IAEA, Iran Fail to Reach Agreement

'No progress' at Iran nuclear talks - UN watchdog


: Talks on Iran's nuclear programme have ended with "no progress", according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN's nuclear watchdog. The IAEA had been trying to get access to sites inside Iran, including one at Parchin suspected of being used for experiments related to nuclear weapons. The lack of progress at the talks in Vienna was "disappointing", the IAEA's chief inspector Herman Nackaerts said.

Iran denies its nuclear programme has any military aspect.

Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Ashghar Soltanieh, said his country would continue to seek to allay fears about the programme."We are ready to remove all ambiguities and prove to the world that our activities are exclusively for peaceful purposes and none of these allegations [of developing a bomb] are true," he said, according to the French news agency AFP.

More talks between Iran and six powers - Britain, the US, China, Russia, France and Germany - are due to be held in Moscow in 10 days' time >>>08-Jun-2012

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Nafasetoon.....Dr. Mohandes,

by Rastgoo on

You really have no idea, do you?  The US DOD isn't going to get your advice in identifying the targets.  People who have been itching to pay us back for 30 years are drawing up the plans to show us "eye-ranians" who the boss is.  There are over 4000 targets identified.  These include military as well as infrastructure facilities: power stations, communications stations, radar stations, bridges, major road structures....In summary anything that can be used to Iran's advantage in retaliating will be destroyed.  Billions of dollars in infrastructure work that the destitute Iranian people have built over decades will be gone in 2 weeks.  Are you guys so ignorant that you don't know these things and I must spell it out for you every once in a while?  I think that your ignorance stems from your selfish and spoiled upraising that denies you the ability to empathize with others.  You think they will just attack the sepah and the baseej with SURGICAL strikes?  If you really are a dr. mohandes you put all of us educated folks in shame.


جوجه شناسی


نشستن در خانه در آمریکا و شعار دادن!! هر کی میخواد بجنگه برود ملحق شود به ارتش!! البته تست قدرت بدنی دارد !!

I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes

Nafas az jaye Garm My azz.

by Dr. Mohandes on

What will it take for the supposed true Joojooz of iran, to get this through the thick surface that is unfortunately covering their heads, that when someone talks about a bombing campaign THEY ARE NOT ADVOCATING SUCH A THING TO BE DONE DIRECTLY AGAINST THE IRANIAN PEOPLE but a certain military and intelligent establishments that have already been listed while these Gentle joojoos were having their chelokabab with maste moosir at their neighborhood kababi.

amazing how INTENTIONALLY they CHOOSE to ignore this CLEAR AND PRECISE FACT. Do they even give a rat's ass that it is not the people who are the intended target or they just derive a rediculois and Machiavellian pleasure out of harping on the same old garbage? How could some entity that is planned to be demolished and destroyed CAN GET MORE RADICALIZED?

WHy don't these guys take their precious heads out of the dark places they have them stuck in?



feeling better today?.

by mousa67 on

called me all kinds of names yesterday then flagged me you shia temptress. now that you are calmer and dont feel the burning sensation, make sure you tell all your friends about the benefits of vasseline. i need to go & see to faty commando.

cheeri you sweety.



good, Mr Mousa

by مآمور on

glad, u r making some efforts!!keep it up, keep it coming!! more farsi!!

I wear an Omega watch


i cant help you

by mousa67 on

with your  difficulty getting paychecks from the islamist regime due to sanctions. you might wana try what fati commando does. she earns $50 a go from me alone. otherwise, apply plenty of  vasseline to that shia islamist  hole of your body  which is burning most right now. i hear both ahmadinejad & khamenei  are using plenty of vasseline right now to lower the burnoing sensation. 


Immortal Guard

Mosa67 just a question!

by Immortal Guard on

Why are you Jews so insecure and have such a low tolerance threshold?

Don't worry your Egyptian friends will rescue you at the end! They will repay your kindness for building so many pyramid-shaped buildings around the world for them!

Don't you think you will be better received on egyptian.com where you spend your money?


"true children of iran"

by mousa67 on

aka west residing "aghazadeh moftkhor"*, their big mouth, & their entire "lashgar". need to first brush up their farsi to better than mousa the jew. then take a deep breath before having a heart attack due to anger & frustration. then remember the more they bark on internet, the more people of iran & israel go LOL.


* farsi words courtesy of my translator, fati commando  the ex press tv reporter. LOL.

iraj khan

Re: Nafasetoon az jayeh garm dar miyad

by iraj khan on

And that warm place is Israel's, Rajavi's and Reza Pahlavi's. 

Re: "So take your spoiled rotten selfish..."

And I add: take your spoiled rotten propaganda for War and Destruction and sell it somewhere else.

The true children of Iran are awake here.

I'm just saying,



Nafasetoon az jayeh garm dar miyad

by Rastgoo on

Would bombing Iran topple the regime?  Are you people for real?  The regime will get more radical and will endure longer.  This is a guarantee.  Unless Americans invade which is impossible.  So take your spoiled rotten selfish heads out of your bottom ends and think before you wish for the destruction of your mother land!

Immortal Guard

Iran is not a punchbag:

by Immortal Guard on

Dr. Mohandes

faramarz and ILI

by Dr. Mohandes on


Hey does that also apply to the certain particles' motion in the ocean or no..

As a die hard german fan i must say that i am rooting for them no matter what and i just hope upon hope that the Must bazi in the 2010 final won't happen this time around. They came out looking superior against Holland in the friendlies and never saw a performance like that one.

I was quite impressed by the russian team and am eager to see more of their plays. they look fantastic (just like NBA action Is faaaaaaaaantastic).

WHat is this thing about the british team boycotting the games? is that true? sabet imani and the gang broadcast the news last night!!!

ILI Of course i took physics but i just did not really know what i was being exposed to!! i don't even know how i got all the f's and d's that i got.  So...is physics a mexican actress or what?!


u r asking for too much

by مآمور on

my address and the Parchin are both off limit, what it is not off would be Iran playing a mouse and cat with 5+1, guess what? the cat(check the map) is sitting on his ass and watching Israel gets so paranoid!!

I wear an Omega watch


Doctor Mohandes & ILI

by Faramarz on



That's Newton's Second Law of Motion which states that the net force on a particle is equal to the time rate of change of its linear momentum.

Doctor Mohandes,
I agree with Beckenbauer that Germany and Spain will make it to the finals (as in 2008). I believe that the Germans will win it this time. Germans tend to elevate their game once they put that uniform on.

Spain has problems on defense, Torres is still struggling, the Barcelona crew (Xavi, Iniesta, Fabergas, Puyol and Pique) look mentally fatigued. The bright spots however are Mata and Silva.


Dr. Mohandes and Faramarz, I am glad you agree with me.


When you took your first year college physics which I hope you did and got a passing grade on it, you were exposed to the the concept of momentum:

P = m*V, m is the mass of the object and V is the velocity!

When an object (US/Israel) of large mass with a high velocity strikes an object of small mass (IRR) and no velocity, then this happens:



Dr. Israel Love

Arash Kamangir

A couple of bombs in khark Island will change IR's mind

by Arash Kamangir on

IR believes that they can continue the game they have played for the last 8-9 years. A couple of bombs dropped by Israel in Khark island will surely change their mind. I'd also say "bring it on".

Darius Kadivar

No major agreement will be reached prior to Obama's reelection

by Darius Kadivar on

This will linger on for some time ...

Firstly because of the Euro Crisis and partially because of the situation in Syria But mainly because No one wants the Iranian nuclear issue to become a central theme in the upcoming American Presidential Race. 

So there are going to be alot of back and forth discussions and fake announcement of "positive" signs and "progress" followed by "set backs" in talks.


Only a spectacular initiative by Obama's newly elected Administration when the moment will be ripe will make a difference.


The question now is not if that spectacular initiative will take place but when ...


Nixon in China


That would be  a fundamental error ... But well ... Unfortunately I'm not Obama's security advisor in a position to suggest him another far more morally legitimate option ...


Reza Pahlavi Submits Demand for Ali Khamenei’s Indictment to UN Security Council




Anytime you ready mousa the syber dic.

by Sialashgar on

But I just don't thing you r as stupid as your name to believe Iran is afraid of any country in the world don't forget this same basigies kiked your ugly ass before in lebanon.


"bring it on" !

by mousa67 on

the cyber bassijis on this site  had a habit of saying "bring it on".

well,looks like it will be brought to your paymasters in tehran & qom in not too distant future via F16s. send us your address in london, LA or toronto & we'll have it delivered   to your home address by those who serve & protect us.




IR, digging their own

by hirre on

IR, digging their own graves, let's hope they dig deep...

Dr. Mohandes

Oh It IS a go.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Right You are faramarz !

I agree with the Israellovesiran comment as well.

Speaking of games, Who is your pick to win it all in euro2012?


it is time for israelto act now


israel should prepare the f16s ...shlomoandshlemelwillbeflying soon...

may lord mosesprotect these brave pilots 


Turn out the lights, the party is over!

by Faramarz on



Obama and the west had to go through the motions just to demonstrate that these people have no interest in resolving issues.

But I could have told him the same thing months ago!

Let the games begin!


Here Comes!

by Demo on

Fred & his 'musti' remark any time now!