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A selection of paintings by Hannibal Alkhas (1930-2010)

by buna
Hannibal Alkhas, who died in California Tuesday at the age of 80, was born in 1930 in Kermanshah, Iran, and he spent childhood and teenage years in Kermanshah, Ahvaz and Tehran. Hannibal's work is deeply inspired by the ancient bas-reliefs and stone sculptures of Ancient Assyria, Babylon and Daric-Persia. He has developed and mastered a unique style of painting that seeks to vitalize the historic processes within the passing moment. His achievements include a number of one-man shows, group art exhibitions, and traveling exhibitions in Southern Iran and Israel. Aside from being displayed in his own gallery, a number of his paintings are featured in the Fine Arts Museum and Gallery of Modern Art in Tehran and the Helena d' Museum in Tel Aviv >>>

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Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I love his work. They are wonderfully creative and imaginative. Many are timeless. As a prolific modern artist and mentor to at least a couple of hundred artists, his influence on the Iranian art scene is unmatched.

For decades his home was also home to dozens of the greatest artists, writers, poets and thinkers of the past half century.

He will be greatly missed. His name and vision will live on.

Ehsan karimi

I have never seen such

by Ehsan karimi on

I have never seen such meaningless drawings. This isn't Art. This is crap.


May god bless his soul

by Hamed on

I like #1 

Iran Paidar 1st

A wonderful person

by Iran Paidar 1st on

I knew Mr. Alkhas and his family personally.  I was friend with his children and spent a lot of time at their house. He was a very friendly and warm individual and his work was so fantastic and way ahead of his time. I am truly saddened by his passing. May his soul rest in peace.



by Midwesty on

Thanks for posting. I read the news on BBC Persian and was puzzled that why the ceremony celebrating his 60th artistic life was watered down by the IRI officials?!? There was some quotes from his speech at the ceremony that showed how much he was hurt by the IRI officials' negative gesture. Why is that? Does any one know why they planned for his celebration then they didn't attend it?!?

What went possibly wrong that at the last moment they had to cancel things? Why people? Why don't you question these?


A national treasure. I did

by vildemose on

A national treasure. I did not even know he existed...Thanks for posting this.

Nazy Kaviani

A great loss...

by Nazy Kaviani on

Everything about Hannibal Alkhas was special, his art, his poetry, and his life which touched the lives of so many others. I remember attending a Hossein Alizadeh concert in San Francisco in the early 1990's. During Q/A, after thanking his fans for coming to see him, he said he was humbled and touched that his teacher, Hannibal Alkhas had come to see him perform. Since that day I have always seen a bit of Hannibal Alkhas in Alizadeh's music. I am sure his touch is palpable in the works of many other artists, whether painters or not.

Rest in peace, Master Alkhas. You will be missed.


Thank you so much for posting

by Mehrban on

I remembered having gone to a painting exhibit with my cousin which made a great impression on me but having been very young at the time, I had not concentrated on and remembered the painter's name.  later, I often wondered who the painter was.  Here he is, it was Hannibal Alkhas, huh!   

Beautiful work, some quite large scale and full of ideas.  I am so glad to know his name now.  I am sorry about his passing, may his soul rest in peace.