Amir Hossein Shirani

Man kidnapped by Jundullah "confesses" to working at secret nuclear facility

Al-Arabiya network aired this video today. In October An Iranian Sunni Muslim rebel group said it captured an employee of one of the country’s nuclear facilities and threatened to reveal secrets about the country’s atomic program if jailed members of the group are not released. “Iranian authorities know well what information is in the hands of Amir Hossein Shirani, especially regarding top Iranian nuclear experts,” the Jundallah group said on its website. “The publication of these confessions will be costly for Iran’s regime.”



Reading is avoiding

by Fred on

 "Can't wait to read Fred's blog tomorrow,”

Keep on truckin!



by Bavafa on

Believe me, if I could avoid seeing the title of your two-a-day-hate-propaganda I would

And if I could dust them with my crap duster, I would as the content of them amount to nothing but crap.




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Did they try to rescue the guy? It is hard to recognize him:


A boycott which never was

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" Can't wait to read Fred's blog tomorrow,”

And all those sleepless nights over Islamist Palestinian crop dusters having announced they boycotted the blog were for nothing, apparently the clueless bunch can’t wait to read the next one.


Can't wait to read Fred's blog tomorrow

by Bavafa on

Can't wait to read Fred's blog tomorrow with this overwhelming evidence here. Wow, this is the smoking gun that they have been looking for.

Case cracked and wide open now. This is the missing piece that CIA/Israel was lacking and of course thanks to this group Jundullah, which strives for democratic and secular ideals in ME that has discovered the missing link.


Jahanshah Javid

Tired of this show

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These idiots are making it hard for those who really, truly want to confess :)

Does anyone believe any of these pathetic displays on Iranian TV or Al-Arabiya or CNN or...?