Reza Marashi: NIAC Research Director

Al-Jazeera interview on alleged killing of Iranian nuclear scientist

Reza Marashi joined NIAC in 2010 as the organization’s first Research Director. He came to NIAC after four years in the Office of Iranian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Prior to his tenure at the State Department, he was an analyst at the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) covering China-Middle East issues, and a Tehran-based private strategic consultant on Iranian political and economic risk >>>


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Reza Marashi: a 4 year veteran of US State Department (bio)

by MM on

While everyone is speculating (including Reza, 2:35), why not speculate that the MEK assasinated the scientist as a show of force and a favor for what the neocons are doing for them in DC?  Political assasinations is nothing new for the MEK in Iran!


How ignorant and deceiving

by on

it is to blame IRI for killing the latest researcher and other Iranians while most of the world professional analysts claim otherwise:

Further, in lieu of current US and Zio-Terrorist policies (new to the public only) in supporting terrorism as a legitimate forign policy tool against ME and south American countries such as support for PKK, MEK, Jondollah and others in bright daylight, it is simply ignorance or shear intentional deceiving to call IRI as the source of these killings.

If one is interested in knowing real terrorists and their stablishments in the world, here it is in a nutshell:





by yaar on

"...I think the Israelis are assassinating the scientists and that is just wrong.  No one else has both the motive and the means. "


Do you really think ONLY Israelis have assassins on a motorbike? Let me broaden your horizon a bit, Taliban, ISI, IRGC... have that vast capability too!!


Who was assassinated?

by ham1328 on



The first photo of the victim, was an older man who was claimed to be a nuclear
scientist. When the funeral was held, photo of a young man who
turned out to be a graduate student was placed on the flag draped

Iranians are not permitted to have large motor cycles, just barely a moped. Owning a real motor cycle, requires a special, hard to obtain permit. It only allows owner ONE hour per week to use in just a restricted route and the cops stop you a dozen times during your hour ride. So it's not possible for FOREIN AGAENTS to shhot people that easy in Iran.

Only security forces, basijis etc. are on motor cycles. Surprised?? Now the previous double assassinations of nuclear scientists Tehran. It turned out that one of them had been interrogated the day before by Iran's inelegance agency for suspicion of treason!!! Remember the scientist that claimed to have been kidnapped by CIA in Mecca? Remember his return to Iran and claims by IRI that their agents were in touch with him the whole time? Well he is in prison, charged with treason!

Bottom line,
IRI is killing those who can not trust, and blames it on foreign elements, through it's spokepersons.



by iamfine on

Assumption is the mother of all problems. Here most writers assume that NIAC is working with IRI and therefore, Mr. Reza Marashi is an agent of IRI. As usual this typical of Iranian mentality to come with assumptions with nothing to back it up. If there is a problem with NIAC, let us fix it and makes it a better organization to represent Iranians in this country.


bavafa jan: You're welcome.

by vildemose on

bavafa jan: You're welcome.

I think you hit the nail on the head, " neither side to have any of the interest of Iranian people at heart".

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx


Vildemose Jaan: I had not seen that article, thanks for the link

by Bavafa on

As for negotiation with IRI, whether on nuclear issue or otherwise, unfortunately I see neither side to have any of the interest of Iranian people at heart so naturally I condemn both sides for lack of any good intention when entering the negotiation.

US/West however seem to have been outsmart by IRI. Their greed has not help their case either and likewise IRI anti democratic and zed-mardomi is not helping their case to garner more support from Iranian people neither.

As for the signal thru NIAC goes about nuclear talk goes, we will just agree to disagree. I do not see either side changing their game any.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



This NIACi

by AMIR1973 on

Brother Marashi recently co-authored an article basically proclaiming Ahmadinejad and his IRI faction to be the real hope for "reform" and improvement of the IRI system. Here's the piece: 


Other dispatches by NIAC have proclaimed Mousavi as the leader of Iran's "pro-democracy movement". With "analysis" like this, is it surprising that NIACis like this guy offer very IRI-friendly views and political "advice"? 


 Dear Bavafa: Even if the

by vildemose on

 Dear Bavafa: Even if the US is ready to negtiate, which they were when Obama got elected, I doubt seriously Khamenie INC. will come to the negotiation table. I think Karim Sajadpour's article featured on the front page of this site is a sobering analysis of why Khamenie and Sepah won't. Unless, Khamenie has changed his mind in the past couple of weeks and signaling again through NIAC.

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx


Cousin Farmarz: As a dear

by Bavafa on

Cousin Farmarz: As a dear cousin, you are throwing way too many things at me to respond to :)

on a serious note: I have always appreciated your sincerity in discussion and logic.

As such, I am not a die-hard NIAC defender either but I say if we are going to attack or dismiss them, lets make it based on sound logic and correct information.

Here is how I see it, he is responding to a question that the reporter is clearly insinuating these killings being a campaign against nuclear scientist and he responds to that by explaining what Iran says and that "allegedly influenced by the outsiders" continuing on to speculate what this campaign (should it be true) could bring as a result which comes to the "retaliation in kind" theory. Now you and I as Iranians know that IRI does take retaliatory action against those interests that has been harmed by the West. Perhaps the bombing of the barrack in Lebanon can be one of those examples. Lets look at this this way, there is essentially a cold war between IRI and US/Israel and they are in the mode of "if you hit at me, I find a way to hit back sort of a way". So, his speculation is not far from reality, is it?

As for negotiation with IRI regarding the nuclear issue, we either need to believe in the path of negotiation, war or submission. So far IRI and Iranian people have proven that they are not interested in submission, so either is going to be war or negotiation. Many of us, including me, believe in negotiation as war is not the answer so I will agree with his view.

Regarding your last point, judging just by the information that is available to us, I agree with you that it seem sort of a dumb move for US/Israel to want to kill a student, even if he is on top of his game until we know all facts on that subject perhaps to be disclosed after a more open regime has been brought to Iran we will not know who has been behind this terror and why. I would not however be a bit surprised if it is an inside job by IRI thugs.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


P.S. I would have liked to hear a broad condemnation of such act and the hawkish attitude of the IRI from the NIAC guy. But then again this is only a portion of the interview and no idea of the rest of the content/context and what was discussed.


Mehrdad Jaan

by Faramarz on

Here are my serious problems with what this guy said and let me preface that with the statement that although I have listened to Trita Parsi on C-Span ever since he showed up on the scene with his book, I didn’t really pay much attention to NIAC and its agenda until lately.

My only knowledge of NIAC has come from the people that I know who are supporters of NIAC and whenever we have a conversation about IR, the discussion would quickly turn into AIPAC/Neocon or the imminent military threat. The killing of the Iranians by the Regime is always a “not a nice thing, but let’s talk about abu-Ghraib!”

This NIAC guy didn’t have all the facts when he spoke and that generally means that you use your gut feel and convictions when you make a judgment in the absence of the facts.

He said a few things that are way out of line. For example, he says that these killings that are influenced by the "outsiders" will result in retaliations in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Regime. That’s the same thing that many Osama followers and closet sympathizers said after 9-11. “You kill Muslims, you get 9-11.” But Iranians in Iran were among the very few Middle Eastern people who saw it differently and had moments of silence and candle-light vigils after 9-11.

The other things that he said towards the end that I find offensive by an Iranian-American is that the Regime would not budge under pressure by using these actions or sanctions; Meaning that the assassinations and the UN mandated sanctions are basically coming from the same source and will not work. Again, repeating the Regime’s propaganda without any factual basis.

And finally, the last comment about sitting at the negotiation table and resolving the issues; Does anyone here really believe that we could sit at the negotiation table and reason with Khamenei, Sepah and Basij? They can’t even negotiate among themselves, now this dude thinks that they are going to negotiate with the West?

The only negotiation with the Regime will be about the terms of their surrender to the criminal courts in a free and democratic Iran.

And why would the West assassinate a 35-year old graduate student? Sepah has already said that the graduate student had no affiliation to them and that the most important scientists are already being protected by them.

Let’s see if this NIAC guy issues a statement and corrects himself.



by Rastgoo on

Well said Bavafa.  You guys are unjustifiably bashing NIAC.  Why?  Because they are against the Neo-cons and their Iran invasion plans?  How about all their human rights activities against the IRI?  In any case I think the Israelis are assassinating the scientists and that is just wrong.  No one else has both the motive and the means.


Oh yes, here is the smoking gun every one has been looking for

by Bavafa on

So, what is it that he said that makes him the IRI mouth piece?

Maybe if he had said, 'be darak ke mordan, bishtar bayad az inha terror kard' would have felt better for few of us in diaspora

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



I am just glad...

by masoudA on

NIAC is now pretty well exposed within the Iranian community.



Does Khamenie send his

by vildemose on

Does Khamenie send his messages through NIAC? The IRI was not interested in negotiation before, what has changed?? Is that a new message of IRI delivered by this guy??


would you negotiate with the

by vildemose on

would you negotiate with the murderous regime of Quadaffi? How low can you get to make a few bucks.

Oon Yaroo

All skeptics, doubters, & gullibels...! Here is the proof ...

by Oon Yaroo on

that shows NIAC lobbies for IRI!




IRI speaker

by afshinazad on

Here is NIAC service to Iranian.


Trusting the Islamist Rapists' say so

by Fred on

Ok, this NIAC lobby employee says “we haven’t seen much domestic political killings associates with this [nuke] program so the recent events have allegedly been influenced from outside...”

The only entity making that allegation is the Islamist Rapist Republic, is NIAC lobby basing its analysis on the Islamist Rapists' say so?


Research Director!

by Faramarz on

For someone who is supposedly does research for a living, he sure delivered a bunch of unfounded rhetoric with a few disclaimers here and there. And nowhere in his thoughtful analysis he entertained the idea that the killing of a graduate student in broad daylight by two guys on a motorcycle is a standard practice by the Regime since its early days. And this action makes no sense to an outside organization like CIA or whatever.

He ended his analysis by saying that since the pressure doesn't work on the Regime, let's sit down and negotiate with them.  Way to go freedom fighter!

Just for the record, after the first guy that was murdered Ali Mohammadi, the Regime immediately blamed Mossad and months later produced a kick-boxer and an Ahmadi supporter Majid Jamali Fashi as the culprit. The guy confessed and told a bizarre story. But since then no news of what kind of punishment he received has emerged. Here is Wikipedia’s rebuttal to his confession and the real reasons behind that assassination and most likely the other successful ones that followed.

Abbasi’s assassination attempt though seems to be a fake one since there was no bomb attached to the car and only shots to the car’s engine after he and his wife left the scene!