Jafar Kazemi. & Mohammad Ali Hajaghaei

Two activists held in post-vote demos hanged

AFP --  Iran on Monday reportedly carried out the first executions of activists detained in street protests after the disputed 2009 presidential poll, hanging two men it said were from an outlawed group. The executions of two activists from the Iranian exiled opposition group, People's Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI) came despite a plea by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that they be freed. The Tehran prosecutor's office named the executed pair as Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Hajaghaei. It did not say where they were hanged. "Two elements of the Monafeghin (hypocrites) group named Jafar Kazemi... and Mohammad Ali Hajaghaei ... were executed early today," the prosecutor's office said on its website, referring to PMOI, which once ran an armed group in Iran >>>


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by yolanda on

99 got executed so far this year! IRI's killing machine is running at full speed! It will be a very bloody year ahead!

hamsade ghadimi

lashkar bi sar lashkar

by hamsade ghadimi on

they know who the leaders of the uprising are.  then why don't they execute them?  the juidiciary keeps naming them as the leaders of the 'fetneh' just to remind people who the opposition should follow.  or could it be that mousavi and karoubi are the pied pipers leading those who follow them to their deaths?


Shame on IRI for murdering [political] prisoners

by Bavafa on

Even if the claim of PMOI was to be true, they belong to jails and rehabilitation centers and not to be murdered. This is a crime by IRI pure and simple and they will have to answer for all these crimes one day.