Masoud Ali Mohammadi

Iran blames Israel and US for assassination of nuclear scientist

BBC: Iranian media have blamed Israel and the US for a bomb attack which killed an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran. State broadcaster Irib said "Zionist and American agents" planted a remotely controlled bomb that killed Professor Masoud Ali Mohammadi near his home. Local media described him as a "devoted revolutionary professor". It comes at a time of heightened tension in Iran, following June's disputed presidential election and mass protests against the government. Israel and the US have so far made no comments about Tuesday's blast. Masoud Ali Mohammadi, a nuclear physics professor at Tehran University, "was killed in a booby-trapped motorbike blast" in the city's northern Qeytariyeh district, state-run Press TV reported earlier >>>


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What street was this?

by anewoneforyou on

Can some one please tell me what street this happened on? 

Jahanshah Javid

Radde paaye terror

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I recommend Hossein Bagher Zadeh's excellent analysis:


A few points to ponder about

by Mammad on

Two sources, one in London and one in Tehran, have told me that Professor Ali-Mohammadi was going on a one-year sabbatical leave outside Iran. Did that knowledge contribute to his demise? I do not know. 

2. Professor Ali-Mohammadi was not a signatory of the open letter by the 88 professors at Tehran University. They were faculty members of Faculty of Engineering; Professor Ali-Mohammad was a faculty member at Faculty of Sciences.

3. In my view, the evidence points to the hardliners, or at least more rogue elements within the security/intelligence establishment. This would not be the first time that such elements commit such a crime.

4. Having said that, I believe that the probability that Professor Ali-Mohammadi was murdered by foreign intelligence is very small, but not zero, for the following reason:

Professor Ali-Mohammadi had visited the Synchrotron Radiation Center in Jordan as one of Iran's two representatives. Israel obviously monitors that center. The research at the center has to do with nuclear science. He was Iran's official representative. So, if he was killed by the hardliners, the visit could not be the reason.

At the same time the Mojahedin had identified him, mistakingly of course, as a major player in Iran's nuclear program. Therefore, Professor Ali-Mohammadi could be the victim of a colossal intelligence error on Israel's part. The probability is small, but not absolutely zero.


With all due respect, what do the hardliners gain by killing any innocent person? Nothing, except making people more determined, but they have killed at least 100 people over the past 7 months. So, your argument that, "what would they gain" is not valid.



Here's the info. on the Lebanese Hezbollah operative

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toward the middle of this blog:


Ali Akbar

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probably.  This was a professional job, and Hezbollah is obviously an expert at this kind of work.  FYI, the picture below was taken of the same Hezbollah goon back in June in a Mousavi campaign office that was raided by Basijis and closed (before the elections).  All three are Lebanese Hezbollah members.  The one in the green shirt is a pretty high ranking member, and is a brother of a suicide bomber.  If you search the photo online you will probably find out his name as well.  There was also a picture of him walking in the streets of Tehran holding a walkie talkie.  His weapon was clearly visible under his shirt. In the photo, they are actually inside the campaign office, and you can even see a Mousavi poster on the wall behind them.  

Ali9 Akbar

interesting image Onlyiran....

by Ali9 Akbar on

very interesting....

I suppose he was the one who had to detonate the bomb....


Photo of Known Lebanese Hezbollah member at the explosion site

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Here it is:


Now you know who was behind this. 

No Fear

Monarchists take responsibility for Iran assassination

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Is this true?


Nice post Q

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Ive tried to say the same but no-one listens.


An Inside Job

by Faramarz on

The regime killed this guy for at least three reasons.

1. He was a Green supporter and signed a petition back in June. IRI strategy at this time is to intimidate and kill the people around the Movement to force them to repent or go quiet.

2. He was involved in some scientific research in Jordan with Israeli scientists. The regime was probably afraid that he might defect like the other scientists or military personnel.

"The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Ali
Mohammadi was involved in a regional research project that also
involved Israeli scientists. The project, called Synchrotron-light for
Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, or SESAME, is
based in Jordan and operates under United Nations auspices."


3.  This was meant as a message to the Tehran University professors who signed a petition last week.


Here is a good analysis by a journalist in Tehran.





lies lies lies

by Zereshk on

The man was not a "nuclear scientist". That's IRIB BS designed to generate more "Marg Bar Amrika" sentiment.

I dont care what you people say, you cant do any meaningful research in nuclear technology with a PhD in particle physics theory. Even if youre a frikin Kharazmi scholar (which this guy was), you still need to go back and take undergrad nuke engineering courses like "Reactor Kinetics" and "Fuel Cycle" and "Shielding Design", if you want to be a "top Nuclear Scientist". It's like a biologist claiming to be a "top physician".

Plus, you dont need to be a "defecting nuclear scientist" to be killed by the regime. Was Neda a scientist? The bastards will kill anyone they please. 




by Onlyiran on

Someone has already posted it on the site.  


Be smarter than thy enemy

by bachenavvab on

Another crime to be added to the list of many crimes to be dealt with when democracy reins in Iran.  Condolences to the professor's family and to the nation of Iran.  The professor's memory can only be honored by staying the course.  The movement continues and the focus should be on 22nd of Bahman.


onlyiran: Would you please

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onlyiran: Would you please post your comment on Leverette's site? THank you. brilliant!


Even Leverette's statement supports

by Onlyiran on

the theory that the IRI was behind this assassination.  If you listen to him talk on Worldfocus (see link provided by Vildemose below), you will hear him say (toward the end of the interview) that killing this professor will have a very marginal effect on IRI's nuclear program.  So the question that one should ask oneself is this:  why would a foreign country go through all this trouble to kill this guy, with a bomb, in broad daylight, when doing so would only have a negligible effect on the nuclear program?  A simple cost / benefit analysis will result in a decision not to go forward with the plan.  

On the other hand, the benefits for the IRI would be immense.  They get rid of a scientist who is sympathetic to the opposition (and probably knew something about their program that he could expose) and at the same time get the justification that they need to crack down harder on the protesters and create a "security atmosphere".  

Lastly, the fact that they came out immediately and accused the usuals suspects, without any investigation, and cleaned up the "crime scene", again immediately, are tell tale signs of a well orchestrated, previously planned operation. 

The overwhelming evidence points the finger at the IRI.  


Thank you. I appreciate your

by vildemose on

Thank you. I appreciate your effort in finding those links for me.



by Cost-of-Progress on

Howmany of us know anything for sure? I had read it in a few places including this -> 

site. This same article also appears in Times UK.





Cost of PRogress: How do you

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Cost of PRogress: How do you know he was trying to leave Iran? Can you provide a link to your source?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IRR does not need Particle physicists for its program

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes there were Particle Physicists on Manhattan Project. That was because at the time it was research. They did not even know if it was possible. The underlying theories were not understood. 

Now 60 + years later it is simply a matter of engineering. Any physics major knows the underlying theories. You don't need a particle physicist. Just go to a library and check out a couple of first year graduate school physics and there is the theory.

The engineering and materials science involved however is daunting. That is where IRR is focusing the work. So there is absolutely no need for theoreticians in Iran's nuclear work at present.


hg: LOL

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hg: LOL

hamsade ghadimi


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intereting article.  i left a message.  this leverett is a douche (is that a slur?).


Leverette on the

by vildemose on

Leverette on the assassination. He is trying to villify the green movement.

This man is either a neocon or in the pocket of IRI. He is up to no good.

His official website is called, "Race for Iran".

Please leave your comments on his website.


This professor was

by Cost-of-Progress on

trying to leave Iran and had inquired about a grant from Sweden to go and reaserch there for a year at the university. He would not have returned had he been able to leave the country.

All those who claim that he was not a nuclear scientist are either misinformed or are trying to misinform.

The murderer regime killed this guy to teach a lesson to the Iranian scientific community and to keep him from defecting.  Yet another name added to the long list of murders and atrocities committed by this criminal regime.





Excerpt from Dr. Sahimi's article

by vildemose on

A source in Tehran told the author that Professor Ali-Mohammadi had worked with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on several projects in the past. This source said that given Professor Ali-Mohammadi's extensive knowledge of the IRGC's activities and his recent new-found support for the reformists and Mousavi would have made him a potential target for the IRGC.

Rah-e Sabz, the pro-Green Movement Web site, reported that Professor Ali-Mohammadi had participated in several defense projects, as well as projects linked with Iran's nuclear program, and apparently had extensive information about Iran's military and nuclear program.

Who benefits?

The hardliners have accused Israel, the U.S., and an obscure monarchist group for the assassination. The monarchist group rejected the accusation. In fact, it's highly unlikely that any opposition group carried out his murder. The hardliners may have hoped to distract people by claiming that the assassination was the work of the "enemy," therefore shifting their attention away from the more colossal problems facing the country.

There is also precedence for the assassination of leading figures in Iran's nuclear program and missile industry. In July 2001, Col. Ali Mahmoudi Mimand, known as the father of Iran's missile program, was found dead in his office; he had been shot in the head. Dr. Ardeshir Hassanpour, a prominent and award-winning figure in Iran's nuclear program, was murdered on January 15, 2007. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Israel's Mossad had murdered Dr. Hassanpour.

In fact, Professor Ali-Mohammadi went to Jordan last summer as Iran's representative to the Synchrotron Radiation Center, an atomic research center undoubtedly on the Israeli's radar. Unlike Ali-Mohammadi however, the other two who were assassinated were leading Iran's efforts in important areas. But Professor Ali- Mohammadi was apparently not involved with Iran's nuclear program at all. His research was in the general area of particle physics, which is of a fundamental, rather than practical nature. He was also not affiliated with the IRGC-controlled universities, namely Malek-e Ashtar and Emam Hossein universities. Ali Shirzadian, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, denied that Professor Ali-Mohammadi was under contract there.

In addition, engineers are leading Iran's nuclear program, not nuclear physicists. It is the engineers and materials scientists who improve the design centrifuges for Iran's uranium enrichment program. It is also the engineers who design the underground enrichment centers.


Who murdered Prof.

by vildemose on

Who murdered Prof. Ali-Mohammadi? by MUHAMMAD SAHIMI in Los Angeles 13 Jan 2010 07:09


Who benefits: Mossad, CIA

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Who benefits: Mossad, CIA and the Islamic Republic

Who loses: The Iranian people

Yashar Ahari


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Yashar Ahari


by Yashar Ahari on


Omid Talebi

Another act by Israel/USA

by Omid Talebi on

This is another violation of the rights of the Iranians and basic human rights by Israel/USA. This falls definitely within their way of working/thinking. A recent report showed that Israel, with the help of USA, had assassinated 250 Iraqi professors and 54 Iraqi scientists, targeting nearly a thousand of them. The full dossier can be read here:

In Iraq, they would assassinate anyone they could not buy out. 


Azarin Sadegh

Bomb in "Mehr 3rd"

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just found out that this murder has happened in my in-law's street, only a few houses away. Scary...really scary.