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kps59 kps59 replied to comment:

The things you cite don't mean what you've personally interpreted them to mean but that's your understanding of them and I'll leave you to that.

You're distracted by one of the decoy oganizations allowed to arise specifically to draw the attention of people with your ill will in the opposite direction from the reality of the Baha'i Faith.

It's exactly like the people who ignorantly accept fanatic movements like ISIS as the reality of Islam or the same ilk who claim to be Christians as somehow legitimately representing the reality of Christianity or any of the same with regard to any other Faith.

You've fallen victim to the Strong Delusion warned of in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 verse 11.

The enemy you think you're railing against is nothing more than your own shadow.

You don't even know where the Baha'i Faith is. You think it's in Haifa. But that's ok keep attacking them/it or whatever you think you're fighting, LOL. ;) Read more

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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh replied to comment:

Read the first comment that I posted carefully. Better yet, first give up your bad habit of slandering and spreading lies and propaganda, then read what I wrote, use a dictionary because you seem to have problems with English, ask a grown-up to guide you through the meaning of my words, then you'll see that I did condemn and wrote about treatment of women in Iran.

Of course, we both know that you got it the first time. It's just that your role on this site is to spread falsehood and throw mud! Read more

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kps59 kps59 replied to comment:

You have no idea what you're reading or what the entire point of the Bab's dispensation was.

Early on, the Bab was being accepted by the youth of Persia and was on the verge of becoming a sweeping political movement that would overtake Persia peacefully.

This was not the mission of the Bab. He began to write what to the simple, literal mentality would seem to be completely insane things to draw out the corrupt Moslem clergy and bring to bear their wrath.

The Bab was here only to be a sacrifice to inaugurate the advent of Baha'u'llah and not to establish anything lasting as a religious dispensation.

Therefore to focus on The Bab's writings as if they were ever implemented or were ever intended to be implemented is to be fooled exactly as the ignorant, thoroughly corrupt Moslem clergy was and miss the Primal Point of the Bab's Revelation entirely.

The sole message of The Bab is that all must seek, identify, turn to, and submit (Islam) to "He Whom God Shall Make Manifest", Mustaghath, and completely dispose of The Bab's entire body of work unless Al-Mustaghath says otherwise. Period.

The Bab's mission was infallibly fulfilled in that He and 10,000 of His followers were martyred to fulfill the prophecies in both the Bible and the Quran (Furqan) and usher in the 500,000 year dispensation of the Messiah Baha'u'llah.

And so it is. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

This is your fifth post on this blog and not once you have used or mentioned Gender-Apartheid in Iran. Why?
This is a blog about the recent acid attacks in Iran and Gender-Apartheid in Iran plays a central, significant role in perpetuation of violence, bias and prejudice against Iranian women.
Meanwhile people in Isfahan are calling for a demonstration against acid attacks and you may take that to the bank and basically treat it as all you need to remember from this episode.
Read more

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Ashianeh Ashianeh posted a comment:

I loved reading your story, which in part reflects what often goes in our mind when facing similar situations and dilemmas. You are a great story teller.

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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh replied to comment:

"Gender Apartheid is the fact you could never utter or mention in writing specially as it relates to Iran"

This is another lie. You can do nothing, except slander others and post misleading propaganda. Read more

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Bavafa Bavafa posted a comment:

Good for her. They imprisoned her, they took her freedom, they robbed her from a good portion of her life with her family, yet they never broke her to bring her to submission.

Nasrin Setoodeh deserves our full support, admiration and gratitude. She certainly has earned mine.

My hats off to her and her family

Mehrdad Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

بیانیه اتحادیه آزاد کارگران ایران پیرامون تلاش برای اعمال تغییرات ضد کارگری تر در قانون کار

بدنبال عقیم ماندن لایحه "حمایت از تولید" که در آن امنیت شغلی ما کارگران نشانه رفته بود اینبار دولت تدبیر و امید با جدیت تمام و مصممانه تر از دولتهای پیشین در پی ایجاد تغییرات ضد کارگری تر در قانون کار است. تلاش برای اعمال این تغییرات ضد کارگری در قانون کار در حالی صورت میگیرد که طبقه کارگر ایران در طول 35 سال گذشته در بدترین وضعیت معیشتی و شرایط کار و زیست قرار دارد. چنین رویکردی از سوی دولت روحانی که با ژست دولت تدبیر و امید بر سر کار آمد بیش از پیش بیانگر این است که تدبیر و امید در این دولت، نه تدبیر و امیدی برای زندگی و معیشت ما کارگران و توده های زحمتکش مردم، بلکه تدبیر و امیدی برای نظم موجود جهت سر ریز کردن تمام بار بحران اقتصادی کشور بر دوش طبقه کارگر و فراهم کردن شرایط لازم برای راه اندازی بی سابقه ترین شکلی از چپاول و غارت از دسترنج ما کارگران بوده است.

ایجاد تغییر در ماده های 7 ، 27 و 165 قانون کار با هدف از بین بردن آخرین ذره های امنیت شغلی و جلوگیری از بروز هر گونه اعتراضی از سوی ما کارگران در یک شکل قانونیت یافته صورت میگیرد و شرایط لازم را به عریان ترین شکلی برای تحمیل برده وار ترین شرایط بر ما کارگران مهیا میکند. به همین دلیل نیز وزارت کار فقط با انتشار نسخه سانسور شده ای از آن در خبرگزاری ایلنا در تلاش است تا با محدود کردن تشریح و نقد این تغییرات در دایره تشکلهای دست ساز حکومتی، موفق به لاپوشانی عمق و دامنه ماهیت به غایت ضد کارگری این تغییرات در قانون کار و اعمال و پیشبرد آن شود.

اتحادیه آزاد کارگران ایران با محکوم کردن اعمال سانسور در انتشار کامل تغییرات صورت گرفته در ماده های 7 ، 27 و 165 قانون کار، بر انتشار نسخه کامل آن در رسانه های عمومی پای می فشارد و بدینوسیله ضمن اعلام اعتراض شدید نسبت به اعمال هر گونه تغییرات ضد کارگری در قانون کار، عموم کارگران در سراسر کشور را به هوشیاری و هماهنگی در یک بعد سراسری جهت اعتراض به بسته پیشنهادی دولت برای تغییر قانون کار فرا میخواند.

زنده باد اعتراض و اتحاد و همبستگی سراسری کارگران

اتحادیه آزاد کارگران ایران – 29 مهر ماه 1393
Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Gender Apartheid is the fact you could never utter or mention in writing specially as it relates to Iran and Islamic Republic of Hell and the current acid attacks in Iran. Why?

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Mickey_Mouse Mickey Mouse posted a comment:

The Bab was a merchant who specialized in the trade of SLAVES! The learned men in Iran refused to sign the papers of his execution because they regarded him as insane. Why? Let us read some of his laws from his own books that the Baha'is have been hiding from English speakers for years:

"You must destroy everything [non-Bābī?] that you have written and you must argue using the Bayān." (The Bāb, Arabic Bayān, unit 6, chap. 6.)

"Chapter six of the sixth unit which is about destroying all books but those that have been written or will be written about this Order (meaning the Bab’s creed)." (The Bāb, Farsi Bayān, unit 6, chap. 6.)

"The fifth chapter of the fifth unit which is about the decree of taking the property of those who do not believe in [the religion] of Bayan and giving it back if they become believers in this religion, except in the lands where taking [property] is not possible." (The Bāb, Farsi Bayān, unit 5, chap. 5.)

"Make everyone accept the [religion of] Bayān and do not accept from them jewels that would amount to the whole earth as payment so that they are excused from becoming Bābīs." (The Bāb, Lauḥ haykal al-dīn, unit 5, chap. al-Lād.)

"He who acquires a position of ruling is a manifestation of God’s wrath and if possible for him, must not leave [alive] on earth anyone but the Bābīs!" (The Bāb, Lauḥ haykal al-dīn, unit 4, chap. al-Bahā)

"You have been prohibited in the Bayān from having more than nineteen books. If you do so, you will be fined 19 mithqāls of gold." (The Bāb, Arabic Bayān, unit 11, chap. 7.)

Using medicine is forbidden:
"You must not possess, buy, sell, or use medicine, intoxicants, and higher than those" (The Bāb, Arabic Bayān, unit 9, chap. 8.)

Drinking donkey milk is forbidden and by not drinking it people will become pious:

"Do not drink donkey milk! And do not load it and other animals with what they cannot bear. This is what God has made incumbent upon you so that you may become pious." (The Bāb, Arabic Bayān, unit 10, chap. 15.)

Do not spoil eggs for they are the Bāb’s food on the Day of Resurrection:

"Do not hit eggs on something that will spoil their insides before they are cooked, for this is the food of the Primal Point (the Bāb) and his followers in the Day of Resurrection (Qiyāma) so that you may be grateful." (The Bāb, Arabic Bayān, unit 10, chap. 15.)

At the age of eleven all children must marry. The consequence for ignoring this order is the annihilation of their good deeds:

"It is incumbent upon all souls to leave from himself a soul (meaning to have children) and you must bring them close to each other (i.e. make them marry) after they have turned eleven and whoever can marry but doesn’t, then his [good] deeds will be annihilated!" (The Bāb, Arabic Bayān, unit 8, chap. 15.)

He gives the order to eat the leaves of trees and to walk above the ground with the legs:

"Do not go on journeys but [1] for the sake of God and [2] if you are going to (visit) He Whom God Shall Make Manifest or [3] (visiting) those who have faith in him. And He orders you to take the leaves of trees and eat them [!] and walk above [!] the earth with your legs!"(The Bāb, Lauḥ haykal al-dīn, unit 6, chap. al-Badī.)

Pay attention, he says above (fauq) the ground not on the ground!

And finally what Baha'i leader Abdu'l-Baha tells us about the rules of this strange man:
“The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayān in the day of the appearance of his Highness A`lā (meaning the Bāb) was to behead, burn the books, destroy the monuments, and massacre [everyone] but those who believed [in the Bāb’s religion] and verified it,” `Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb, vol. 2, p. 266.

Baha'is celebrate the birthday of such a violent cult leader. Read more

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