Ahwazi Arabs: Prisoners of the day

Six could face death penalty

Zamaneh: Amnesty International reports that six members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority -- Mohammad Ali Amouri, blogger; Rahman Asakereh, teacher; Hashem Sha’bani Amouri, teacher; Hadi Rashidi, teacher; Sayed Jaber Alboshoka and his younger brother Sayed Mokhtar Alboshoka -- will go on trial on May 20 amid fears that they will not receive a fair trial and may face the death penalty for the charge of “enmity against God.” The six detainees were reportedly arrested without charges for nearly one year. Amnesty International says their arrest was "in connection with their activities on behalf of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab community.”


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Truth always prevails

by asadabad on

The bastards moaned and groaned about the shah being a dictator, corrupt, abusive etc. and now they've shown themselves to be the epitome of all those terrible things.  Using the same standards applied to the shah; the shiite clerics are 1000% worse.  The hypocritical, two-faced liars must be overthrown and executed.  Death to shiism!  Free Iran!


Poverty in oil rich khuzestan province

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Our arab khuzestani compatriots, whilst living on top of biggest oil reserves in the Middle east, whilst their labour enables this oil to be mined, refined, sold  and generate astonishing amounts of money for the thieving, idol, fat, lazy mullahs and their west residing rent a mouth cronies,  are suffering from lack of water, food, housing, healthcare and education. their demands for social justice and human rights is answered with bullets, hanging, jail, torture by the Fascist regime.

Freedom for every political prisoner of the VF Regime should be the demenad of every Iranian  political opposition group  


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


A lesson to all Iranians

by Simorgh5555 on

An Arab house demolition

Before you criticize Isael's policies in the West Bank (even if they are wrong at times)sort your own 'Palestine' out!


Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

The only way to stop all these violations of basic human rights by the Islamist Rapists is regime change by the hands of Iranian people with logistical help from the sane world.

 Verbal, feel-good  support for the victims without offering solution,  is the preferred method of the Islamist Rapists, their supporters and gofers. 

Airtight sanctions plus air/naval cargo inspection is a must.