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Peace Is The Way


Iran sends second monkey into space | AP

  TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran said Saturday it has successfully sent a monkey into space for a second time, part of an ambitious program aimed at manned space flight.   Iran's state TV said that the launch of the rocket dubbed Pajohesh, or Research in Farsi, was Iran's first use of liquid fuel. It reached a height of 72 miles. It said the monkey, name ... ... Continue reading »

BBC News - Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to stand for Iran presidency

Iranian ex-President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has registered for June's presidential election, a few minutes before an official deadline. Correspondents say Mr Rafsanjani, 78, is virtually assured the support of reformers and could pose a real challenge to the country's conservative leadership. Constitutionally, President Mahmoud Ahmadineja ... ... Continue reading »

Reading Lolita on

  An absolutely true diary of an Iranian American   I found online when I was searching for news about Iran and that’s when it popped up. Iran had sent ninety thousand soldiers to the borders of Afghanistan at the time. That was more than ten years ago.   When I found the site I thought no one could’ve come up with a better name for an ... Continue reading »

Help the Victims of Today’s Earthquake in Iran

  Iran has been hit with yet another deadly earthquake. We need to be compassionate at this time and send monetary and material help to the victims of the earthquake in Baluchestan and Sistan area. With today’s earthquake, it is vital that relief is not obstructed. We need to send a message to President Obama and to urge that President Obama take ... Continue reading »


Trita Parsi, one of the MOST FAMOUS figures among Iranian Americans, is a Prophet, Teacher, Heals Sick People who are filled with hatred, anger and violence, Performs Exorcisms and Miracles, Proclaimed the spokesman, for many Iranian Americans, Betrayed by his OWN country men and was CRUCIFIED.   Born in Iran to a Zoroastrian family, Parsi moved w ... Continue reading »

Hawks and Doves

  "I look outside from my window for hours every day"She tells me sitting in front of me holding the phone while a thick glass is separating us.We are sitting on cold metal chairs in the visting area for women prisoners. It's shaped like a kiosk, dark and uninviting.She continues, "I see this mother hawk who is teaching her chicks how to fly". I m ... Continue reading »

California Dreaming..

   We’ve had a cold winter this year in California. Not as cold as Chicago winters but 'cold' with California standards.   A few days ago I was driving down the street in my neighborhood and it was cold and windy. I noticed this man lying on the left side of his body on the sidewalk, with a few bags around him. I wasn’t sure if he was hurt or need ... Continue reading »