Tooraj (Tooji) Keshtkar: Eurovision

Shiraz-born pop star represented Norway in music contest


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This whole contest is nothing but Eurotrash thrills

by Simorgh5555 on

It is not meant to be taken seriously. Its a fantastic good laugh larhely at the expense of the singers who make themselves an object of ridicule. 

The best contribution was Greece. "You make me want your Aphrodisiac!" -And boy do they need it right now cash trapped as they are!


Darius Kadivar

Azerbaijan Part of Europe ? Eenam Deegheh Masgarast

by Darius Kadivar on

N'importe quoi ...


They hardly haven't been able to integrate have of Eastern Europe and now extend Europe to frontiers which have nothing to do with Europe as a Continent ...


Even Turkey is hardly fitting the definition ...


Meegham Shodeh Euro Caca  

Darius Kadivar

English Singing Moroccan Wins Eurovision for Sweden

by Darius Kadivar on

Sweden wins Eurovision contest (bbc)

Swedish singer Loreen has won this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan, with UK entry Engelbert Humperdinck finishing 25th out of 26







Moroccan Swedish Wins the Eurovision 2012 |


Darius Kadivar

No I'm Not But Good for You ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I'm not questioning your ideals or that of your other Jomhurykhah likeminds ...


I'm questioning My Generation's loyalties and to put it Bluntly their Namaknashnasee ...


COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)


But then I guess you are not alone in following what becomes Fashionable ...


shirin_ebadi with rudi_bakhtiar and roxanna_saberi.jpg  


And it's not just rooted in our parents behavior who took part or not in that Devolution of 79 ...

I think it is an Iranian thing ...

We are Individualists as a people ... that's what makes us at times ungovernable ...


SARE DARD: Even Reza Shah found it a ‘headache’ to lead Iranians 


But let me reassure you ...


Having read you over the years I know it is not entirely your case. You are an intelligent contributor with a good sense of humor which I appreciate and you are well informed on history and could equally correct me on many issues for I never claimed I am right or that I know everything or have the answers to all the ills of our nation let alone the world.

But I do claim that I have strong convictions and try to defend them to the best of my ability be it by being intellectually accountable for what I write which is not always easy.


If people think it's been easy to get my ideas through all these years ? well it hasn't and probably it's even been harder for me than many others because I was not at all fitting in that editorial political outlook which has become this website's Motto: Nothing is Sacrad !


On the contrary I think some things ARE Sacred ! 


Human Life for instance, Our Nation's destiny and identity, cultural outlook and many other things which I have tried to defend or highliight through my contributions over the years.

That's not to say I don't understand the meaning of that Motto which basically means being allowed to say what we want.

But like Bakhtiar said: "If Democracy is the ability to say what we want, that's Democracy ... But if Democracy means the ability to do anything we want, then it's Anarchy'


Well I think to some degree the same applies to when we write. It's easy to just complain or admire but at one point we have to ask ourselves do we believe in anything ? What price are we ready to pay for it ?

Or we prefer to go and travel to Brazil and South America while promoting "Liberal Democratic" Values via NIAC whilst saying "Lengesh Kohn" ... ( No Pun intended to JJ) 


So if someone is ready to do it for us as is the Case for Crown Prince Reza and we refuse to help him then who is to blame ? RP or us ?

Mageh een Family Hasn't also paid the price ... Ham Khaharesh ham Baradaresh ... Ham Babash ...

What more guarantees do you want ? a COLLECTIVE SUICIDE to make you folks get your Acts together ?


Why aren't you EYE RANIANS but the same could be applied to us EU RANIAN (Iranians living in Europe) rallying in a stadium as our parents did in Support to RP:


IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Crown Prince Reza's First Public Rally in exile at the LA Stadium (1992)


Akheh Az cheeh meetarseed deegeh ? Mesleh Massoud Kazemzadeh ya Fariba Amini Meetarseed Keh Khodesh ya Dokhtarash beshan Dictator ? ...


Princess Iman Pahlavi's High School Graduation Photos


NOOR GRADUATES: Princess Noor Pahlavi's High School Graduation Photos



De Gaulle Once said it's not at the age of 67 that I will start a career as a dictator ...


The same is true for Our Royals ...


Why always ask the Crown to do something for us ... Why Not apply Kennedy's Motto when it comes to Patriotism:

"Ask Not what the Crown can do for you but what You Can do for the Crown" ?

Isn't that the Spirit of Rostam and Zal after all ?

We publish the Comic book but then Join NIAC ( No pun intended at my good friend Bruce)


But well Sorry Symbols like words Matter !  


Words For Eternity ...


Why are people including on this website ready to demonstrate for the Palestinian cause or go an Occupy Wall Street but have no time to go and protest against the IRI or stand in support for someone who genuinely is trying to do just that ?


I'm no hero ... I am actually a coward compared to all those brave guys back home who took to the streets ... But I did not wait 2009 to express my opposiiton to the IRI ...


Drops in an ocean by DK
Photo essay: Protest in Paris
December 12, 2002


Nor did my Brother wait 2009 to demonstrate :


Out in force
Photo essay: Demonstration outside IRI embassy in London
July 11, 2003


At least we TRIED in our own Capacity to put to practice what we Preached !


Unlike others we didn't sit and Say Lengesh kohn nor did wesupport dubious organizations like NIAC as it was done early on by nearly all the Iranian websites and not just here.


But when I or my brother expressed something in support of a Constututional Monarchy we were attacked by all sides even before people actually READ what we were advocating:


Democracy vs. Anarchy by CK


We are awake by CK


The general's widow by CK 


I don't claim we were ever censored but we were not particularly welcome by a website where nearly everyone was loyal to the IRI which they saw as something reformable. I don't need to name them they can recognize themselves.



Look at the price this disunity has caused us and how it is playing in the hands of the IRI ...  


At least I HAVE TRIED where as others JUST COMPLAIN !


I think people can accuse me of many things except being a narrowminded fanatic.


Otherwise I would be no different form a Fanatic be it a Shahollahi or Mossadegholahi or Communist or other "isms" who would limit myself to Slogans devoid of the slightest argument. 


I never question a person's preferences ideological, philisophical, sexual or other ...


We need to tolerate others for their differences and give credit where it's due and criticize it when they aren't ...


Haven't I been painstaikingly doing this on this website all these years with my blogs aimed only at best at informing people or expanding their horizons and hopefully expanding our understanding of the world beyond out own Irano Centric obsessions ?

I have never escaped any debate or controversial subject even when it was about acknowledging errors of the past regime and even Crimes. 

Nor have I looked at the Monarchy as some dogmatic ideology frozen in time since I look at the world and equally report on Monarchies which behave dictatorially to this day as well as those which behave democratically. Same for Republics which I admire for their flexibility and democratic practice as the one I am living in.

That's maybe what distinguishes me with many Shahollahis I despise as well as Jomhurykhah some of whom I admire even if I disagree with them.

Republicanism has become a Dogma in the minds of Many Iranians and Not just Iranians. As much as I never advocated France or anyother democratic Republic to restore it's Monarchy, I see regularly Jomhurykhahs suggest the contrary for fully democratic societies like Spain or the UK where they happen to reside ... 

I have no taboo when it comes to the TRUTH !


Even if that truth may be hurtful to my own beliefs.

But do you see the same behavior in your jomhurykhah constituency ( by YOU I do not mean YOU the individual but those who share your Jomhurykhah ideals secular or not: aynak, Arj, Q, Marg, Sargord Peerooz and god knows who I have had to confront over the years). 

So one can wonder at times who is genuinly Tolerant and who is not ?  

I don't think democracy is merely about having a Constitution and a Set of laws and rules set out on paper ... it's about our COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR ...


Benjamin Franklin was once asked by someone after having contributed to drafting the American Constitution:


"Sir what have you givin us ? "


to which BF responded:


"A Republic Ma'am ... If you can keep it"


Well the same could be applied to our ideals ... equally your Republican one or my Monarchist one  ...


I often like to provok people by bluntly telling them that I am not a democrat but a Patriot !


I don't have the intellectual arrogance to claim I am more of a democrat than my neighbour. When I vote I vote with my heart and quite selfishly for my own interests. I think we all do but want to pretend we believe like Voltaire:

" I don't share what you believe in but I am ready to die so that you can express yourself as freely"

Quite Honestly do you think anyone including Voltaire believed in martyrdom ?

I don't !

So ultimately what we individually may think and like is very different from what COLLECTIVELY is demanded from us as people who wish to see our country Free and Democratic.




I couldn't care about Sarkozy or any other Western Leader's Predicament ...


The Fellow lives well and is happily married and life goes on for these people regardless of what their countrymen and countrywomen decide.


But to ignore the implications of their actions  or inactions on the long terms is not something anyone can ignore when observing the world of politics and international relations.  


Mageh Barayeh Cheshmo Abrooshoon az oonah defah meekonam ? Kheir !


In politics you NEVER Have Friends ... Just POTENTIAL Allies :


OUR BEST ALLY: France's President SARKOZY


Who can then equally disappoint us:


BBC News - France frees killer of Iranian ex-PM Shapour Bakhtiar



But that's Not the Point !


What matters it to be true to oneself and one's ideals ...


If you feel it's your case then fine ...


Only time will say who was right and who was wrong ...


But I won't pretend like so many Iranians in the Diaspora that the key is "Hambasteghi"


Hambasteghi to what purpose ?


Clearly there are two visions of Iran shaped by History : A Constitutionalist One and a Republican one which will exist even beyond the Islamic Republic's demise or survival ...


As far as I am concerned These two distinct visions are incompatible with one another ...


They can find common ground on some major issues like Human Rights and Democratic institutions.


But the Monarchy is by structure and definition an Elitist system and a conservative one and for reasons which have absolutely nothing to do with democratic aspirations but purely Patriotic ones.


As much as Democracy is a legitimate aspiration ... Patriotism is a Duty.


It has nothing absolutely nothing to do with being or not a democrat. 


And Patriotism in Iranian terms has always been about Rallying behind one's Sovereign ...


That's what the Shahnameh has tought us. One can accept it or merely dismiss it as Fanaticism that is up to everyone to believe or not in such symbols or values deemed "obsolete" until you realize that some pasdar with a gun knocks at your door and leaves you with no other chance than fighting for your life. 


Now if you want to reinvent it with a "Green Flag" Fine ... or claim like some of these Diaspora Poets and Artists that Ferdowsi was actually a Red Communist ... Why Not ? ...  

We are all free to use our imagination and cloak our hopes in re inventing our identity as individuals.

But an Individual does not compose alone a Nation. Which itself is composed of all of us ...


And a Nation that loses it's identity is Not going to survive on the long run ... 


That we in the Diaspora are confronted to different lifestyles and have had to cope and live with new values and immerse ourselves in a cultural melting pot which has enriched us and opened our horizons is fine, I have abolutely no problem with that it's just that those back home don't have the same luxury we spoiled brats have in the West and are deprived of most of the liberties our generation enjoyed including during the Shah's time.


So to see people who benefitted from that era ( and I am not saying it is your case ) constantly spit on the Pahlavis :



Ebrahim Golestan: "The Shah's Coronation Made Me Wanna Vomit" (BBC





Or worse adopt a hypocrital stance ...


Shadi Sadre's Rebuttal of Massoud Behnoud's Endorsement of IRI Constitution 


DEATH - VERTISING ? Mehrangiz Kar Claims Husband was No More a Monarchist


The Fact that so many of you merely sit there and observe such outrageous comments and say ... Lengesh Kohn ... Meegzareh ...


That to me makes people at least Intellectually ( or should I say ANN TELLECTUALLY) Equally Partners in the crimes that are being commited on a daily basis in our country as they have for the past 33 years.  


Without EVER questioning their own errors ( not as individuals but as citizens and members of a community)


But do I take the Defeat of Iran for the past 33 years Seriously as I have done from Day One when I was forced to leave Iran knowing that some of my Classmates Parents were executed and others like millions of young Iranians had to fight to defend their country with a plastic Key on their neck while fighting Saddams Chemical Arms and Military Equipement delivered by the French Socialists ?


SARBAZ: Fereidoun Farrokhzad helps child soldiers of Iran Iraq War


Well heck of Course I take it personally ! Not for myself but for all those voiceless back home who count on us ...


And if you folks think I get paid for my writings ? You are wrong ! 

I'm Not, I'm an ex engineer turned self employed Journalist and documentary film producer trying to make ends meet ...


I may probably even be a Fool who has burnt his youth on the altar of history for a lost cause But you know what ?


I'm Proud of EVERY Word I have written on this Website Because I believe in Each and EVERY Thing I Defended Passionately and with Faith.

I will probably be moving out too cause I am tired of talking and preaching to deaf Ears and ruining my health for people who couldn't care less ...

Writing has been a therapy for me and a creative one. It helped me discover a potential I never thought I had and I hope in the process I managed to convince one or two people.

I don't expect anything from anyone anymore ... whether they share my views or not.

What I know is that Grew Up in the process ... Matured and learned that life is far more equally complex and simple but that nothing and no one is one dimensional.


I came across great personalities online and offline who enriched me with their thoughts and feedbacks and made me laugh with their sense of humor and I can proudly say you have been one of them 

Hope to find you guys on my own website : if you liked my contributions and if you feel that it made a difference ...

I probably should have started this website much earlier but I am neither as tecnhically saavy nor as much of a businessman as JJ ...  

If not sorry to have disappointed you ... 


But then I guess that's the lesson of 12 years behind the key board :



Mah Tagougiha shodeem mostazaf ...


Enghelabyha Jomhurykhah shodan Tagouti ... 



So while JJ travels the world I'll try to make sure I don't sink with the eurozone ...





DK Jaan

by Faramarz on



You are taking Sarkozy’s defeat very seriously and personally.

Or as Sonny told Michael in the Godfather, “You're taking this very personal. Tom, this is business and this man is taking it very, very personal.”

You know, it is not easy for me to be me and trust me, I try very hard to remain true to myself and my ideals. But I think that I am getting there!

Darius Kadivar

Faramarz Jan Thank you for proving my point ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

I am willing to give away a few of my body parts to be in this clip! ..."


Next thing you know you will also give up parts of your country too ... 



Iran Territory through time .AVI




Why do you think I'll never Trust you Jomhurykhah  "Liberal Democrats" even when likeable and Secular like you  ?...


"Iranians Have Liberal Society, Values" |


Hee Hee 


As Alexander was right when he said Treachery runs in Persian blood ... Only a King Can Slay a King ...


Only a King May Slay a King Scene from Alexander theGreat 








"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow.




DK Jaan, Please...

by Faramarz on


Arash is God!

I mean just look at these Russian beauties. I am willing to give away a few of my body parts to be in this clip!

Vive Perestroyka!

Darius Kadivar

Red Wine Jan Nothing better than Cultural Schizophrenia to boost

by Darius Kadivar on

One's Career ... Yek Micro meedan beh har Iroonyeh Schizophren bad meeghan ya Suedyeh ya Norvegyeh ... With Some Luck you may even end up in a Movie with Monica Bellucci and show up at Cannes ...

Arash Labaf will be acting with Beren Saat & Monica Bellucci in a new

Even on Russian TV  

Arash породнился с Моникой Белуччи



Darius Kadivar

Gorbanat Red Wine Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

Viva Espana et Viva El Rey 



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

چه خوب گفتی‌ داریوش جان :) .

Darius Kadivar

Thank God at least the Russians are sending their Grannies ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

Euro Caca ... There is nothing Genuine about these shows anymore

by Darius Kadivar on

No one truly watches it either here ...

It's nearly become a joke amongst journalists here that to anchor a Eurocontest is actually a Carreer Buster ( than a Booster) for any aspiring journalist Let alone Singer ...


The Golden Years of the Eurovision are truly over ...


Marie Myriam - L'oiseau et l'enfant (1977 )


Eurovision 1980 Turkey: Ajda Pekkan - Petrol / Petr´oil 


Abba Actually did a disservice to this contest turning it into an English dominated song contest with absolutely nothing to do with the competing country's culture.


The "racist" accusation is just the convenient unimaginative excuse to sell everyone this vague "concept" of being  "Citizens of the World"  just to please an urge for immediate consumption on a global market ...


The French still try to resist to this anglo saxon marketing domination:

Anggun - Echo (You and I) - France Eurovision 2012.


But there is nothing particularly original about these songs and performances ...


That doesn't mean the Artists who perform are not talented or that anyone of any origine be it ethnic or racial should not participate but I don't think that by Claiming that such events have lost their originality and bluntly highlighting their mediocrity has nothing to do with being Racist ...



Eurovision has become purely commercial in the worst sense of the word :


Eurovision Spain star 'misquoted' (bbc)






Red Wine


by Red Wine on

۱-لطف فرموده در آینده پارسی بنویسید،با سپاس .

۲-همین که شما نسلِ برتر و شکوفای گروهِ آبا و سلین دیون را با نسلِ فعلی‌ مقایسه می‌‌فرمائید ثابت کننده؛ این است که از جریاناتِ تاریخی این مسابقه با شکوه خبر نداشته و تنها تماشاگرید ! آدم باید با علم صحبت کند،یکی‌ این است که کس نظرِ شخصی‌ دهد و کس دگر این است که اطلاعت داشته باشد و آشنا به بحثِ مربوطه،در سیاست هر پدر سوخته‌ای میتواند داستان بلغورات کند،در هنر فقط کار به دستِ کاردان است و بس.

۳- بنای این مسابقه بر اصلیتِ موسیقی‌ یک کشورِ اروپایی بوده است،یعنی‌ انگلستان یک انگلیسی بفرستد و یا لااقل سبکِ آن ترانه از همان کشور باشد،این شیوه متأسفانه رو به فراموشی رفته و تنها کشور‌هایی‌ چو فرانسه،اسپانیا و ایتالیا سعی‌ میکنند گاه به گاهی‌ به زبانِ خود بخوانند (به خصوص فرانسه و اسپانیا) ،اینها خوانندگانی واقعی‌ هستند که سپس سالیانِ سال در یادها می‌‌مانند چون مارکتینگ نیستند، این موسیقی‌ بازاری (دل‌ خوش کنِ ارزانِ دیسکویی !!!) باعث شده است که کشورهای اسکاندیناوی خط و مشی‌ اصلی‌ خود را از دست بدهند.حال نفوذ خارجیان موثر بوده است یا خیر این دیگر کارِ جامعه شناسان است آسیب شناسانِ این قاره پهناور که ارزشهای هنری خود را از دست داده است.حال شما هر چه خواستید ما را صدا زنید... کارِ بنده هندوانه زیرِ بغل کسی‌ گذاشتن و یا تصدقات بازی نیست،اشتباه گرفتید،اینجا که خارجی‌ نیست که جلویش قمپز در کنیم ...کاری را که ایراد دارد باید گفت و تذکر داد و اشکال گیری کرد،خاله خاتون بازی و دگر اعمال باشد برای شبِ جمعه دیگر که وقت ضیق است و آدمی‌ کم حوصله !

۴-البته چون شما تنها تماشاگرید (اینجور است و یا در دنیای تلویزیون،هنر،موسیقی‌،سینما فعالیت حرفه‌ای دارید ؟) نظرِ دیگری دارید که محترم است،دست اندر کارانِ این گونه رویداد‌ها نیز بدین گونه عمل میکنند که نه‌ سیخ سوزد و نه‌ کباب و در آخر هنرمندِ واقعی‌ است که شناخته نمی‌شود و اگر هم شود،نا امید به امرِ دیگری روی می‌‌آورد،این نسلِ جوانِ موسیقی‌ دلسرد کننده است،این نسلِ جوانِ موسیقی‌ بسیار بسیار نگران کننده عمل می‌کند و دودش در آخر به چشم خودشان می‌‌رود.

آخر هفته خوبی‌ داشته باشید.


Red wine, you are getting sour

by choghok on

Last years winners have been from various parts of europe, Germany, Russia, Norway and last time Azarbaijan.

You implying that Norway use foreigners recently is also a bit racist. This Tooji guy has lived most of his life in Norway, he is more Norwegian than anything else. Also in Eurovision it has been a custom to actually borrow singers from other countries. For example Celine Dion has song for Switzerland.

All that said Eurovision is not about best song or music. It is very odd to have a competition for art. How do you compete? It all melts into really making friends and having good time. Eurovision was created after 2nd world war just to knit countris closer to each other instead of fighting. For example Armenian group sang some years a go some parts of their song in Azeri so to try yo reach a hand for peace between the countries.

I do not like 99% of the music coming out of Eurovision but I think still it has done a lot of good. And also songs like ABBA's Waterloo.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این نروژ به پیسی خورده است و چند سال است که خارجیان را به عنوانِ نماینده خود به یوروویژن می‌فرستد.

امشب مشخص میشود که آیا ایشان به مرحله نهایی که فردا باشد راه پیدا می‌کند یا خیر...

سبکِ ایشان پاپ ارینتال است که چند سالیست به دستِ خوانندگانِ یونانی،ترکیه،آذربایجان مشاهده کرده ایم،با اینحال در یورویژن مردم به هنر رای نمیدهند،چشم رو هم چشمی فراوان است (مثالِ بارزِ آنجاست که چند سالیست که ایرلند و انگلستان خوانندگان بسیار خوبی‌ را فرستادند اما چون در اروپا کسی‌ این جماعت را دوست ندارد بیچاره‌ها رای نمی‌‌آورند !) همسایه به همسایه رای می‌‌دهد،شرق به شرقی‌ و غرب به غربی رای می‌‌دهد،از ۲۰۰۶ تا به حال به اسپانیا،فرانسه،سوئیس،ایتالیا و انگلستان درخواستِ تغییرِ سیستمِ رایگیری شده اند که سازمان تلویزیونهای اتحادیه اروپا تا به حال جوابی نداده است. امروز عصر و فردا صبح به ما خبر دادند که در باکو به دورِ هم جمع خواهند شد تا جریان را لااقل برای سالِ دیگر بررسی‌ کنند.

پارتی بازیهای کشور‌های اسکاندیناوی (خجالت آور است آن چیزی که خارجیانِ این سرزمینها انجام میدهند!)،تقلب در سیستمِ مخابراتی از طرفِ کشورهای قبلی‌ جماهیر شوروی (خطوطِ تلفن را مثلا از ازبکستان،قرقیزستان و ... با تلفنهای متعدد اشغال میکنند تا روس‌ها برنده شوند) ، قرشمال بازیهای کشور‌های بالکان (متحدینِ همیشگی‌،قبل از رایگیری به صورت بسیار برجسته همدیگر را از نحوه رایگیری با خبر می‌‌سازند و در نهایت خیلی‌ قشنگ شمال نشینهای اروپا را خر میکنند !) .

این هنر نیست،این موسیقی‌ نیست... چند سالیست (از اواخر میلنیومِ گذشته) که این شیوه باعثِ رکودِ شدید موسیقی‌ پاپ و پاپِ اروپایی شده است و بازار به صورتِ مارکتینگِ خالص درآمده است.

وضعیت خراب است،حق به حقدار نمیرسد،خواننده واقعی‌،موسیقی‌دانِ واقعی‌ بازنده است ... حیفِ یوروویژن !

بازارِ سینما و تلویزیون همچنان در کان برقرار است،باید به فکرِ بازگشت به خانه باشیم...هنر که از میان رفته و آرامش در هیچ جا برقرار نیست .