Az Khaaneh Taa Goor

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Az Khaaneh Taa Goor
by Payvar & Yousefian

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Iran is nice

by Dagmar Hergottová (not verified) on

You have very good voice and luxus music.
I like every state on this planet and your culture is beautiful!!! Iran is very nice state with very interesting people.
Good luck!!!

Dagy from Czech republic


great artists, all of you

by Shahin.Uribe on

I love erfan's lyrics and his hiphop music, the video was fresh, good job.

-- Go see "Perspolis", it is the best movie of 2007 for Iranians.


I like the lyrics

by Anonymous -she (not verified) on

Very nice, I like the lyrics..

PS to Jahanshah Javid – do you know, putting unnecessary pictures next to the comments, make the web page to download in the RAM in slower pace? The more images the slower the download gets...Your site is already slow due to numerous number of people that trying to access it!!