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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani replied to comment:

Calm down, look it;s OK if you flunked Statistics in college, who needs social studies for a technical degree anyway? You are an "engineer" of some useless sort right?

Look, even a mathematician from sharif can understand the cherts.

The first graph tracks Google searches. think of that as the attention of the world, or a measurement of "collective outrage".

As you can see the number one attention getter was Ukraine. Second was the Israel-gaza war.

Way at the very bottom, is Syria.

Now correlate this graph of "collective outrage" against the pie charts that shows the number of deaths by color.

What this shows is that "Collective Outrage" has nothing to do with actual deaths. Or that while more than 30,000 people in Syria died during the same time, no one, especially us Iranians even more so those who expressed their collective outrage against the Israel-Gaza war, was even the slightest bit outraged by it.

Since the Iranian collective outrage expressed about the Israel-Gaza war, was claiming to be based ENTIRELY on the inhumanity of the number of deaths in Gaza, to say that 2000 dead Palestinians are somehow worth more than 30,000 dead Syrians, is what I freaking hope that you will agree with now: HYPOCRISY. Read more

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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani replied to comment:

Great point. Here's a question for all of us who live outside of Iran to ponder:

Do we live outside of Iran because we LOVE the US (and in Nilou's bizarrely puzzling case) and the UK? (Nilou do you still live in the UK? Or did you finally come to your senses and leave your rain gear and sweaters and move to Cali like normal Iranians do?)


Is the ONLY reason we left Iran because we simply do not want to live in a homeland that is not free?

I'll leave it at just those two questions. The obvious 3rd one is too disappointing to consider, even though it might be the real answer:


The ONLY reason we live outside of Iran is that we are selfish, self centered, self serving cowards, whose only focus is to survive and thrive. Even at the expense of losing Iran.

God I hope it's not #3. Read more

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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani replied to comment:

I am not Pro-Israel. Call me selfish, I simply think this issue has no solution, and is none of our business, and we should focus our energies on fixing Iran.

Jews are stereotypically very efficient. If they wanted to "Ethnically Cleanse" they would have done so by now.

So I disagree with your poorly chosen sentences. Also your suggestion of "millions" while an obvious attempt to somehow attach similarity to the Holocaust, is not accurate.

In order for you to be able to argue your clearly not unjustifiable Anti-Semitic position, Israel would have to construct specific detention centers, strip the Palestinian people of their belongings and teeth, employ tattooing of serial numbers on the arms of every Palestinian, separate the men from the women and children, give them special prisoner clothing, and then proceed to incinerate them alive in specifically engineered, designed, and built industrial scale ovens and gas chambers, at the same rate as was done to the Jews by Nazi Germany in WWII.

As soon as you can show me any evidence of even the first rumor of the design of such a plan, I will be at your side objecting to it.

Until then, while I agree with your objection to the current pointless violence on both sides, I don't really have the time for it. Sorry, I have other Caviar fish to fry. Read more

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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani posted a comment:

Thanks for the analogy equating 3 murdered teenagers to a lightbulb.

Clearly the strategy of armed active violence toward Israel in order to help the Palestinians in Gaza, is working. Keep it up HAMAS! Any day now Israel will lose all funding from Jews in the US, and will fall. No, forget 70+ years of it, when Nilou wants something, it happens. Any day now. So keep up the fight! Iranians like Nilou are almost like maybe 15-20% behind you. No, really, literally, way, FAR, behind you. Where you know, it's safe to throw rocks and not get hit back. But you go right ahead. People like Nilou have your back.

Recently, I tried the suggestion that Nilou gave us regarding boycotting Ben And Jerry's ice cream. When B&J found out about my boycott of "Chocolate Therapy" and "Chunky Monkey" they called and said "Kooftet Besheh!" and that as a result, they would now be actually increasing their donations to Israel, and told me not to bother eating their delicious (oddly enough Halal) ice cream anymore.

Being an Iranian and stereotypically pre-disposed to "haggling", I asked them if I started eating their ice cream again, and specifically increase my intake of "Chunky Monkey", if they would be willing to consider reducing their funding to Israel. Or at a minimum, specify that their donations must not be spent on any military action in Gaza.

They said they would think about it. Thanks to Nilou for the brilliant suggestion. to paraphrase your NAZI theme, "Ben and Jerry's Today! Tomorrow Ze Vorld! Achtung, Akh! Kamaram Dar-Raft!"

So Nilou jan, since that "worked so well" what is your plan for stopping Zionism next? Are you going to start another "campaign" using knock knock jokes?

"Knock Knock."
"Who's there?"
"Israel who?"
"No, Israel BOOM!"

Also I'm not sure if anyone read today's news, but Hamas admitted to planning, plotting, and then murdering, the 3 teenagers that Israel accused them of, that made Israel so angry, that they started this latest war of on going 70+ year continued futility.

Also, in a recent article in Foreign Policy magazine a group of experts looked at resistance movements, and determined that Armed Resistance was 11 times less successful than Peaceful Civil Disobedience, as a vehicle for achieving political change.

Maybe Nilou can buy HAMAS a copy of FP magazine. Oh Wait! That would cost money. And everyone knows how cheap Iranians are.

"They are?"
"Yes, Iranians are very cheap."
"Really! How cheap are they?"
"Iranians are so cheap, even Jews call them stingy..."

Burumpum. Read more

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Souri Souri replied to comment:

Thanks ghourbageh.
That one was a very intensive and great comment.
And a special attention should go to this part:

2) Since you declare shame on all Iranians so authoritatively and at the same time demand caring for Iran, don't you think you should have taken your time to verify your Graphic nonsense first? Are Iranians and Iran so unimportant to you that any piece of garbage posted on a rightwing American propaganda paper can be used as proof to shame them? Read more

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jgarbuz jgarbuz posted a comment:

The international community gave the Jews back their homeland in 1922, with the League of Nations Mandate. They cannot change their mind when there are now over 6 million well-armed Jews in Israel. The international communitiy allowed the Arabs to have 21 states carved out of the old Ottoman empire too, but what they done with all that land and oil? The Jews created a state; the Arabs created a mess. This is impossible to escape notice even by the most ardent Arabists. Read more

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