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Shah and his Airforce General's fighter jet taste!

Below is a link from wikileaks I came across on Iran Air in 1973. What is interesting is where it mentions that Gen. Khatam, the airforce general, is interested in F-15!!!! that was very surprising to me, as F15 (built by MacDonnell Douglas in 1972 and entrered into US service in 1976 ) was still a new aircraft and the Shah had only committed to F- ... Continue reading »

Nowruz At The Midnight Mission: 2013 Event Aims To Serve Thousands Of Meals (VIDEO)

here is another Iranian we should be weary of. Yazdi, has forgotten how many lives she has destroyed. Along with her husband how many clients they have cheated and and the numerous unethical acts they have committed. This public facade may fool some, but the likes of her who like to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Haj, and jeopardize the Natinal sec ... ... Continue reading »

NIOC board membership

National Iranian Oil Company board members 1962 and 2012. What a contrast, huh? in 1962 they were Western educated forward thinking technocrats. Today they are Hezbullah and Hamas terrorist group, card carrying members. Siphoning billions into theirs' and the supreme leaders' offshore bank accounts. America! you still want to negotiate with these l ... Continue reading »

Warren Miller's Cold Fusion produced in Iran

The legendary Warren Miller, sent his production team to Iran (2000) to produce that year's movie, and dedicated it to the Iranians. Cold Fusion, had legendary skiers participate in, from Alpine, Extreme and Heli skiers. My child hood high school friend (Iranzamin Tehran International School), and himself a great skier was the brain behind making ... Continue reading »

Billy Kidd and Suzy Chaffee ski in Iran, 1978

Video of Billy Kidd, Suzy Chaffee ski with the Empress. Had the good fortune of skiing with Billy last year at Steamboat. After some discussions over drinks and a Persian dinner, we got in touch with Suzy to do a reunion shoot. One thing led to another and now we have a chance to bring over underprivileged Girl skiers from Iran, sponsored by the ... Continue reading »

Suzie Chaffee and Empress Farah, Ballet dancing

This one is from Suzie's private collection.  She and i are working to bring over a few underprivileged Iranian Girl skiers from Iran to participate in her Native voices campaign.  She has the support of the United Nations and the State department on this.  Hopefully we can be successful and put Iran on the map again, at least on the skiing side.  ... Continue reading »