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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ replied to comment:

OK well if you really think they have moved on from deliberately causing chaos... it doesn't look like it to me, all I see is destruction caused by the Anglo-American empire, which tells me that is still how they operate. I also fail to see how it doesn't work for them. Just saying it doesn't work doesn't make it so, especially when they keep doing it. If it didn't work for them, they'd stop doing it. Read more

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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:

Those strategies have already been tried by Russian and British empires, and in both occasions backfired and failed. They left the colonizers with nothing but a large population of haters.

Chaos does not bode well for colonizers, especially when they are capitalists. Those days that these powers sold weapon systems, to both warring nations in order to kill each others, are gone. We are dealing with nuclear and chemical warfare that kills massively and indiscriminately. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Hermes and Debeers are perfect case studies in supply and demand, and what people will pay for if you tell them that they are a selected few who can have something.

"The fact that people consider the Birkin handbag to be exclusive is an astonishing feat. I calculate there must be more than a million Birkin bags in circulation. Very few handbag brands can claim such significant volume on any of their models and even fewer can claim to have a luxury product with the exclusive reputation of the Birkin."

Hermes has managed to tell a bunch of rich people with too much money that their bags are rare and are worth 60K+ while having over 1 million of them around. Freaking amazing.

Hermes has basically instituted a status tax on the rich. But they all seem to be happy to pay for it. Read more

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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Newsflash. Steve Jobs was a marketing creation and genius salesman, but a complete and utter Ahole who put all other billionaire ahole to shame in his absolute aholeness. Sorry Mr. Trump, Steve Jobs called back from the grave and he wants his ahole crown back. XD

But even aholes can be visionaries. And sometimes being an ahole helps in getting stuff done. But this book looks like it's going to be a page turner.

Read more

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HoshangTarehgol5 Hoshang Tarehgol replied to comment:

Nothing pacifist about a secret police trained by the West in latest torture techniques and methods, a secret police responsible for killing defenseless political prisoners on the hills of Evin prison in middle of the night, as was the case with Bijan Jazani and his cellmates.
Per the extent and the depth of the crimes committed by monarchy against Iranian people let's just say it was sufficient to rise up a nation of 35 millions, have an armed insurrection against monarchy and overthrow it for good.
Schizophrenic monarchists still need to admit in detail all their crimes against Iranian people. Read more

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Cyrus____ Cyrus____ posted a comment:

Great. Let's award these two clowns for drawing up an agreement that paves the way for mega investment in military hardware in the Middle East by Saudi Arabia, Israel and others, and possibly facilitates one of the biggest wars in decades.

Everyone already knew the Nobel Peace Prize was an effing joke after Obama received it. Obama, the peace-loving leader of the free world who has overseen the destruction of multiple countries. Read more

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