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schamsi1 Schamsi1 replied to comment:

"Why would pointing out to direct responsibility of so called pahlavi dynasty in creation of Islamic Republic..."

Because this is not prooven and a very superficial view, it is even not an analysis, and in the end your assumption. I do not say that you are NOT right with your thesis, but at least you should be able to proove I right?" (Btw: I CAN proove that you are wrong, because of my OWN research). If you want to discuss about Politics, it is not enough to repeat slogans like "Workes of the world unite". this is a SLOGAN.

Nor you, nor P-J has brought any FACTS.

Did you ever asked yourselve, why people here on see things DIFFERENT as you, and that the only way you know to convince us from your theses is repeating slogans which others OTHERS, Blueyed and blond people have created for you? I always analyze and so a research about theories, before I repeat them...I dont want to be USED. Nor by Monarchists, nor by Communist, nor by Islamists, Nor by Liberal Democrats. For me, The Well Being of Iran is in the center of my View. In Your Case and P.J.s, the IDEOLOGY is the center, and people like you and as like the Islamists and Democrats put the ideology (of WESTERN Foreigners in europe, the US and Makkeh -> Like Marx, John Locke.,mohammad) ABOVE the Well being of Iran.

So youre discussion has always to end with "Shah was bad". Even if god personally would proove you wrong, you woud at once find another point.

So we make an experiment:
-> Amnesty International said during the Shahs Time 100.000 persons were imprisoned.

Any Evidence?

(I can assure you, that I have the evidence, that this is nonsense. M yrecommandation: find the Original Amnesty Year book, I have it of course as a pdf.) Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Now here is a great case of double standards.
Why would pointing out to direct responsibility of so called pahlavi dynasty in creation of Islamic Republic be considered "negative energy" but a murderous reign of an absolutist monarch, brought to power through a bloody coup, is considered "positive!"
Didn't you own clown king went to national television and said he had heard the voice of people's revolution? Read more

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schamsi1 Schamsi1 replied to comment:

Quote "Monarchist dictatorship in Iran was the effective incubator of Islamic Republic."

->totally rigth! I agree! And western liberal Democracy ist the effective incubator of Liberal and peacefull Democracies like in Syria, Lybia, Iraq..and maybe soon in Kurdistan and Turkey! Applause!!! Read more

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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:

And none could be attributed to the Pahlavi Criminal Enterprise, except ransacking Iranian treasury that has provided this woman and the other parasitic members of Pahlavi clan with life of opulence.

Yet, did not mention the responsibility of that Criminal Enterprise, the Pahlavis, for paving the way for the ascendance of the Islamofascist criminals to seats of power, committing their catastrophic deeds! Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol posted a comment:

Monarchist dictatorship in Iran was the effective incubator of Islamic Republic.
If it wasn't for shah's single party Rastakhiz system, if it wasn't for SAVAK's hand in glove cooperation with Hojatieh, if it wasn't for shah's crack down on all opposition except conservative mullahs, Shia clergy would have never become a dominant political force in Iran.
Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

Her Majesty Farah should know how appreciated she and her family are among Iran's most loving and caring Individuals. Thank you for giving Iran a peaceful and full of grace family. Public support for his Majesty the Late King even in Iran's darkest hours was certain had he ever wished to summon it. Thankfully he had the wisdom to not summon it based on the prognosis Iran faced at the hands of the USA, UK, France and the UK in pursuit of their own Personal Greed and Corruption as per usual. If only the King of Iran was not dying of cancer I am certain Iran's recent History would have been both uplifting and triumphant with the Pahlavi Family leading Iranians and other Nations for the benefit of all humanity. Her Majesty Farah's family has undergone far too many tear jerking incidents in their personal lives, far more than anyone should ever have to go through and the reason for this is because the Pahlavi's have sincerely tried to lead a life based on justice, honesty and morality. Iran never had a family that worked so hard for the well being of others. It has been and will always be an honor for "good and noble" Iranians to stand for the Pahlavi Family in the face of the most ignorant, uncivilized, inhumane, corrupted, tyrannical, hypocritical and insincere despots to have ever modeled themselves after criminally insensitive Psychopaths. The Late King having time and again courageously faced the problems of Iranians and not allowed any go by the side gave Iranians and the world a genuine and solid basis for hope. The genuine hope his Majesties team gave Iranians is missed by Iranians who have been the biggest victims of depravity for over 30 years, in the name of Islam. In 1979, the King was faced with a catch 22, which was a malevolent "set up" by his closest ally. By trying to achieve legitimate goals for both Iranians and the third world in general, under severe pressure and coercion, this is probably why I appreciate your family and the late King. With the Loss of the late King Iran lost Peace, Progress and Human Rights, may we regain them again. Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

Like I said before, your problem is with million Iranians and their national interest, otherwise you wouldn't see our dear shahbanu as "ignorant".
This link will educate you about shahbanu talent and her sophistication: Read more

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Shirzadegan Siavash replied to comment:

Faramarz, I think any nation is care less if the another country goes under the water. That is true for any establishment, NOT only America or Europe. For example, what other nation did when massive rape were taking place in Yugoslavia back in 1990's. ? Nothing, they just heard the news. When holocaust took place what other nations did ?
again, nothing. They just watched and read the newspaper.
General speaking America is better than others as far as humanity concerned. For example, when typhoon hit the Philippines, America helped the survivals. Or when Kuwait was occupied by Iraq's soldiers, America helped the Kuwaitis to kick Iraqis out of Kuwait or when Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, U.S paid $650m government donation. Washington also sent military assistance involving 12,600 personnel, 21 ships, 14 cargo planes and more than 90 helicopters. Around $200 million of private donations, with $120m donated to the US branches of the Red Cross, Oxfam and Save the Children, and to Catholic Relief Services. Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

What you said is true Etienne, but that still will not stop the handful of well paid IRI propagandists from following Khamenei's orders to try their hardest to discredit the most popular Iranian political figures inside and outside of Iran; our Pahlavi royal family.

Also, remember that millions of dollars are being spent by the U.S. and Israeli governments to try and present the highly unpopular, Marxist/ Islamist MEK cult of the Rajavis as the 'democratic opposition'; something that makes almost all Iranians laugh. Read more

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

Dear Siavash, I understand your position on this issue, but I would like to remind you about the last time Iran had a revolution. Remember that the 1979 disaster occurred when Iran was at the height of its power. Per capita income was $2,400; a figure that took 25 years, until 2004 to return to. Factory and oil field workers made enough money that they could safely go on strike for 9 months!

The people felt financially secure enough that they could then demand even more change. Today, people can barely pay the rent for a small 1 bedroom apartment or even buy meat.

Finally, the mullahs mafia regime will always be able to sell just enough oil to pay the 15% of the population of Basijis, Sepah and religious fundamentalists just enough money to oppress the other 85%.
Read more

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nickwho nickwho posted a comment:

What she experienced is unfortunately due to what her fellow palestinians have done over the last 60 years, Instead o trying to accomplish peace they have used terrorism as a way of life. So just like americans see all muslims as extremists, Israelis see all Palestinians as a potential terrorist attack. It is very unfortunate that the acts of few cause so much damage to the whole. Read more

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