Capturing criminals

Identifying members of the security forces

by Gerdbad Sabz

اطلاعاتتان را برای ما ارسال کنید. در صورتی که شما هم تصاویری از این سرکوبگران وطن فروش دارید، یا اطلاعاتی از تصاویر منتشر شده افراد در اختیار دارید، آن را برای ما به آدرس زیر ارسال کرده و در این کار به ما کمک کنید.




by Yaasi on

hahaha..That's exactly what I thought..except with his eyes crossed he must have killed several people by accident or missed the right targets..Inshalla some day his crossed eyes would be our only chance to hit the right target by mistake..



by TheMrs on



The difference is that CNN or Fox, if needed, can be forced to make a retraction and at least in the USA they can totally be sued for publishing someone's work ID without permission or even go to court for accusing someone to be part of an organization based on a hazy or suspicious photo ID. Also, the people working at CNN or Fox are presumably journalists. Which means they have researched things out and are backed by organizations that have hired them for the same purpose. Here, we don't even know who provided this information. For all I know it could be from iran, trying to distract people by putting BS pictures out there, or pictures of those in the police they want to get rid of.

However, you are right. I DON'T trust everything in CNN or FOX. So I use a certain level of judgement as to what I believe or not. I think it's the same with everyone. I think of their coporate affiliations, their political directions, and I compare and contrast. When I need news from Iran, I'm forced to go to radio farda, gooya, balatarin, facebook, cnn, fox, bbc and all sorts of places just to see if something really did happen. We're all in that boat, no? We don't trust all of these outlets, now why trust gerdbad with some pictures?

Now, I think identifying basijis is great. But I need more than a cell phone picture. The chance of making a mistake is not worth it. Why not just publish the address and phone numbers of some of their official centres? We could bombard them with calls and emails or whatever. But for sure, a picture of some bearded guy is stretching it a bit. Even though it's done with the best intentions. 

Besides, there's no way to tell some of these pictures are from recent events. Like I said, how can you be sure some of these faces weren't part of peaceful demonstrations by Moosavi supporters and then photoshoped? In number 17 the dude isn't even doing anything wrong. Maybe he's trying to push a basiji back! You know how easy it is to screw with pictures? Maybe it's improbable but it's not impossible. 

This strategy of publishing a picture with an address works great only for people who live in the neighborhoods of Iran and live on taghi street. Only they can know for sure if these people are who we think they are. Even then, who can be sure if the neighbor next door is part of the basij or his brother in law screwed with a picture?

Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


I like the one in "gerdaab022", nr. 17. The guy loading an automatic pistol even resembles a monster too! Perfect for a Hollywood role.



What avenues..

by Fair on

.. are you referring to when you say there are avenues to deal with this.

The regime has closed all avenues to compromise. The only way forward is confrontation. This is their choice, not ours, and we will pay a higher price unfortunately.

And we will remember what they did to us. We will remember the people in these pictures. The more they commit crimes against humanity, the harsher we will judge them on their judgement day.

And their judgement day will come. Guaranteed.

Thank you, keep these pictures coming. Let the masks of the terrorists be ripped off for the world to see.




How could anyone know or trust anything for that matter?

by KouroshS on


You are making a good point there, yet at the same time how can you trust and verify what you hear and see on CNN or Fox or any other news outlet around the world? Having said that in some pictures there are clues based on which you can tell that this picture hasbeen taken in iran and not in gaza. In most of them you can tell based on what you see in the background.


Take picture 17: The guy

by TheMrs on

Take picture 17:

The guy isn't even doing anything wrong in the picture. The only thing I can say for sure is that he's fat (that sucks but so far it's not a crime) and he has a beard, he looks ugly. But that could be from an image from Gaza! Maybe if we saw the whole image, you'd see a green wrist band! I mean I don't know I'm taking that one as an example. I just don't think this is a good strategy.


Thinking out loud

by TheMrs on

How do I know some of these pictures aren't fake?

How do I know, one of these faces isn't Gerbad's wife's ex boyfriend that he wants to get even with? Or better yet, his previous business partner or just that dude down the street that really gets on his nerves?

How do I know some of these pictures don't belong to active members of the GREEN movement?

Now that I think of it, there are tons of pictures of ugly looking guys with weapons or hezbolahi looking people...they could be in Gaza but I guess anyone could take their picture and say it's hojat ghazanfari who lives on ghasem avenu pelake 69

American Dream

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

by American Dream on

I don't see the wisdom in posting these photos.

If the photos are accurate we have photos of security forces that used deadly force or too much force.

If the photos are not accurate then the people in the photos are scape goated.

Any violence against security forces will lead to a bigger crack down and less freedom.

Any vigilante violence won't solve the problem.  An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

There are avenues to address the problem.

Inciting violence to correct violent actions is not the answer.


Beware of IRI agent provocateurs:

by vildemose on

 was published for the first time by Steve Schippert on this blog: and no one is asking where he got the image from.""

Are you claiming that this picture is not from the recent uprising?? And how do you know it was published for the "first time"? That is a lie. Many others have published it. It was  on the you tube before anywhere else.

Why are your trying to muddy the waters??

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Emotions and Anger running high...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

It is completely understandable for us Iranians to be furious with what has happended to us, to our beloved country, countrymen, women and our innocent children in Iran.

There is also no question in anyone's mind (any where in this world) that the responsible and guilty party is the Islamic Republic regime... (Starting with their so called Spiritual Leader down to their criminal thugs on the ground!)

So after Iranians win (by next year the latest, GOD WILLINGLY) and take back their own country from these foreign criminals, there is no question that all of those who have committed crimes against humanity/Iranians must be identified, arrested, trialed and imprisoned if guilty for the rest of their EVIL lives...

While the most important figures of I.R. (Foreign Entity) are in solitary confinement, they can reflect on what crimes they have committed against humanity and Iranians during their occupation of Iran and their own worthless/ EVIL lives!!! Once in few months, they must be shown a video clip of how FREE, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS IRANIANS ARE without them! While these EVIL souls and criminals are locked up forever.......



Here is a very interesting article of what happens to people when they are in prison:



by meshki on

I'm not sure where Gerdbad Sabz is obtaining all this information from. I'm sure some (if not most) are true. But as far as I know the image of the person with the giant gash on his chest is not related to the recent protests so I naturally question the validity of the rest of the content here.

Firstly, that photo was published for the first time by Steve Schippert on this blog: and no one is asking where he got the image from.

Secondly, this was supposed to be from an "axe attack" but this wanted poster shows a man with a smal knife. You'd think by now at least ONE photo from these so-called axe attacks would have surfaced by now. So his sources couldn't have been very reliable.

Finally, there are many discussions about this photo and some believe this cut to be from a bullet, not from a sharp object.

I don't claim to be an expert or to know if the information provided here is valid or not. Let's make one thing clear: there are criminals at large in Iran and they need to be brought to justice. But I urge people to take all information they see on the internet with a grain of salt and do their own research before forming lynch mobs.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Good job Gerdbad: identification is the first step towards ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

elimination of these thugs and murderers. With the speed the courage and the KLASH are increasing in Iran, that day is not too far ahead.

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


Raise your discourse from simple vigilantism

by Korosh.Khalili on

In words of Martin Luther King, we need "to overcome oppression and violence without resorting
to violence and oppression."



Our duty

by mobster on

I really see it as our duty not to engage in the same spirit of mind as the vigilantes and maniacs of the regime. What would be de difference between us, the green, and them the baseej, if we would engage in vicious murdering and torture. Absent mass murder of the government I really see it as our historical duty to learn from the events of 1979. Prison for live instead of execution or assasination.

One more thing. Assassinating them would give the regime some sort of legitimacy to exectute, hang, arrest and shoot a lot of people. 


My Words ;)

by MiNeum71 on

Curious Joe

A Good Punishment

by Curious Joe on

Get every Laat and Chaghookesh in Iran, one at a time, whenever we can catch one -- and do the following 4 things to them:

1- Cut their penis so that they can never rape anyone.

2- Cut both their hands from the wrist so that they can never take a knife or any other instrument to beat/threaten other people, including wife-beatings

3- Place a non-removable tattoo on their forehead saying "Laat o Chaghookesh"

4- Set them free to go back to their communities and show their buddies what is waiting for themI assure you, that will take care of the root of the problem throughout Iran.Let's face it, whether it was the Shahs regime, the Mullahs regime, or the next military/revolutionary guard regime -- they all rely/pay the Laat and the Chaghookesh, and buss-load them to create a mob scene and beat and kill the people. We simply have to uproot and eliminate the existence of the Laat o Chaghookesh mob from the Iranian scene, so that no regime can use them to maintain power.

PS: After we implement the above, we only need to advertise that any man who stares at a woman without a chador or says any Matalak to a woman in the streets, will not only have his penis cut, but also his tong and his eyes shall be removed. In addition, the parents of such men will be subjected to 2 years jail sentence for bringing such bastards into this world. That, my friends, will surely clean the gene pool of the "barbaric Iranian men" once and for all.


besieged and beleaguered

by Anonymously on

by the Basij mentality -- blood-suckers seeking the blood of the blood-suckers. The only difference between them is: who the victims are!

"Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

A lesson for blood-suckers everywhere: non-violence 101 by Dr. Martin Luther King.

Ali Najafi

Consistent, Principled Action

by Ali Najafi on

The following quote has been in my mind for the past several weeks. I offer it to you for reflection:  "You have demonstrated in the example of your lives that the proper response to oppression is neither to succumb in resignation nor to take on the characteristics of the oppressor. The victim of oppression can transcend it through an inner strength that shields the soul from bitterness and hatred and which sustains consistent, principled action."   

Farhad Kashani

This is the way to do it!

by Farhad Kashani on

This is how you take the regime down. Great job!


Fascist regimes such as IRI do not go down by demonstrations alone. We need sabotage against regime officials and regime vital institutions; we need regime’s goons to be punished and identified and take action against. We need coup inside IRIs military forces. We need strikes. Demonstrations alone wont do it.


This is the realistic approach to take. Exiled opposition need to concentrate its efforts on sabotage acts against regime’s officials and institutions and on setting and executing coups among the security forces.



by shushtari on

animals must be fed alive to white sharks......very slowly so they can suffer like our poor countrymen and women over the years....

i'm yearning for the day soon that justice will be served for over 30 years of murder, plunder, and lies! 


Stay green and united

by mobster on

Dear agha Mehdi, all other Green countrymen,


I have to say that I agree with Mehdi, although it is very tempting to collect some scalps. If we (as Iranians and Iranian society) want to put a real step forward, we should deal in a dignified and ba-kellas way with these bastards. It remains to be seen what happens on the ground... absent a mass murder I would be really proud if we could put these bastards in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives. That would be by all measures a more tailored and suitable solution. I mean... simply killing them is too easy for them cause they would not suffer by any means.

However, if these religious maniacs start mass murder to remain in power, than there will not be any other option left but collecting their scalps.

Zendeh bad iran 



by rtayebi1 on


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Agha Mehdi!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

What you are explaining about Technology is right and any person with the right mind already knows it...

However, the subject here is to Identify criminals who have beaten, tortured, imprisoned and killed innocent and defenseless Iranians !!!!

Despite all the EVIL committed by Islamic Republic against humanity, Iranians in general are not asking for Blood!

Iranians are only asking for Justice, OK !

If you are not a criminal Islamic Republic official, Killer, torturer, agent, affiliate, collaborator and/or supporter, then you mustn't worry!!!

Iran and Iranians will be FREE and JUCTICE will be served against all Islamic Republic criminals.

Zendeh Baad Iran va Irani.



justce !

by delldaar on

these animals have all means of comunications that money can by, what is missing , is justice my friend, that day will come and all you bache akhound and bassijiies and crap like that will be treated same way as you have treated these innocent and brave people, be omeede on rooz.


bloodthirsty vigilanties line up please

by Mehdi on

Soon we will replace the bloodthristy Basijis with bloodthirsty monrchists, MKO, et all! What a bright future! Seems that there is no end to this. Everybody wants blood! Everybody has a God given right. How could we blame the Basiji or anybody else? It seems to me the difference between them and those who want them out is that they are now in power and their opposition is tryuing to get into the position of power - NO OTHER DIFFERENCE. 

And yes, cell phone with camers, Internet, libraries, roads, train, cars, airplanes, and all other forsm of technology, especially the ones that makes COMMUNICATION more possible, is THE ONLY way any improvement will come. Bloodshed and aimless demonstrations out of pure frustration and idiocy accomplishes absolutely NOTHING, as proven throughout the history. 


does anyone know who killed

by vildemose on

does anyone know who killed Alireza?

che khabar e

So a cellphone with a

by che khabar e on

So a cellphone with a camera is the answer to all problems in Iran? 

Who knew!!


LOL, Mehdi what r u so

by vildemose on

LOL, Mehdi what r u so afraid of?

Darius Kadivar

Moral of the Story: I Want MY Basiji Scalps

by Darius Kadivar on

And I want Them NOW :


You Just Wait and See !


Moral of the story

by Mehdi on

If you want a country to improve, stop demonstrations and chaotic and antagonistic actions and instead concentrate on way to make it possible for everyone in that country to have a cell phone with camera! The single most significant difference I see between today and years gone, is that Iranians now have some limited access to Internet, they have cell phones with camera and this makes it near impossible for the mafia to get away with murder. So, let's stop these premature demonstrations and disruptions and let's get those people some technology and contact with the outside world. No need for bloodshed, just keep empowering them and the darkness will automatically disappear, with no effoert whatsoever!