Iranian Wall

Chronicling Iranian movement with Pink Floyd song


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stolen revolution

by benross on

who stole it from whom? It was their revolution all along. get over it.



by mehrdadm on

I am glad you enjoyed it. hope the wall will fall.


PF is so perfect for these events

by Monda on

Gave me goosebumps! Thanks dear mehrdadm for sharing.


Pink Floyd will do it if enough people request.

by pedro on

We can get our stolen revolution back, as long as we are together. I think U2 is supporting our green movement in their concerts also. lets stop arguing over thing that we have not attained yet.

In iran we say:

Az hole haleem oftad to deeg

We have not claimed the country from the evildoers yet, we are fighting over who should run it.

If this video has no effect on you, you are probably not humen.

Thank you Mehrdadm.


It would be a dream if Pink Floyd did that

by azadi5 on

Even though Rick Wright has passed away, I think the other three members would reunite and be up to it if they were asked to, as they have been very much involved in raising awarness about social issues in the world.

The other band with a purpose would be Rage Against The Machine, but I think the old structure of Azadi Stadium may just crack and crumple to their bombastic riffs and drums.


It is my dream.....

by Benyamin on

That one day we will organize the biggest concert in entire history of mankind in Azadi Sq.(Shahyad) and as many Iranian singers and performers will be there but also we will have the original band members of Pink Floyd to sing the Wall. The Wall is not just a song but it is a philosophy of life and somehow a language of humanity. it is a voice that could go trough the hardest and tallest of fences, walls, mountains and souls!

A song that is inspiring us that no wall is as strong as our will in concert and nothing can stop us, that fighting injustice could happen in many ways and one way to do it is to sing!


Mr. G. tear down this wall......

by mahmoudg on

Reagan once said and look what happened.  We can be the generation that brings down the wall of ignorance we call Islam.