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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Just 25 years? Not 100 years of depression?

People have been counting America out since America was born. I learned to never bet against America.

America F yeah!

If people are so certain about America's future then they better start shorting. But they better remember that the short squeeze can be a B!tch. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

I know I was thinking the same thing, why are we being stereotyped this way and then wondering why American's hold the worst views about Iranians, ie most negative on the scale, well here is your answer, we are "lovable in a gay way" oh and you know how they respect gays in Amrika. They hollywood crowd in the USA are getting very personal and very creative I must say. Who guido? You Nigger : ) Read more

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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:

My knowledge of economy, admittedly so, is inadequate, but yours isn't much is unrealistic and esoterically worst! As Iranians we look forward to a day that these miserable Akhoond characters are gone, but realistically, that might take awhile! Meanwhile people have to live and survive! Iranian economy shrunk because of the worldwide boycott, but it's no where near collapse, and can revive as soon as those restrictions are lifted. You have to be living under the rock, not realizing the IR's involvements with Hezbollah in Lebanon, West Bank and their support for Syria...these are never ending money pits, costing Iranian economy billions of dollars with negative returns...amazing that an "economist" like yourself does not know that!

PS: there are no credible data of Iranian economy!

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Samanro Saman posted a comment:

Why does the Iranian guy have to be gay? I swear to god, ive never seen a film in the west that didnt portrait an Iranian character as either a stereotype or politically motivated. Name me one film where a normal Iranian character who wasnt a guido, terrorist or gay presented?

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RippleEffect Ripple Effect posted a comment:


چترها را بايد بست
زير باران بايد رفت
فكر را، خاطره را، زير باران بايد برد
با همه مردم شهر، زير باران بايد رفت
دوست را زير باران بايد دید
عشق را زير باران بايد جست
زير باران بايد با زن خوابيد
زير باران بايد بازي كرد
زير باران بايد چيز نوشت، حرف زد، نيلوفر كاشت
زندگي تر شدن پي در پي
زندگي آب تني كردن در حوضچه ی اكنون است
رخت ها را بكنيم
آب در يك قدمي است
روشني را بچشيم
شب يك دهكده را وزن كنيم
خواب يك آهو را
گرمي لانه ی لك لك را ادراك كنيم
روي قانون چمن پا نگذاريم
در موستان گره ذايقه را باز كنيم
و دهان را بگشاييم اگر ماه درآمد
و نگوييم كه شب چيز بدي است
و نگوييم كه شبتاب ندارد خبر از بينش باغ
و بياريم سبد
ببريم اين همه سرخ
اين همه سبز
صبح ها نان و پنيرك بخوريم
و بكاريم نهالي سر هر پيچ كلام
و بپاشيم ميان دو هجا تخم سكوت
و نخوانيم كتابي كه در آن باد نمي آيد
و كتابي كه در آن پوست شبنم تر نيست
و كتابي كه در آن ياخته ها بي بعدند
و نخواهيم مگس از سر انگشت طبيعت بپرد
و نخواهيم پلنگ از در خلقت برود بيرون
و بدانيم اگر كرم نبود، زندگي چيزي كم داشت
و اگر خنج نبود
لطمه مي خورد به قانون درخت
و اگر مرگ نبود
دست ما در پي چيزي مي گشت
و بدانيم اگر نور نبود
منطق زنده ی پرواز دگرگون مي شد
و بدانيم كه پيش از مرجان
خلائي بود در انديشه ی درياها
سهراب سپهری Read more

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Narenj Faranax posted a comment:

الان يه مشت ديگه از گشنه گداهاي مامور و جاسوس جمهوري اسلامى كه تا چندسال قبل ننه و باباهايشان را با چند مارتن تن ماهى و سانديس خريده بودند، به اسم دانشجو و جوياي كار نخبه ، در ازاي اسيدپاشي شون از علي گدا ، اقامت رايگان امريكا با إمكانات مادام العمر شامل سكونت در آپارتمان هاي شيك، ماشين، بنزين، هزينه رفت و آمد و خورد و خوراك و همينطور هزينه تحصيل ، جايزه ميگيرند ، باور كنيد كاليفرنيا پر شده از دختر و پسرهايى كه همه در حسرت يك لقمه در فقر بزرگ شده اند و ادعاي نخبه گى دارند و شعار ميدهند : Dady is supporting me! به قول دوستي ميگفت خب دروغ نگفتند، واقعا هم dadyشان كه همان علي گدا هست ، آنها را ساپورت ميكند Read more

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Dakho Dakho replied to comment:

You people are the one who still don't know who is the biggest contractor in the country. Your first exercise in reality should be to identify the main obstacle to economic growth in Iran, the government, and especially Sepah. But all you could see is sanctions. As if other than sanctions everything else in our economy is just fine.
What paying of monthly pension checks? How many family members do you have whose benefits hasn't been cut? Where do you people live? Haven't you seen, heard or read about all the pensioners protesting against non-payments? How about all those rounds of elimination of subsidies? The corruption in billions by Mortazavi at the pension fund?
It seems you're the one who could use a reality check.
Iran has been in a perpetual state of emergency since 1979, moving from one emergency and crisis to the next and that's basically how the government has survived so far. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

let's debate mullahs exact place later : )
for now let's agree their place is out of government and where, leave me to think about that a little, I will get back with you on that. The Medieval treatment they have dished our on the people is far too barbaric to mention, yet it must be said of this torturing, raping, evil doing ideology of theft and corruption in the name of god, they will know justice as the voices of Iranians demands it, no place on earth is safe for them. Read more

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