Police Round Up "Arazel va Obash"

Campaign in 375 Tehran neighborhoods fetches 86 "hooligans"


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As if

by HHH on

As if all convictions and crimes are true. If the police is doing the right thing why are they hiding their faces? It's not like they're undercover or a member of SWAT team! Only a person hides his face who knows he will be identified and penalized for his own crimes if regime changes. IRI even let Neda's killer go free.

The only "Araazel and Obaash" are in "Hozeye Elmieh" in "Baseej" in "Sepahe Pasdaran", in "Majlese Khebregan", in "house of representatives" and in IRI leadership.

Immortal Guard

What does Al Capone think about these operations!

by Immortal Guard on

What does Al Capone think about these operations!



Arresting thieves and criminals is a good think for any nation

by Bavafa on

And I have a good tip for the Iranian police: 

There is another 290 of grand thieves and criminals in the Majles that should be targeted next, if not first.

Next, please have a look at the heyate Dolat, Sepah, Jamaran, Bassij, etc. as there are plenty of 'Arazele Obash' there.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 




by Raoul1955 on

Wonderful that they arrested 86 individuals after raiding 375 different places?