American pop & Iran's elections

Khatami supporters take Jonas Brothers song to promote Mousavi's candidacy


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Farah Rusta

Irandokht: Where, where?

by Farah Rusta on

"boro khoda roozito jayeh digeh havaleh koneh...  "




by IRANdokht on

Don't get me wrong guys, I wasn't just talking about the Iranian youth, it's about the disappointment one feels after havign supported a politican: I know that politicians say many things to win elections and when they actually do get in the office, either their hands are tied, or they're unwilling to sacrifice their political career for their ideals. I've been voting for the lesser of the two evils for a long time in US now, so I am not delusional and thinking this is what happens in Iran alone.  

smhb jan

Ahmadinejad's foreign policy is not good for Iran. He was a good antidote to GWB and could play chicken "cowboy style" with him all he wanted. Times have changed now and we're facing an American president who's being so politically correct that if/when he does attack Iran he will have the support of the whole world! it's not the same game anymore and AN is not able to play this one. 



it's clear that you are incapable of civilized conversation.

boro khoda roozito jayeh digeh havaleh koneh... 




Khatamee migheh I can,t belive it

by rook goo (not verified) on

I saw the clipe,and surprised the same as khtamee.
he waving by his hand and saying in his heart,I can,t belive that the younger generation are more stupid than their parents . they realy deserve us.
and it's true that the leaders of any country is made from the same fabric as the rest of the country.
paye ham peer sheen va didaretan be 4 sal jahanam e deegar.


Mir Hossein vs Barack Hussein!!! Good start! Don't you think?

by gol-dust on

 I am glad the Iranian-Iranians believe the elections matter! I cannot criticize Irandokht since I just feel so connected to her name as if criticizinge her, would be criticizing Iranzamin. Of course, I wasn't going to do it anyway, since I understand her feelings. However, she and I live abroad and are not going to be impacted by the elections as those inside would. So we tend to be more global in our thinking (some times). They would get burned everyday, not us! We have a choice not even following the election!

I would be happy to see Ahmadinejad is gone because of the damage he inflicted to the country. I don't think he was a thief, unlike most, but he was very daahaati, by that I mean very unsofisticated to deal with the world. I am sure he meant well, but that's not how the world goes around today. He would be a good KADKHDA, not a president!

At least Hossein and Hussein would have something in common when they start the US-Iran Talks! That would be agood start! Don't you think?


this is sooooooo sad

by ... (not verified) on

this is sooooooo sad


Pas chee!

by Anonymous99999 (not verified) on

IRI supporters show themselves in different ways and it is not something new. One day shirin Ebadie is their idol, the other day Mossavie and the list goes on...


Farah Rusta

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

"Taraavoshateh maghzi"!! what an insulting and condescending way of describing someone's opinion.
Most people wouldn't even be able to come up with such sly and hateful expressions.

Aren't you people tried of your own hatefulness and bitterness?

And you are the ones who claim to stand for freedom of speech and tolerance?!!

Farah Rusta

ایراندخت جون

Farah Rusta

ایراندخت جون

اینقدر غصه نخور  دختر جون پیر می‌‌شیا . ببین علی‌ یک دو سه چهار چقدر دوستت داره میگه حتا اگه بدتم میاد نگو بدت میاد بگو خوش خوشانت هم هست.

در ضمن ایراندوخت جون حیف نیست شما این همه تراوشات مغزی خدتو به رایگان در اختیار همه میگذاری اونوقت میگن  طرفدار رژیم شدیا



by smhb on

I dont know about the songs but I like Ahmadinejads foreign policy and Karroubis domestic policy. Therefore the best candidate is Mousavi who will bring that combination to the table.


I admire the students and other segments of the population for their passion, participation and sense of civic duty and dont feel sorry for them. They participate because they want to take charge and be owners of their destiny and have a say in the management of the country and they feel they can achieve that and i dont argue with that.

One thing Ahmadinejad proved is that the presidency is a powerfull office if the person occupying it has the audacity and backbone to do what he said he will do and carry through with it. Ahmadinejad did that and showed someone like Khatami how to do things. Lets hope that Karroubi and Moussavi realize that and are not shy from implementing their campaign promises if they win and become president. 

I wish all of them the best.



by Ali1234 (not verified) on

I believe that Khatami and Mousavi can be considered as great and honest politicians by ALL standards. Why do we keep labeling them as "bad" in a so-called "bad vs worse" options?

How are other world leaders any better than Khatami? How are Sarkozy, McCain,Clinton, Merkel, Gordon Brown, Obama, Chirac, Netenyahu..etc so much better than Khatami?

Of course, with an overly idealist stand, most world leaders would be consider as "bad" and all elections in the world would be between "bad vs worse". So, lets not keep repeating that cliche.


is that real?

by Barbra on

Is it a real official clip? I thought it was just a fan video.


They should not ban Music

by Mehrban on

so when it comes time of elections, there would be music composers that can write original scores for them and that they do not have to steal from this and that.  

Ahmadinejd's song is Yar Dabestani y man.  Mousavi has borrowed (ya) the Aftabkaran from the Fadaiin khalgh and now this.  

Is nothing original allowed in the Islamic Republic?


look me in the eyes!

by IRANdokht on

Although I am all for voting this time, I am not an actual supporter of any of the candidates even the moderates.  To me, they do sound like the case of bad and worse and I am advocating the vote just to help prevent another 4 years of AN, so to see the young Iranians put so much hope and good faith into these candidates makes me a little sad... I do wish for the best.

But to pick Jonas brothers song, now that is hilarious! ;-)



I like Karroubis

by Hehelol (not verified) on