather than constantly being dragged into interminable conflicts that only leave broken bodies and souls. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

The above comment doesn't bring anything to the table except bad mouthing our dear Shahbanou Farah.
Our shahbanou Farah is a kind hearted, elegant, talented lady. I wish I could meet her in person one day.
Whenever I read from her, I realize that our shahanshah was very smart man whom he chose such a talented lady as a wife.
Our dear Shahbanou Farah love poems, especially Molana. She also loves Iran's history and culture. She has a great respect for Iran's Art/culture.
That is what we expect from our first lady.

Seems you're familiar with Mullah wives, so you can tell us about them. Please don't be bashful, let us know about Mullah's wives and what is going on under the veil. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

"Two simple thoroughly document historical facts were made in that comment:
1) General Fardost, shah's life long confidant and companion was centrally instrumental is shaping and training of mullahs intelligence ministry."
Hoshang Tare....

Naive person. The comment shows that you believe to whatever mullahs claim. You really don't know how Mullah's mind operating. Do you ?
Anyway, The below paragraph may enlighten you about Mullah's mind.

"Another surprising fact Fardoust—or the book credited to him—claimed to reveal was that celebrated nationalist Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq was not a mortal enemy of the British, but had "always favored" them, and his campaign to nationalize the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company had been inspired by `the British themselves.[7]"

Source: Read more

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Bavafa Bavafa replied to comment:

I admit; I know nothing about Mr. Fardin politics, devotion or philosophy of life other than a few movies I have seen.

Having said that, it is hard to imagine if someone was truly devoted to humanity and paid attention to the “Labour Class” would bow to a ruling family that are at the forefront of opposite philosophy and devotion.

If I was going to guess, this gesture depicted in this picture is out of fear of imprisonment by Savlak and being shunt out for any movie role he might not get.

Read more

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NiloufarParsi Niloufar Parsi replied to comment:

nothing personal targoli, but people like you contribute to the depression of young people like Sabrina because of your constant barrage of one-sided, unrealistic and dogmatic abuse against her people and her roots.

Reconsider your attitude! Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

User name ghourbagheh,

The write of this blog @Hoshang Taregol and I have a question for you.

Do you believe that Israel has right to exist ?

The answer requires "Yes" or "No" answer.

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NiloufarParsi Niloufar Parsi posted a comment:

Sad just how badly Western propaganda drives so many innocent young people to depression.

Step out of that hellhole and listen to what the rest of the world says about Iran. They love Iran's history and its commendable stance against Western imperialism today.

You can make a difference in the world wherever you live, and it is up to you to work out what makes you happy.

Don't let them get to you. Revolutions are tough and they usually have many negative consequences - like a tsunami that cannot be stopped.

But your Iranian heritage should make you one of the proudest people on earth. Seriously! Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

Any proof ?
Please name of those SAVAK who were recruited by mullahs and continued to work for Islamic gang.
Please remember we are living in year of 2014, NOT in 1970's that you were making falsely claim and naive people bought it. That doesn't fly anymore. You need to move with time. We are in different era. We have access to internet and we are able to expose any lies immediately. So go ahead and show me a proof the list of SAVAK agents who were recruited by Mullahs.
You don't even know how mullahs view the life. You don't even know what mullahs are thinking of people who used to work in former regime. You don't even hear what tools they use to get confession from people like Fardost, Ehsan Tabari who became Moazen (singing AZAN) in Evin prison. I recommended to read the book "Torture Confession". That book is a glance inside the Mullah's Evin prison. Another book I recommend to read to find out about Mullah's mentality is :
"Time to Betray"
The book was written by Reza Khalili. He used to work as a computer technician in Evin prison and he wrote his experience in there. He witnessed group and group of people were mass executed by Mulllahs. Read more

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NiloufarParsi Niloufar Parsi replied to comment:

look who's talking! all you do is repeat your AIPAC talking points with a slightly different flavour. we are sick and tired of you fascist apologists talking nonsense.

FACT is that Israel is fascist regime that engages in collective punishment and mass murder on a regular basis, and the world would be much better off as soon as it is wiped off the pages of time.

Can't happen soon enough... for the world is sick and tired of you nazi zionists. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

Any proof for the above claim.?

Seems you don't know that we heard these stories/allegations a lot back in 1970's. The false stories which leaded to the misery, poverty of our nation for 35 years.

Time has been changed my dear. The false accusation/rumor for stabilizing mullah's regime doesn't work anymore. Our people got smarter during last 35 years. Surely, they don't see image of Khomaini on the surface of the moon anymore. Surely, They don't find Khomaini's hair in koran as well.

On strike contrast, I have a proof that generation of mullah's thieves raised on the blood money stolen from Iran. Except this bunch is likely to have more money than their parents who helped Khomaini took power in Iran in 1979. Here is a proof. Read more

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