Sahel Rosa: Iranian TV Personality in Japan

Rosa and mother show Persian customs on TV show

Japan Today: Listening to Rosa speak, it is easy to forget she is Iranian and not Japanese. “That’s what happens when I go back to Iran,” she laughs. “People there think I have become Japanese. However, I have never forgotten that I am Iranian. My roots will always be there. It is interesting to compare Japanese and Iranian women. They do have some similarities. Yet, Iranian women don’t have as much freedom of choice to work as Japanese women, although that doesn’t mean Iranian women are weak. I would say that they have a ‘strong’ mentality but they are in a ‘weak’ position.” >>>

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Iranian TV Personality in Japan

by jmyt17 on



She is very smart and lovely persian lady. Good luck Rosa.

Also here in Japan, we do not mix Sushi and Fesenjoon for any reason.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Ari gatoo shitzuri.........

thanks to AAnghollab we have Iranians all over including my own sister in AMAZON !


Dr. Mohandes

Mr. Miagi?

by Dr. Mohandes on

Can't imagine how she intends to mix Fesenjoon and sushi, for her future Hubby!

Wait a minute...Does Trita know there are Iranians in Japan? If all falls apart and Things don't go as planned, he can always set up shop in japan. Helllo...My name is Tritaaa(Ninja) parssiiiii....Hayyyaa!

Care for some NJIA? Sounds so Fiesty. I am liking it already.


Really Funny

by Faramarz on

Especially the Hafez part.

But it made me sad when I did not see a man figure in their lives.