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alimostofi Ali Mostofi replied to comment:

If you read اسکندرنامه then you will find the Iranian version states clearly that his Greek girl friend burnt Persepolis. But more interesting is the story of him being half Iranian.

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ArvandRud Arvand Rud replied to comment:

I think they called Alexander ''the great'' because they admired the geat Persian Shahahshahs and Iranian culture in general. When the Macedonians finally had a military leader able enough to actua... Read more

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zoroast100 zoroast100 replied to comment:

He is called 'great' because this barbaric pervert was not from an Asian or African origin; otherwise for the atrocities he committed he would've been called differently.

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Zendanian Zendanian posted a comment:

شعر طنز درباره انصراف از دریافت یارانه ************************* خيزيد و خز آريد كه هنگام خزان است يارانه نگيريد كه دولت نگران است كفگير ته ديگ زده دولت تدبير باد بدي از جانب صندوق وزان است دخل همه... Read more

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