Stem cell research in Iran

International conference in Tehran

Press TV: The national institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology of Iran is one of the biggest research centers in the Middle East. Established in 1988 the institute holds numerous international scientific workshops every year. In its latest seminar the NIGEB has invited a group of university Professors and researchers from Turkey, Iraq, Sudan and Tajikistan to a workshop. This time the topic is stem cell culture principles and its perspective in medical biotechnology >>>



Some poeple on this site

by Khebedin on

Some poeple on this site suffer from " The state of feeling to be empty & noting". Anything American or English is good, anything Iranian, or related to Iran, has to be wrong.  Surely not all of you are so unfortunate to be MKO member?.


Mr. Demo

by iamfine on

Please try to pay attention to the main topic. The main topic here is nanotechnology. I don't know how much knowledge of this noble science you have, but this is viewed as a big advancement in technology. The nanotechnology views everything from the bottom up approach and it is not limited to biology. The future of material will be based on nanotechnology. It is stupid to pick on a person's accent rather than paying attention to the achievement and advancement of science


Good Technology, Fair deal...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Cuban stem cell know how in return for our (ok, rahbar's) cheap Iranian crude oil. 

Fiedel Happy, Rahbar Happy, we can all brag about it on internet. And oh, no Peugeot 405's damaged by magnetically attached explosives during the process.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Wish them all the success...

by Bavafa on

In propoulsion of science and creating a better environment for our people and the people of the world.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



قابل توّجه هموطنان عزیز در رشته بیوتکنولوژی





درست می‌گوئید......ملاحظه کاریهای سیاسی و مذهبی در زمان جرج بوش
تحقیقات علمی‌ در این زمینه را قربانی کرد. حالا اگر بنده جرات کنم و بگویم
که پیشرفت این
تکنولوژی در ایران مرهون انعطاف پذیری فقه شیعه‌ است، تمام
سلولهای بنیادین خواهر و مادر اینجانب توسط دانشمندان مقیم این سایت با هر
لهجه‌ای که تصورش را کنید، جراحی خواهد شد........

Nader Vanaki

قابل توّجه هموطنان عزیز در رشته بیوتکنولوژی

Nader Vanaki

آمریکا در رشته سلول های بنیادی از ایران و کوبا سالهاست که عقب افتاده.  سیاست های جرج بوش پدر و ج.دبلیو.بوش پسر آمریکا رو اقلاً ده سال از ایران و کوبا عقب انداخته.  حالا به لهجه مهجه کاری نداشته باشید.  اینجا رو دیگه خیلی وا دادن و دمِ هرچی ایرونیه گَرم.


The Talking Deads!

by Demo on

The ones who impose sanctions on our country together with those who support such vicious acts are like the 'body snatchers' in the following classic movie:

And their accents/languages/origins make no difference with their intentions whatsoever!

PS: That video is about a scientific gathering & thus one expects more from the organizers to know better! That is all! 

Mohammad Ala

Iranian language written in English is called Persian.

by Mohammad Ala on

My English is NOT perfect and I have an accent.  I never tried to speak like an English or an American person.

Americans better learn how to speak themselves before criticizing others.  As an example, a classmate from Boston could not be understood in Southern Louisiana, so much for learning to speak proper English. 

Iran has decent Foreign language speakers, but they do not get to speak and/or to translate (as an another example, a local based Egnlish translator gets a job that an English educated does not). This has been the case for more than 50 years that I remember.

Iranian language written in English is called Persian. Meanwhile enjoy the achievements of Iranians inside of Iran.


In that case, more shame.......

by پندارنیک on

..........on those who imposed sanctions on elastic bands destined for our people.....


A Sincere Request.......

by Demo on

Could our learned people please try to practice a lot more with their English speech before standing in front of the camera & talking.....After all we need to have a more qualified learned? person than AN to travel each year to UN & to make a complete fool out of himself with all those pre-written speeches of his in Farsi....A shame, for real!



by پندارنیک on

..........on those who advocate hardship and destruction upon our learned people and our science-friendly land..................