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BehrouzBahmani Behrouz Bahmani posted a comment:

One Lahaf... Rise up this mornin', Cry with the risin' sun, Three little basijis Each by my doorstep Singin' creep songs a melody of hate for jews, Sayin', ("we comin' now to get you-ou-ou") What a... Read more

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gaga Shlome Aprilson replied to comment:

First of all I like to thank you for these great links, very informative and refreshing!!! I cherished it and forward it already. thanks again. As for the above blog, well it really doesn't deserve... Read more

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ghourbagheh ghourbagheh replied to comment:

Now child abuse is also a vice unique to Arabs and Muslims? How low would you people sink? Winston Churchill loved to refer to non-White human beings as dogs...

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