Mansour Radpour: Prisoner of the day

Dies in jail

Radio Zamaneh: An Iranian political prisoner at Rejaee Shahr Prison in Karaj has died in jail, and a preliminary examination points to a cerebral hemorrhage as the cause of death.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that Mansour Radpour died Monday at 8 AM, and his face, neck and feet appeared darkened.

According to HRANA, Radpour suffered from a myriad of health conditions such as high blood pressure as well as heart and kidney problems, but prison authorities refused him adequate treatment.

HRANA also reports that Radpour had suffered from nausea on several occasions, but the prison infirmary had refrained from hospitalizing him.

Radpour made several requests for visitation rights with his son, which often authorities declined.

Radpour, a 41-year-old resident of Karaj, was arrested five years ago and charged with having sympathy for the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, a dissident political group.

HRANA claims that Radpour was badly tortured in prison and was refused medical care.

He was sentenced to three years in jail for “activities against national security through collaboration with the PMOI”. After that time was served, he was handed another five-year prison sentence.


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Only 41 years old, without medical attention, IRI is so over

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Khameneii, Mollahs, Basijii, Police, Supporters of IRI will answer for their participation in the inhumanity against Iranians.  Hiding behind the cloth of Islam and Sharia is not good enough when their victims feel the entire Corrupt Islamic Authorities need to be served the same justice they lived by and the most of the people of Iran want to see them locked up for life.

Of course had many people not been so gullable as to be effortlessly decieved by western authorities in such a deadly way regarding one of the most democratic Kings Iran has ever had, creating the largest growth in middle class in the entire planet, the Late Shah, then this nightmare some selfishly produced out of stupidity would have been easier to resolve, yet we are still finding ourselves educating the dumb-asses on the past as we all get to watch everyday the results of their efforts.  I can understand sometimes they don't wish to take credit for today, because if they were fair they would know it is not worth any ones time to take them seriously. Dictator, Corrupt, Torturer, unreasonable Repression, really? 

I wonder, if possibly some of the dumb-ass generation learned anything on the importance of pursuing power by following the truth as taught by Iranian thinkers & culture, versus using lies as taught by machiavelli in managing the masses in western style democracies?


We should not believe

by MM on

We should not believe anything that IRI says about her prisoners; MKO, drug dealer or monarchist.  Any confessions obtained from these prisoners thru torture must not even be worth the ink it was printed with. 


شیخکان رسواتر و بیرون کنیم




ای شیخک حقه باز و شیاد

by daneshjoo



ای بی وطن، ای خر عبا پوش

ضحاکِ فریب و زهد،  بردوش


ای شیخک حقه باز و شیاد  

ای مظهر جور و کین و بیداد  

حکم تو، بسی جوان ما کشت 

ای کرده به مهر آدمی، پشت  

کشتی تو ندا، امیر و اشکان  

ماتم زده کرده ای تو ایران 

بد نام، تو کرده ای وطن را     

پوشیده به نو گلان، کفن را    

ای بی پدر گدا زاده 

بر گنج کیانیان فتاده 

دیدیم که دین تو فریبست  

آیین تو چون خودت پلیدست 

ما زاده ی آرش دلیریم  

ظلم و ستمت نمی پذیریم  

عمرت شده شمع؛ در ره باد 

باید بکشی ز درد فریاد  

وقتست که بر خرت نشانیم 

در کوچه و برزنت کشانیم




by Shepesh on

People say why don't most comment on such articles. how many times can we show our sorrow, disgust and despair about situation in Iran and its prisoners. I could say what a sad day and condolence, but every day I would need to say that. My prayers are for his family and I hope he did not suffer too much.


Let me self censor my own comment.......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

by not  naming names. But would it not be fair to call the supporters of the islmist regime on this site -covert and overt - who label anyone who speaks against the fascist islamic regime as " MKO supporters" as accomplices to Mansour Radpour's Murder by the fascist islamist regime on charges of being a "MKO supporter"? 

My deepest condolences to this brave compatriot's family. He will not be forgotten, nor will his murderers be forgiven......

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


May those who continue to support the regime

by Simorgh5555 on

People who support the Islamic Republic after three decades of terror, rape and murder are inhuman. They are biological plasticine. May they all die from an Israeli cluster bomb.Every last one of them.
May Mansour's jailers die an excrutiating death. May an Israeli rocket land on their house and cars. May an Israeli rocket land on their mosques and schools.



Shame on Those who tortured him & Killed

by Azarbanoo on

him.  They are bastatrd animals who look like human.  The Blood of Brave IRANIANS are on IRR hands.  Hope soon this 33 years nightmare ends.  


Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

Regime change by Iranian people with logistical help from the free world is the only sane way to put a permanent end to 34 years of systematic violation of basic human decency by the Islamist Rapist barbarians.

Verbal support for the legion of victims, without offering any solution, is the preferred reaction by the Islamist Rapists, their lobbies and gofers.

Airtight sanction plus air/naval cargo inspection is a must.