Baba Karam

Performed by Mohammad Khordadian and company.

I believe this to be Mohammad Khordadian at his best! Song is by Jalal Hemmati.


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Mehrban- more help?

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

Mehrban- I'm doing a project on Baba Karam dance. Do you have any good sources I could find online?


Akh, bejonboon o becharkhoon

by A1 (not verified) on

Ean kamreh ya shah fanareh.



by Mehrban (not verified) on

The dance of Baba Karam is a tribute to Jahels (literally means the ignorants) who were a specific cult of usually undereducated urban youth or middle aged men with their own way of dressing (black suits, white shirts, black hat and some type of a scarf as you see in the video), their own style of speaking Farsi and and their own code of behavior. Generally they did not have legitimate jobs therefore were intoxicated often and were known to get into knife fights. They also supported a specific but unspoken code of honor amongst themselves.

Baba Karam may have been a renowned Jaheh or purely a fictitious character to exemplify the characteristics of this group. Jahels are also referred to as Kolah Makhmalis (the velvet hatters).

There is a certain affection for the imagery of the Jahels in Iranian hearts.


I don't understand this dance

by Mikey (not verified) on

I don't understand this dance. It is fascinating. What period are the costumes from? Are they Jewish? What is with the cross dressing?

Can someone share the history of this dance style please? Much obliged.


Great Job!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

As always, these two talented dancer and singer contribute to the musical culture of Iran. Withut doubt, they are both the best at what do.


hamin ja

by maziar 058 (not verified) on

PG where did he brought all these talented mexicans to preform such a beautifull dance ?