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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani replied to comment:

Got your attention though didn't it?

First NYPP is PeePee. It is not any sort of parade I would be proud of. You're not even proud of it. You're just angry now. Which is good. That's my whole point. We should be furious at our laziness.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the ONLY institution in the US to even try for. But I would not expect you to know that. That a Lexus is not as good as the Mercedes of Parades.

You should do a bit more research on my contributions to furthering our culture in the US: (just a few listed here, not my full list of volunteerism)

General Volunteer work:

- Translated the Shahnameh into an award winning American Comic book genre (4 issues and ongoing) for the first time in history. This is now in the following libraries, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford. Even Hamshahri in Tehran gave it a review in full page color, because they loved it.
- Put Kiosk and Abjeez on stage for the first all-Iranian rock concert in history.
- Sponsored for an Artist's Visa and brought Mohsen Namjoo to the US for a 6-city tour. Including DC. One of the dignitaries I invited personally, loved him so much, they gave him a professorship at Stanford.
- Put my career on hold and went to DC where I spent a year and half at the VOA telling them to stop insulting Iran with their garbage programming. That one did not work.
- Volunteered for 12 years as editor of Society of Iranian Professionals helping Iranians further their career in the US.
- Volunteered for 8 years at Persian Center, which among other things, hosted Iran's 2007 World Cup team here in California.
- Helped bring NoRooz to the San Francisco City hall and commemorated as an official declared day.
- Worked on not 1, but 2 census campaigns to register Iranians as an officially recognized minority. Last one didn't go so well because it was hijacked by PAAIA.
- Worked for Iranian voter association for 4 years to register more of us to vote.

Just Dance-Related Volunteer work:

- Worked on 8 consecutive annual Sizdah-Bedar festivals where over 5 assorted dance groups performed 5 hours of dances on stage, each year, in front of over 30,000 Iranians and their American friends in one of the largest parks in the Bay Area. Yes, 8 years.
- Just this past October I worked the backstage for Niosha Dance Academy's annual dance performance "Etehad" (Unity) show. In it's 3rd production. Yes I was involved in all 3. Just for this production. I have been involved in 6 others before this one.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. My qualifications to correctly critique our lack of resolve to come together and put our dancers on a proper stage.

I am well aware of the NY wimpy effort. Although for you it must seem like a great accomplishment, forgive me if I have real aspirations for bringing our culture to America on a proper stage.

And what is my point?

After 35 years of being in the US, we have yet to even once to fill out the forms for inclusion in the Rose Bowl New Year's Day Parade in Los Angeles, where over 80% of us live. Nor have we managed to get the significance of performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Apparently even you haven't apparently heard of it.

If you think the NY parade is anything significant, you need to do some more Google searching.

Oh, I also ran the official Googosh website for 12 years. I started it 2 years before she got out of Iran, and many (including the hezbollahi manager who brought her to the US) claim that her decision to finally come out was based partially because of the huge site I built for her, and the over 15,000 letters I posted from people begging her to perform again.

But you may not have heard of her. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

This article from Vocativ filled in more blanks.

I guess according to Adnam, Prophet Mohammad liked blonds, and women who wear a small factory worth of makeup. Who knew? The sh!t you learn when you read.

And according to this video Mohammad also liked women who danced like they are going to LA's hottest clubs, and Mohammad was not fond of veiled women.

This is

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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ posted a comment:

Things have changed for immigrants/refugees who acquired citizenship of Australia and some other Western nations due to the Western ISIS fighter scenario. Governments are now moving to cancel the citizenship of dual nationals (and may even go so far as to render those with only one nationality completely stateless, or engage in extra-judicial killing) if they leave their adopted nation in the name of terrorism. In Australia, which is known for tough immigration law, it seems this approach is being extended to other criminal activity. This is perhaps a dramatic shift in perspective regarding citizenship and nationality (in that it is no longer permanent), but these people will get very little sympathy from the general population. Drug traffickers are not welcome in the communities of most countries. If these people feared persecution in Iran, they should have respected the laws of their new home. Their original applications for residency/asylum should also be re-examined. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

I saw this video and immidiatly my mind thought of Iran. There are women in Iran who are going for a look that is identical to what this man Adnan Oktar's "kittens" who I didn't know existed until this week, just came on my radar.

So I went looking and I found this video of him talking about Iran from one of his "Kittens" asked about Iran. He discussed how Iran is worst than North Korea and other stuff.

But I feel like a mystery may have been solved. I have been scratching my head trying to understand the perplexing makeup choice and the blond hair obsession and the duck lips of some women in Iran, and this video felt like a revelation. Adnan Oktar has his own tv station, and countless websites. It makes sense now. the "kittens" are spreading. XD

Sweet Jesus!!!

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

یکی‌ دیگر از اشتباهات روشنفکران ما اینست که هراز گاهی فرهنگ ایران را با ریشه‌های مذهبی‌ اشتباه تصور می‌کنند. این اشتباه از تشابه فرهنگ با مذهب سر چشمه میگرد. به عنوان مثال رفتار‌های مردم ما از قیبل نذر دادن در روز عاشورا، علم تکان دادن در جلوی مسجد در ظهر عاشورا بیشتر ریشه‌های فرهنگی‌ دارد تا مذهب. مثال دیگر اینکه زنان ایرانی‌ از دست دادن با مرد خود داری میکنند. این رفتار‌ها فقط مختص به ایران است که از فرهنگ ایرانی‌ ریشه میگرد و ربطی‌ به مذهب ندارد. در کشور‌های اسلامی دیگر مانند مالزی، اندونزی و یا سنگاپور چنین رفتار‌های دیده نمیشود. بیشتر فرهنگ است تا مذهب.

نکته دیگری که قابل به ذکر است این است که رشفکران ما مانند آقای جهانشاه رشیدین به باور‌های مذهبی‌ و تاثیر آن بر تغیرات اجتماعی بسیار بها میدهند که کاملا اشتباه است.

همانگونه که مارکس مکرراً متذکر شده است مذهب یک عامل روبنا ی است ، نه‌ زیربنا.

زیر بنا باعث شکل گیری روبنا میشود نه‌ بر عکس آن.

هر روند تاریخی روبنا ی مربوط به خود را داراست. مثلا فرهنگ فئوللیسم محصول روابط فئودالیسم است، نه‌ بر عکس آن.

همین گونه فرهنگ بورژوازی محصول روابط نظام بورژوازی نه‌ بر عکس آن.

زیر بنا تعیین کنند است نه‌ رو بنا. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

The headline is telling. The boxer who is was arrested is an Australian citizen, but now that he was arrested for drug smuggling he quickly went back to being a refugee.

If he had won a world championship you would have to squint real hard to see any mention that he ever came from Iran as a refugee, but now he is a criminal, so Australia is working hard to disown him.XD

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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ posted a comment:

"The disclosure could further strain US-Israel relations, which are already under pressure over differences regarding the Iranian nuclear programme."

Hahaha typical disinformation in the mainstream media. As if that would strain US-Israel relations. That's about as believable as the American suggestion that they would shoot down Israeli aircraft if they tried to attack Iran. Not going to happen, total bullshit aimed to create the image that America is not the aggressor and not involved. Read more

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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ posted a comment:

The human rights situation in Iran is deplorable but a large proportion of Iranian (and Pakistani, etc.) refugees and asylum seekers who make it to the West are either not found to have genuine cases or fraudulent applications (e.g. faked conversion to Christianity, faked claims of persecution on various grounds). They are mostly "economic refugees" and will continue to be denied access. This means they must agitate for change in their own country. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

روایات های متعددی حکایت از این دارند که آدولف رضا خان با خواست ایجاد جمهوری برای مشورت نزد آخوندها رفت, اما زمانی که با عکس العمل شدید روحانیون در دفاع از سلطنت مواجه گشت از خواست ایجاد جهموری عقب نشینی کرد و خود را شاه نمود. Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

حکومت اسلامی حاصل توهم مردم ایران و خوش باوری ما نسبت به دوروج ها و عوام فریبی های خمینی بود.
این نه به معنی انکار ریشه های مذهب در ایران است و نه کم بها دادن به خرده فرهنگ های محافظه کار در حیات سیاسی ایران.
۳۶ سال است که این توهم و خوش باوری فرو ریخته و از بین رفته است. Read more

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M.SaadatNoury M. Saadat Noury replied to comment:

Thanks for your input. Please accept this in return:

معینی کرمانشاهی همراه محمدرضا رحمانی ( اوستا ) ، مظاهر مصفا و سعیدی سیرجانی در جلسات ادبی تحت عنوان « شب ‌های شیراز » شرکت کرد . مدتی رییس انتشارات و تبلیغات بنگاه خالصجات کشور ، معاون انتشارات و تبلیغات وزارت کشاورزی و رییس بازرسی اداره کل انتشارات و رادیو شدزندگی رحیم معینی کرمانشاهی
Read more

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