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05/02/2010 - 07:55

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

These poor people and their wonderful values but such pawns

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Thank you Redwine

So many of my late father's friends died and were tortured  under the (now even more nouveau, if that is possible) mental morgue monarchist (now behaving like obsessive jilted, emphatically rejected stalkers) dictatorship, just for voicing their rights as human beings and workers' rights under the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Those great enemies of the Divine Peacock.

Others got their heads hanged in public for being emblems of nationalist workers' voices  in recent decades. Those great enemies of *god*.

Again, all for  being human and asking for  a modicum of humanity.

These poor people.

I distinctly remember my father saying that he was invited to Women's Workers Rights Movement in Iran (this must have been 1975-7) and he was appalled! 

There they were discussing their Phillipino maids and my father was, not only the only male, but the only person concerened about the rice- harvesting in Gilan,which is done by women, not only back-breaking, but enormously of consequence  in health hazards, apart from the socio-'blasts'.

NONE of the women even bat an eye-lid.Too concerned about their maid competition and baubles. I gather that nothing has changed in that department. Same old story; different set of  ridiculous figures hell-bent on looking like ludicrous caricatures.

At this point I'd like to add: 

To the dim"witted" one-dimensional"minds":

when a person defends the rights of a SOVEREIGN state within UN INTERNATIONAL LAW it does NOT mean that the person condones ALL or ANY of the actions of a CURRENT REGIME  of that sovereign state, especially if it is in violation of UN Human Rights Act.

Quite similar (illogical leaps). When a person is concerned and celebrates Labour Day, they are not wearing bright red lipstick as subversive Commies in disguise.


Don't believe me -  Take an ELEMENTARY course in logic. Start off with teleogical arguments of 'Winnie the Pooh'

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

merci Red wine khan very nice poster.

KAR,KAR een ast shoare BI KAR.        Maziar



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check your comment against all the other.

you are nothing but a drop in a bucket.

you don't measure up.

keep acting like a jackass. 


Iran increases pressure on teachers!

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Labor of Love....

by Khar on

very nice Red Wine Jaan, Happy May Day!


آنکه شیران را کند روبَه مزاج؛ احتیاج است، احتیاج است، احتیاج


Did you ever remember them, when you thought you'd never need them?

David ET

به مناسبت روز كارگر

David ET

Red Wine

May Day for Mansour Osanloo

by Red Wine on


Photos of Labor

by vildemose on

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ "L Is For Labour" and "L is For Lice" ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Harry Enfield - "L Is For Labour" and "L is For Lice":


Sorry Redwine Jaan I just couldn't help Holding back the Devil in myself ...

Hee Hee

But Beautiful Art Work as usual and Happy Labor Day to All ! ...

Just make sure to vote Torry :


Or even better Conservative :



Just Kidding of course !


این یاد آوری روز کارگر شما مرا در فکر یک


 خاطره و یک شعر گماشت

در یکی‌ از تابستان‌های زیبای قبل از ننگ اسلامی، مهمان فامیلئ در شمال بودیم. در یکی‌ از شب‌ها که در کنار ساحل با پدرم قدم میزدم، دیدم در کنار ساحل شلوغ شده. چندی از ماهیگیران هنوز از دریا بر نگشته بودند و نگرانی زنان و کودکان آنان که در کنار آب چشم به دریا بودند قابل لمس بود. بسی‌، ما هم همراه محلیها ایستادیم و یکی‌ را فرستادند که کمک بیاورد. باری، پس از ساعتی در تاریکی‌ افق سایه‌هایی‌ دیده شد و دقیقه‌هایی‌ بعد صدای شادی ساحل ایستادگان خبر بازگشت این دریا کاران را در ساحل پخش و سیاهی شب را روشن کرد. از آن زمان ارزش و قدری دگر برای ماهیگیران و زندگی‌ پر طبیعت و خطر آنها یافتم.

در همین مضمون شعری زیبا از نیما به نام مانلی به یاد آمد که او در قالب زندگی‌ ماهیگیر حرف خود را میزند. این کوچکی از آن است (با پوزش که از خاطره است و پس از سالیانی پسیار)...

من نمیدانم پاس چه نظر

میدهد قصه مردمی بازم

سوی دریایی دیوانه سفر آن شب نیز

همچنانی که به شب‌های دگر

واندر امید که صیدیش به دام

راه میبرد به دریا آرام

مانلی  ای مانلی... 




Loving art

by Farnoosh on

Thank you Red Wine. A very loving tribute. Happy International Labor Day to You.


Thanks RW

by bahram9821 on

Red Wine aziz, excellent work as usual.


Thanks Wine

by benross on

and happy labour day.

Azadeh Azad

Happy Labour Day, everyone

by Azadeh Azad on

Beautiful poster, Red Wine aziz. Thank you.

We shall overcome,


Red Wine

ما همه كارگرهستيم, ضد ولايت هستيم

Red Wine

به نام آزادگان،به نام همه شهیدان راه حق،به نام ایران

این روز را به تمام کارگران عزیز و زحمت کش ایرانی تبریک گفته و بوسه بر دستان پاکتان میزنم.

این بنده حقیر،این پوستر را ساخته است تا بلکه به نحوی از آن چیزی که انجام می‌دهید ،قدر دانی‌ کرده باشد.

به امید آزادی ایران از دست خونخوار ولایت فقیه.

کارگر،معلم،پزشک،دانشجو،هنرمان،نویسنده... همه با هم هستیم و بر ضد آنانی‌ که میخواهند ایران را ویران کنند خواهیم جنگید.

ما همه كارگرهستيم, ضد ولايت هستيم


Beautiful and thank

by vildemose on

Beautiful and thank you.


10 Independent Workers Organizations in Iran have issued a joint statement on the occasion of the international workers day.  The text of the statement  translated by Iran Labor Report is as follows:
May 1st is the international day of working-class solidarity and the day of global protest against poverty, destitution, and injustice. On this day, millions [...]

Continue Reading...


Great work!

by Souri on

Thank you Redwine jon!

Happy Labor Day to you too!