Mehtaab (Mahtab)

"The Littles", Iranian band form 1960's


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by benross on

Artoosh and Vigen were first. Legendary Farhaad and Black Cats were next, Shahraam and Ebi followed. I guess someone has to write the history of new pop music before everybody forgets.

Artoosh never made it to TV. I vaguely remember that he left Iran for Russia, either because he was a communist and he had to flee, or because he fell in love with a Russian girl. But these might be urban legends. I was just a kid back then.

And thanks Faramarz for reminding me of Topaz! It was portable. It took god knows how many D size batteries for half an hour functionality without being plugged in! I vividly remember its huge DC electro motor when I dismantled the poor thing!


مهتاب اى مونس ِ عاشقان


Thank you Gormeh Sabzi for finding this old treasure. One of my young uncles had the 45 LP of the song and he used to play it on his portable Topaz phonograph! Talk about ancient technology! I think that these guys came out around the same time as Ebi and Shahram's Black Cats.

On the other side of this LP was a song called Ey Yaar e Balaa, if I am not mistaken.

Benross, here is Vigen's Mahtab for you.




Thanks Faramarz

by benross on

Yes. That's it. Now if you could add 'Mahtaab' of Vigen also, that would be great. I don't know how to embed. This Artoosh doesn't sound the original record to me. But It's good all the same.

BTW, this story of bombing the scientist is begging your take on it!


benross, بر تو و آن خاطره آسوده سوگند




Thank you so much Ari. What

by benross on

Thank you so much Ari. What a wonderful site. From Mahtaab I vaguely remembered Sogand.

Now you should know this one from the same era, although it doesn't sound the original version. Artoosh

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Sogand by Vigen.



Does anyone knows this song?

by benross on

بر تو و آن چشم گنه آلوده سوگند


Singing Under Influence

by mannya2001 on

i dont know about LA entertainers, but these guys sound like they are heavily under the influence while singing-- kheeeiili be hal---kheeiiili


How pleasant

by jasonrobardas on

    Comparing  any old iranian band or  pop music to what we hear today , you can easily detect the awful demise of the modern persian pop music . The untalented  Los Angeles entertainers are the culprits . They produce worthless trashy music that you do not want to hear in the first place  , the music that does not last and will soon be forgotten .