Jahangir Badozadeh: Prisoner of the day

Kurdish activist serving life in prison

ICHRI: A local source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that Orumiyeh Prison authorities have transferred Kurdish political prisoner Jahangir Badozadeh to the drug traffickers' ward on Monday, 21 May. The source claimed that the prisoner, who is sentenced to life in prison, filed a grievance with the Prisons Inspection Office in Western Azerbaijan Province, after his family were verbally abused and threatened during a visitation. Instead of investigating his grievance, however, authorities transferred him to the prison's Quarantine Ward on 6 May. During his 15-day detention inside the Quarantine Ward, Badozadeh was banned from having visitors or calling his family.

"After keeping him in solitary cells, Orumiyeh Prison authorities transferred Jahangir Badozadeh to Ward 10, where drug traffickers are kept, on Monday, 21 May," the local human rights source told the Campaign.

According to the source, this political prisoner has been in prison since 2004. A Mahabad court first sentenced him to death on charges of "participation in murder," and "cooperating with Kurdish political parties." Badozadeh holds that his case file has been fabricated. After he appealed the ruling, he was acquitted of the murder charge due to lack of sufficient evidence. He was sentenced to life in prison on the charge of "cooperating with Kurdish political parties." The source told the Campaign that Badozadeh's son, Bijan Badozadeh, was killed in Mahabad in February 2006, and his other son, Mohammad Badozadeh, was killed by the IRGC in the summer of 2011 at Ghandil borde,r between Iran and Iraq, adding that both Badozadeh sons were PJAK members. Badozadeh's only daughter also committed suicide after hearing her father's earlier death sentence.


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They killed two of his sons, and caused his daughters suicide.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Now any regime, with even a shred of humanity, woulod let this obviously breaved father live the rest of his life in peace. But no, not the evil  fascist islamic republic of hell. They want to kill the father too.

Now try "reforming" this bunch of savages, this bunch of islamist Fascists....... 

Unconditional Freedom of every single political prisoner, regardless of their political affiliations should be the basic demand of every opposition group to the Fascist regime of "spokesman  of Allah on earth"


Down with IRI.

by MM on



Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

The only way to stop all these Islamist Rapist barbarity is regime change.

Verbal defense of the victims without offering a solution is the preferred reaction by the Islamist Rapists, their lobbies and gofers.


Airtight sanctions plus air/naval cargo inspection is a must.