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juvus juvus posted a comment:

Korea ranks lower than Yemen in happiness and the Koreans want to know how come. Well because some people by the nature of who they are can never be happy with what they have. And others are just happy running around barefoot, eating two meals a day.

That is why the happiest people are found in some of the poorest countries, and some of the unhappiest people are found in countries that most of the world would envy. Read more

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Samanro Saman posted a comment:

Reality is that the u.s and the west give asylum statues to iranians like its nothing because they want to create a brain drain problem as well as make Iran look bad.

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P.Galenous P_J. replied to comment:

I have read quite a few books in that regard, and have talked to several Iranian constitutional experts...they were all unified on that. A monarch is an ornamentation in a constitutional monarchies, i.e. Britain, Norway , Sweden and others. They have no authorities to appoint or dismiss the prime minister. Why don't you stop accusing people because of your ignorance...I have as much respect for the Tudeh Party as I do for Iran's treasonous monarchy. They were both foreign agents working against Iran's well beings and welfare. Yet, people have every right to be communist, capitalist, socialist or any other "ists" or "isms" they choose to and do not have to go along with you or me, so long as they are not the traitors like the despised Shah. Kashani was a British asset as was Boroujerdi and the rest of mullahs led by their head agent the treasonous Shah. They were wined and dined until Carter put an end to all that. Mossadegh was a restrict follower of law and order. He was the first Iranian who received a PhD in law and I believe in economic.

Last, a civilized discussion, debate and discourse calls for not calling others names, just because they happened to disagree with you...this is the fundamentals of democratic thinking. Get used to it! Read more

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coohiyar كوهيار اعلانور posted a comment:

بعد از اين همه سال جنك كه كشورهاى غربى آمدند و افغانستان را از دست ملا عمر و طالبان در آوردند، و به اصطلاح دمكراسى آوردند!!!! باز بخواهيم همان آش و كاسه را ببينيم كه طالبان و ملا عمر در استاديوم ورزشى زنى را سنگسار كردند!!! حالا بايد در خيابانهاى كابل ببينيم!!! بايد براى اين دمكراسى گريست به مردم كوچه و خيابان چه مربوط كه كسى را محاكمه خيابانى و محكوم به مرگ كنند!!!
اگر دولت افغانستان اين مردمى را كه اين زن نگون بخت را اينچنين وحشيانه كشتند و آن وزير إرشاد با آن گفتار متحجرش و آن ملاى ملعون كه حكم به آتش زدن آن زن را داد محاكمه و مجازات نكند، افغانستان درست نخواهد شد و اگر تمام آنها را مجازات كرد ديگر اين اتفاق در افغانستان روى نخواهد داد و افغانستان به دمكراسى خواهد رسيد اميدوارم قوه قضائه افغانستان به اين موضوع رسيدگى كند و تمامى كسانى كه اين زن را به قتل رساندند به أشد مجازات محكوم كند. مملكت بايد قانون داشته باشد اگر آن زن خطا كرده قوه قضائه بايد به آن رسيدگى كند نه مردم. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy replied to comment:

Pesar Jaan you are desperate, that no one replies is not because anyone buys your BS, its just so obviously BS, FYI shah turned down Soviet request to back him to stay in power in 78. He was a peaceful and wise leader that made alliances that benefited Iranians more than anyone could Imagine. Mossadegh himself was a traitor that was put in power by foreign powers during the years of Foreign Occupation in ww2 against the wishes of the Kings team and Iranians. Chossi betrayed the Constitution.

The Constitution stated that at any time if a PM closed Parliament, which he did, the King could select a replacement. Chossi acted like a Dictator & refused, which to be fair to him was not a surprise, who expects a tyrannical dictator to accept the rule of law? Chossi was a consistent Dictator. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

A Good article in showing who is electing the Politicians of Today. The Future is bright for the US Military Media Complex. Hollywood, Radio, TV and Bookstores can always use more resources with which to excrete more of their Propaganda, but for now they do not appear to not be the priority, not as much as the Pentagon which wastes funds faster than anyone else. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

Iran brain drain in reverse? no, not even close to being in reverse. Those were the times of the late Shah, who was the only Leader to reverse the Brain Drain for Iran. For the last 36 dirty Mullah years, Iranians have seen for every one Iranian that returns, normally due to having family that are affiliated with the regime, there are more than 100 that are out of Iran in involuntary Exile and thousands that would be out if they could leave and had the means. The Mullahs are lucky that the grains of sand under their feet can not leave, if they could Iran would have vanished to the USA, the EU and Australia, just like those who can have done. Read more

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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy amirparvizforsecularmonarchy posted a comment:

With the Shah, we never ever saw people trying to leave Iran like this, in fact Iran not only did not have a brain drain, it was a magnet for the most educated around the world. On Truth: Restrictions on the Media in Iran today are incomparable with other places. they are obscene and perverted much like the Corrupt Islamic Authorities are Obscene and Perverted. :-) Nothing Represents the Misery, Suppression, Humiliation & Decline of Iran, better than The IRI. Progress? Advances? ya hahahhaha hehehehehehehe, if the sand in Iran could leave, the sand would be in Australia or America already. If it has not left Iran, it did not have the means. Read more

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