Aria Jasuru Hasegawa: FC Tokyo

Iranian-Japanese footballer

PFDC: Aria Jasuru Hasegawa of FC Tokyo is a 23-year-old Iranian-Japanese who recently made the headlines as he saved FC Tokyo from a loss in Asian Champions League, equalizing against Beijing Guoan. Born in Saitama, Japan, the versatile midfielder is the son of an Iranian father and a Japanese mother. He began his football career as an attacking midfielder with the Yokohama Marinos, proceeding to Japanese heavy-weights F.C Tokyo in the J-League, however, is also able to play in a more defensive central midfield role or on the right wing >>>


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A Tribute to Japan and the Iranian-Japanese!

by Faramarz on


I love Japan and the Japanese people and I have lived through the whole Japanese-Iranian problems.

I was there when Iranians were making a mess in Japan and when Japanese women were nice to Iranian men. So I totally get it!

Here is a tribute to Japan.



Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

"Arya" - is a lovely name and I wish him a great soccer career!


Family Name

by jmyt17 on

Father is Iranian and mother Japanese.

You can walk in any street of Tokyo and ask one simple question.

Do you know any Iranian in this city?

The answer is yes, They are selling fake Telephone Card,and drugs.

What will by your choice???



by yolanda on

The guy has Iranian father, but Japanese last name. Born out of the wedlock?


FC Tokyo

by jmyt17 on


Not my faroivte team. I like Kashima Anteraz. Is good that a public media announce these news about good and clean Iranian here. Japanese impression about Iranian is not so good; reason1-     Selling fake Telephone Card around station in big city in Japan.2-     Drug dealer around country.3-     More than 1,000 in prison 99% of drug delear are here are Iranian, famous one is Iranian wrestler Khadkhodai which is in prison here for next 25 years. Also we have good Iranian here, which I am proud of them. 




by zztop on

خوب شراب قرمز عزیز، تیم ۱۲ سیلندر ما کهکشانی نبود.  اگر علی‌ کریمی‌
را هم نداشتیم که در لیگ برتر هم نمیماندم.  من هم برای شروع جام ملتهای
اروپا روز شماری می‌کنم. ‌ای کاش ما هم در اروپا بودیم تا بیشتر لذت
میبردیم از این مسابقات.  از قهرمان شدن چلسی هم که سر در نیاوردیم !

موفق باشید

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

زیزی تاپِ عزیز،امسال وضع خیلی‌ خراب است،این از تاج و حال این از پرسپولیس ۱۲ سیلندرِ شما !

باز خدای را صد کرور شکر که چلسی جبرانِ مافات را کرد و چندی دیگر نیز اسپانیا،هلند و آلمان در جام قهرمانی اروپا،ما را با بازیهای قشنگشان مشغول خواهند کرد.

با سپاس .


Ey baba...

by zztop on

ای بابا شراب قرمز جان، ما که این روزا دلمون از تیم محبوبمون (پرسپولیس)
گرفته.  باید به این چیز‌ها دلم خوش بکنیم.  آقائ آریا موفق باشند...

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

نامِ صحیحِ ایشان آریا جَسور هاسِگاوا می‌‌باشد.

زاکرونی (مربی‌ بسیار مطرح و خوبِ فوتبالِ مدرن) ایشان را هفته قبل برای بازی در تیم ملی‌ جوانان ژاپن دعوت کرده است،از ایشان به عنوان یکی‌ از ۴ امیدِ آینده تیم ملی‌ فوتبال ژاپن نام میبرند،خوش تکنیک و بسیار خوش نقش.اف سی‌ توکیو با استخدامِ این بازیکن زد و برد .