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One Iran for all Iranians

Change Iran Today

This Friday We should Do This:   1. Kiss the Hand of Every Iranian Women 2. Kiss the Hand of Every minority: Bahai, Christian, Jewish, Sunni and Zaraostrian   Apologize to all those who have been DISCRIMINATED in an Apartheid style Racism by these Islamic Fascist Regime ... Continue reading »

Iranians are Prmitive

We elected once again a murderer. This Cockroach was the former Chief Intelligence OfficerHe authorized the murder of thousand, the rape of thousands and perhaps he participated in rapeIranian have a very LOW ambition when it comes to their countryIranians as a whole, as a society as a nation are ignorant people. We forget to soon and it seems like ... Continue reading »

Nationalism is the Key to FREE Iran

Pride and Homor must be once again rise in Iran   This something that we have lost and theforeigners have succeeeded to take it away from us.   We have become a nation of careless and ignoarant people.   Iran needs us and we need Iran.   The only solution and the one solution is Nationalism.   I know people immediately want to copmare nationalism t ... Continue reading »

Arab invaders invaded Iran

It is amazing how much they tried to destroy our culture and convert us to Arabs.   In the 1980s they banned Chaharshanbeh Souri, Eid Nouruz festivities..All school books had Arabic scriptures and they still do   It is nothing but Arab invasion of our culture, history and dignity   If this regime is not considered as invaders and what is then the d ... Continue reading »

Free Nasrin from Iranian Prison - Free Iran from Invadors   I received a surprising email from Change.orgPeople Care and People supportWhy haven't you signed the Petition? Please do it part of change, freedom and equality and justice for all...I have one country and I have one beliefCountry = ... Continue reading »

People Power will Overthrow the Regime

The Islamic Fascist a true racist Apartheid regime has ruled Iran for the past 30 years.   Iranians for past 1400 years have let their emotions and their ignorance laid the ground for enemies to invade our mother land. Since we have nothing to protect us from the people ignorance we have always been vulnerable to the enemies of the state.   The Era ... Continue reading »

True Nationalism is the Solution

One Nation, One Flag and One Country   True Nationalism and start believing in ourselves is the answer to become prosperous and successful   The West is as Evil as the East and they all have all the reason to be. Kudos to them for what they have done and achieved. It is the survival of the fittest.   So, you need to understand you have no friends a ... Continue reading »

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