Alan Eyre: Interview causes a stir in Iran

Farsi-speaking US State Department spokesman


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Deliberate slip

by maghshoosh on

IRI's producers of these kind of programs apparently cannot maintain minimal standards of integrity, even towards their own colleagues.  In the clip they act like they're trying to protect the anonymity and identity of the site (Alef) which conducted the online interview w/ Eyre, by covering the name of the site when it appears in the images they show, by not referring to it by name and by keeping Alef's representative anonymous when he appears around 50s into the video.  But in fact they let the name be shown from 40 to 45 secs into the video, when the image reads in Persian,"Alan Eyre responds to the questions of Alef's viewers."

Seems like everything about them is fake, even their pretense of maintaining journalistic integrity.



by choghok on

If the case is so clear then why do you get upset to interview him? He will crack up for sure under your questions which I am sure you will translate correctly later.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Takes a Jack azz to Recognize a Jackazz the moment he sees one.

This is the absolute height of Hypocricy, chicanery, being a top of the line, top notch A hole.

Take it up the you know where and enjoy the pain or the pleasure. Your choice.