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Teerdaad Teerdaad posted a comment:

Those who attack women with acid these days, are the same savages who after the revolution with the full support of Khoemeini, marched in the streets of Iran with guns, knives, and chains, chanting Ya roosary, Ya toosary, hezb faghat hezbollah, rahbar faghat Ruhollah...and the era of mandatory hejab began. This is not new and some of the powerful regime political-security officials are behind it. Read more

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AliRastgoo ali rastgoo posted a comment:

It seems to me that these so called pros are looking forward to serving men in the here after ( so called Hoories), actually I feel sorry for the poor martyrs, if they only knew what is actually waiting for them. Read more

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RippleEffect Ripple Effect posted a comment:

" A proud gay Iranian man"? let me rearrange it for you: An Iranian proud gay man... according to my straight nationalism..............and one more thing....walking down the streets of Tehran one can occasionally spot gay individuals or couples......happy they may seem not......but none ashamed......shouting out their inner voice? Perhaps only to perceptive ears of the silent majority.......I saw none, absolutely none of them threatened or beaten....maybe only, short-changed by a "boring Muslim" man in exchange of sex for money.... Read more

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Samanro Saman replied to comment:

Do you realize the garbage that the director said when they asked him why he made a white guy the prince? He said original Persians looked like him, so hes a stereotype, a eurocentric one, not really a positive. Read more

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dohelzen dohelzen posted a comment:

You have to understand the NATURE of thing what it is and what it wants and WHERE is its pulse ... The little Mongoloid fried says U are related …

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behsaba behsaba replied to comment:

Please, please, please, these lowlif...., ahem, people, don't count as Iranian, so please don't call them so. Did a single American citizen actually take pleasure from 9/11? No, because they're a patriotic nation. We Iranians are also very patriotic, which is why we find unpatriotic Iranians so disgusting, the lowest of the low. There are problems in our country, yes, but our nation will sort them out ourselves, so you can stay in Tehrangeles and keep watching the Afghan presenters on BBC Persian. Read more

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MohammadAla Mohammad Ala محمد علاء posted a comment:

According to this report, the sale was for charts and manuals for the cost of over $120,000 and did not include spare parts which Iranian aircrafts need.

USA has violated its own Accord of Chicago Convention by singling out a member country.

How funny that each report mentions hostage crisis but does not mention CIA overthrow of elected Iranian Prime Minister. Even there are so-called Iranians on site that mention hostage crisis but forget about USA wrong doings in Iran.

USA civilian aircraft sanctions have caused several thousand Iranians and non-Iranians to be killed in Iran. Except for USA, Canada, and Israel, all the countries that signed Chicago Convention Accord are against airplane sanctions for Iran.

Sanctions of civilian airplane parts must be lifted.
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MohammadAla Mohammad Ala محمد علاء posted a comment:

Dr. Saadat Noury:

Thanks for this report. Life expectancy has been increasing which in general is good. People live longer and can contribute or enjoy they lives. In Iran, similar to most data, statistics is not readily available. Iranians shun away from filling out forms or reporting.

It is interesting how Russians live less than many nations because of their harsh weather and consumption of alcohol.

Life expectancy depends on many factors such as climate, food intake, stress level, and access to medical care and exercise. It will be interesting to run a multiple regression model to find out which variables contribute the most. For example, wealth is a key factor in living longer.

In my view, living a productive life should be more valued than living a longer life. It is easier to live a long life without getting involved in world affairs or caring for one’s country and/or heritage.

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