Iranians disqualified for refusing to wrestle Israelis

No-shows at Istanbul 2011 world wrestling championship

Two Iranian wrestlers, Mohsen Hajipour and Ghasem Rezaei, refused to compete with their Israeli competitors at the World Wrestling Championships in Istanbul. This slip shows Rezaei as a no show, and his Israeli competitor Robert Avanesyan wins. Rezaei won a Bronze medal in 2007, and he was considered a medal hopeful again this year:



Tiger Lily Agha

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Never done any form of work

You're not being fair to yourself. Creating user ID after user ID after user ID could be considered "work". Ain't it so, Dirty Angel/Comraids Concubine/Tiger Lily/Am I Forgetting Any?  .-)

Tiger Lily

Simorgh5555 jan

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"Real men hug"


Or so, I've been told.

Hala meileh khodete. 

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Amir1973 khanoom

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Aibaba, what about my blue-blooded lineage of no-gooders? Never done any form of work, no scientific discoveries, no inventions, no thing.  Should I just be shooted off? And btw have you discovered the latest law of thermo-dynamics?


Pffft, at least I can wear mind in a bikini under a burqa. PFFFT!



by Simorgh5555 on

Assuming these two athletes refused to compete with the Israeli wrestlers on their own accord how about any one of them taking a princiled stand and show a public gesture of defiance against the Islamic Republic. 

If they were REAL men...If they were REAL Iranians...they would denounce the IR by refusing to honour the IR Terror National Anthem or the flag of Terror emblazened on our once proud tricolore.

Its all very easy to walk away from the Israeli wrestelers but let us see any of them showing the courage of  Ahmad Fouladizadeh 

an Iranian martial arts expert who refused to train the Basij and gave up his career and his home in opposition of the IR Terror Regime:

If Hajiour or Rezaei demonstrated half the courage of Fouladizadeh then they will earn my respect.

Its like that film director Ken Loach (dodgy politics but great director) who supports the boycott and divestment of Israel but refuses to support a boycott of the USA or the UK for the war in Iraq which he denounced. 


سینه چاک‌های فلسطین ریختن تو صحنه


می‌خوام بدونم، اگر فردا فلسطین کشور خودش رو بدست  آورد، شما‌ها چه خاکی به سر خودتون میریزید که جمهوری اسلامی تون رو نگه دارید؟ امیدوارم که اون روز بیاد که فلسطین هم کشور خودشو رو داشته باشه کاه لااقل ایرانیها از شرّ اراجیف شما بی‌ وطن‌های عقده‌ای خلاص بشوند.   


The Holy Rocks and Sand of Palestine

by AMIR1973 on

are near and dear to the heart of every red-blooded Iranian. Oh yeah! What the world really needs is one more Arab state (because the currently existing 20 are just not enough for humanity). I am sure that the future Palestinian state can take its place along all the other wonderful, free Arab nations that contribute so much to the world in terms of scientific discoveries, inventions, and other pursuits.


Reality-Bites i shake your hand on your comment!

by alx1711 on

Reality-Bites i shake your hand on your comment!

Tiger Lily

comment on some of the comments

by Tiger Lily on

 One lot of criminal activity doesn't justify another. * 


 As to whether politics and sport should mix, which is one of the fundamental questions, although we don't even know yet for sure, why these athletes pulled out.  Then, the question is why not sport and  if not sport, what about other aspects of shared international cultural activities e.g. art, science, cuisine etc. which would then entail even more obvious exchanges in trade and then we're all back to square one. 


 * this "argument", which isn't even eligible to be called "false" is an infestation on IC, when constantly in order to justify some crime another is quoted, as if criminality were some form of competition.


P.S.Watching hairy giants sweating it out in each others' arms looks smelly to me, but hey, each to his own, enjoy! 


Well, good to see

by Reality-Bites on

At least no fuses were blown. They are expensive to replace these days. :)


Thank you Reality-Bites...

by Disenchanted on


      for the cordial discussion. I certainly took note of your points some of them I agree with. I also agree with your realistic point of view that Palestinians are likely not to return the favor to Iranians and in fact they didn't when we fought with that sicko Saddam.

     My stance towards Israel is however beyond my national cause and is based on human values of justice and fairness. My claim is that atrocities of Israel in duration, extent and nature goes beyond those other bad apples in the region that you and others mentioned. Why so? It would take a rather detailed argument based on historical and political facts to establish that. Instead I borrowed the Louis Armstrong's phrase, that in response to someone who asked what is Jazz, mentioned: "If you have to ask, you'd never know"!

      By the way, I double checked all the fuses! None was blown up! :-) Sorry to give you that impression.

 I have read your comments here and there on IC. You certainly come down on the side of reason as opposed to some that bring scream and insult to the game!

   Time to get some zzzzz:-)


Disenchanted jaan

by Reality-Bites on

Chill aziz, no need to blow a fuse. No need to keep repeating yourself. We are well aware of the current Israeli/Turkey spat and Israel's shameful refusal to apologise for the killing of the Turkish citizens on that ship sailing in the Med and the fact Turkey is taking diplomatic action, which it has every justification to do. I already referred to it below.

Turkey is pissed off at Israel because of the Israeli soldiers did to TURKISH citizens, not Palestinians. IR's actions towards Israel run to the contrary. They are not about Iranian citizens but about Palestinians.

I also mentioned that despite the current dispute between the two countries, Turkey has enough maturity and common sense not to mix politics with sport and has welcomed the Israeli wrestlers on its soil to compete in Istanbul. You conveniently left this out.

You also failed to respond to examples of many other cruel occupations around the world pointed out by RG and myself.

My stand point: goor pedar-e Israel. While I support Human Rights as a principle, I don't give a hoot to the specific Israeli/Palestinian conflict any more than I do about other conflicts.

What the hell has it got to with us Iranians what's happening there? Who made it our business to stick our noses in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and start arming Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Lebanese Hezbollah and make an enemy of Israel, especially when our own people are living under the tyranny of the IR?

You think Palestinians give a shit about Iranians? Was it not these very same Palestinians who cheered when Saddam invaded Iran? Was it not them that blamed Iran alongside the Americans for Saddam's execution, saying that Iran supported Iraqi Shias were behind their Arab hero's execution? Is it not the very same Palestinians who support the UAE in its claims over the Persian Gulf islands?

It's unbelievable! We have Iranians continually obsessing over Israel, while Iran slowly goes down the toilet of history. Good to see we've got our priorities straight.


a very lame move by Islamic

by alx1711 on

a very lame move by Islamic official to force there guys to do this. This is all about sport not politics.

It really makes me ponder... Would have A-rabs boycotted wrestling with Israelies, if this was the opposite case ??? NO

Why didnt they wrestle Israelies? what have Israelies done to people of Iran in our 2500yrs old History! Please can some one clarify this for me.



Hear it from NYTIMES:

by Disenchanted on


         Call me hypocrite. Enjoy posting half truths on IC. Close your eyes! But the reality is starring you in the face. This is the reality of the region and the world at large (quote from New York times):  

"Once a close ally of Israel, Turkey accelerated its growing stature across the Arab world — and further upended the regional order — when it downgraded diplomatic relations with Israel and expelled its ambassador early this month after Israel refused to issue an apology for a deadly commando raid last year aboard an aid ship trying to break the embargo of the Gaza Strip."

         This is the reality of the world today. Turkey repels Israel ambassador and elevates to leadership across the Arab and Muslim world! Now pretend that you care about Muslims in Russia and China and elsewhere!

         Clearly rest of the world sees something despicable in Israel that you fail to see. Sorry I can not explain it to you. "If you got to ask you'd never know"!

          So fellas while you were blogging world was changing. Dictators were falling, and YES Israel's days of reckless policies and violance and comtempt for the international law is drawing to a close. Israel is a 20th century construct. 21st century will be different! Will be better. We hope...


Good for him! It is about the principle! I wouldn't either!


Israel is our number 1 enemy whether you like it or not. Who was behind the killing of the iranian soldiers only a few days ago? Israel. Hypocrite?

You don't need the government telling you what to do when you are against the israeli genocide. This is a clear message that we are not just talk. An athlete without a principle is not an athlete in my book. I am sure the torks have a lot of respect for his decision, but cannot say it!

I really hate to see IRI getting any mileage out of this, but their time would come too. I wouldn't want to compete for iran either if I would have to raise the IRI flag. However, it would be the proudest moment of my life if I could raise the SHIRO KHORSHIS flag as my uncles and brother did for Iran.



by yolanda on

IRI bans Iranian athletes from competing against Israeli athletes all the time! When FIFA banned Iranian girls' soccer players playing soccer with hejab....IRI said, Oh, FIFA violated Muslim girls' right!

Well, we will have London Olympic Games next year, let's see how many last minute pullouts by IRI will occur!

Thank you Faramarz and R_G for the great posts!


The irony is

by Reality-Bites on

Turkey, which is in diplomatic dispute with Israel over the killing of 9 of its citizens in that flotilla by Israeli military, has no issue with allowing Israeli sportsmen to compete in Istanbul, because it has enough common sense and broad-mindedness to separate sport from politics............while IR continues to boycott sporting competitions against Israelis and beat its chest for Palestinians. 

I'll bet many Iranian citizens wished the IR cared as much for them and treated them with the same zeal and concern that it does the Palestinians!



by fidelio5 on

and the IRI murdered innocents in buenos Aries murdered their own nationals in the capitals of Europe, not to mention they IMPORTED PALESTINIANS TO KILL IRANIANS IN IRAN!!!

Ignore that and focus on Israel? never again.

Keep the focus on the verminous, ignorant, cruel and backward mullahs!!!


Armed resistance is the only answer.


Talking about justice

by RostamZ on

The Iranians are sick and tires of IRI prosecturing, killing and raping inncoent Iranians and Syrians. Look into mirrow before judging others.


Those who are screaming hypocrite

by Disenchanted on


         Tell that to Egyptians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Turks, Iranians, British, Libyans, Pakistanis and every other Arab, Muslim and decent human being who is sick and tired of Israel being treated above the law and getting away with crimes all over the map!

         They kill Iranian physicists. They murder in Dubai hotels. They spy on United States. They forge European passports. The pirate on open seas! ... and for the educated! It is alright to demolish people houses 1000s of them just because they are Arabs! In 21st century! I have been on record condemning other tyrants in the region. Where is your record of condemning Israeli actions?!


Shameless hypocrites!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

When was the last time an Iranian athlete was forced not to compete against a chinese athlethe, despite China's occupation and massacre of Uighur muslims?

When was the last time an Iranian athlete could not compete against a Russian, despite Russia's continues occupation of Chechnea and killing of up to 100,00 muslims in that province since the fall of Soviet union?

Is the blood of palistinian muslims any brighter shade of Red than Chchnean or Uighur or indeed Iranian or syrian  muslim?

Really, how much longer do you want us to believe this favourite line of Islamist regime's shameless propaganda , this "palistine/Israel thing"? Dont you see that the Islamist regime is probably the worst thing which ever  happemed to muslims from Palistine to Tehran and China?

Shameless hypocrites....


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


for the under educated

by fidelio5 on

there is a difference between Arabs in
occupied East Jerusalem, gaza, and the west bank ...
And arabs who actually hold israeli citizenship and live in Israel proper.

educate yourself.

Those in the occupied lands are NOT citizens.
Many Palestinian women choose to leave occupied palestine for Israeli proper as israeli citizens so as to not be treated like chattell.

Since the arabs are breeding faster than the jews, soon they can drop their demand for a separate state and just request full citizenship. This is Israel's nightame scenario.

If the Israelis dont grant it, then de facto Apartheid becomes De jury Apartheid. If they do grant it; then the majority Arabs can use the democratic process to undo Israel.

G. Rahmanian

Turkish Authorities Smarter Than IR Counterparts!

by G. Rahmanian on

The Turkish authorities have proven to be more intelligent than their IR counterparts. Although relations between Turkey and Israel have been strained due to the death of 9 Turkish citizens, Turkey is the the third largest importer of goods from Israel. "Israel exports an annual $1.5 billion in goods and services to Turkey, and imports $1.8 billion. Turkey: Israel's Largest 3rd Export Market in 2011.Trade between Turkey and Israel increased from $600 million (2010) to $695 million (first six months of 2011), and Israeli exports to Turkey rose to $662 million from $420 million." Wikipedia


Being an Arab citizen in Israel:

by Disenchanted on


     RB are we talking about same Arab citizens in East Jerusalem whose houses are being demolished by Israel Gov.?

       Here are treatments of Arab citizens in Israel. Or this! 

    Soosan khanom  is correct in pointing out the double standards when it comes to Israel. Thriving democracy! Peaceful country!

     Times are changing and non one knows it better than Israelis themselves. US should free itself from burden of an outcast partner!'

      Just imagine last week Obama administration has been on the phone many time talking to Egyptians and Turks to cool it of with Israel! Defending Israel is a full time job! There is no benefit of siding with Israeli butchers. Only Christians Zionists based on a myth going back 5000 years advocate defence of Israel!

  ... and yes there are many basket case and totalitarian states in Middle east that need their own condemnation. But...


Rouge State killing their own or their neighbor citizen….

by Bavafa on

Need and must be condemned in the harshest terms.  If condemnation did not yield much result and a change in their behavior, then they must be isolated.  The level of isolation need to be proportionate to the magnitude of their crime. YES, IRI deserves to be isolated just as Syria or Israel


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Oon Yaroo

All Israel needs to do is...

by Oon Yaroo on

All Israel needs to do is to drop a big one on Cairo or Damascus and that would send an unambiguous message to the rest of the terrorists in the region not to mess with it.



by Reality-Bites on

No one is denying Israel is guilty of mistreatment of other people and that its actions deserve condemnation. The point we are making is that Israel is not the only country responsible for such acts.

South Africa was boycotted for mistreating and discriminating against its OWN people. Palestinians do not consider themselves Israeli citizens and Israelis do not consider Palestinians their citizens either. So this is in effect a conflict between two different nations, one of which is occupying the lands of the other.

And this is more or less exactly the same as the cases I mentioned earlier. Yet you only see wrong doing by Israel. Why don't you demand the boycotting of Syria, which like South Africa is mistreating its own people? It might not for the same reasons (i.e. racial prejudice), but the principle is the same.

And I noted you sidestepping my question from my earlier comment. 

Soosan Khanoom

well ......

by Soosan Khanoom on

Of course they all kill .... But the only difference is that Isreal kills and at the same time gets at least 29 standing ovations from the U.S congress ..

what was that old saying from Bush senior? .. hmmm??

" We've got to get that democracy over there " 





by fidelio5 on

The UN condemning Israel. There's news.

How about Hamas. Im sure you think they're just a bunch of peaceniks.

Nobody blows themselves up in a jewish old folks home. In Natanya in Israel proper.

Not in a settlement, not against the wall, not in occuoied territory.

On Passover.

Nobody does that because they hope for compromise. Its just an instinct I have.

Kerm as Khodeshoon miyad. The israeli distraction doesnt fool anyone anymore. I dont care anymore. Ill focus on Israel once we get rid of the savage vermins in Tehran and Qom.


Anyone who questions Israel unique designation as a Pariah state

by Disenchanted on


        should stay tuned for UN general assembly meeting Sep 20-21 when the world comes together against Israel's unbridled abuses!

         Israel should be boycotted like South Africa was during its apartheid regime. Please name the countries whose citizens have been killed by Russia or China in past 18 months!

           Are you denying the fact that Israel kills first and asks questions later! Turkish civilians, Egyptians border guards, Iranian scientists, Palestinians children...


I've been on the record

by fidelio5 on

That Israel's occupation is criminal and is a defacto apartheid state. BUT I will also admit that if youre an arab living in Israel as an israeli citizen you have more rights than if you lived in just about any Arab country.

I'm just sick and tired of barbarous cruelties being inflicted by states who keep saying the problem is really Israel.

Fed up with it.

Oh and disenchanted Erdogan is an islamist Thug who said that if anyone inside Turkey mentions the Armenian Genocide he'll go ahead and do to them what Turkey tried to do to the Armenians.