(Smart) Iranians of the day

Photo essay: Sharif University students

by Mahdi


Salar, Vaghan ke Damet Garm

by Anonymoussssssss (not verified) on

Dear Salar, Vaghan ke Damet Garm bro. Well said :)


Salar, Vaghan ke Damet Garm

by Anonymoussssssss (not verified) on

Dear Salar, Vaghan ke Damet Garm bro. Well said :)


Ummmm, can you say "Intellectual Mules"???~??~

by Salar (not verified) on

To all uninformed individuals fighting over nookhood o kishmish here,

First of all these are industrial engineer students at sharif, so not the smartest. The smartest usually first pick electrical and computer or physics. Industrial is one of the last choices they pick.

Secondly, Amir Kabir or daneshgah fani Tehran students are “smarter”, not only brain wise but also because they are more human and socially apt , they are also much more active politically and socially which makes them closer to mother earth. Sharif university students, not all but most (98%) are living for only one purpose in life: to become an intellectual mule and a corporate “yes” man/woman anywhere that pays the highest. BTW, some imbecile said MIT pays 250k to recruit these students, that’s more like 25k you dumb brain, get your facts right before running your mouth.

Thirdly, these days you can pay your way to Sharif university and any other university in iran. You can also pay your way through while studying there, for others to do your projects, write your thesis and publish research papers that pave the way to get into any school you want much less for sahmiyeh shohada o arazel o obash velayat faghih, these arazel get A+ all the way thru without even showing up for a single class. They get graded by their commitment to beating up other students mostly at other universities, who has time for studying. The danger obviously is that these arazel velayat mostly have good appetites and prefer medical schools over technical ones. So they are tomorrows surgeons and doctors. In fact the first wave of these illiterate imbeciles are already owning most of the hospitals and medical centers around the country practicing and sending people to meet their creator much sooner than expected. This sahmiyeh shahid o janbaz o arazel has been getting bigger and bigger over the years since now there are more of these retards than before so they have been flooding the top programs everywhere. Faghat imoom zaman aghebat on mamlekat ro bekhair koneh.

BTW, hey asshole, don't give me that shit about these killers defended the country and sacrificed, they went to defend their Fascist Islamic khomeini state. they don't even know what a country means much less defending it. and now their asshole kids are defending the country like their fathers by beating, torturing and killing real students, teachers, workers, bus drivers etc. HEY, WE DON'T NEED YOU DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY ANYMORE, JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNRTY AND GO BACK TO YOUR DESERT IN IRAQ AND PALESTINE DRINKING YOURE CAMEL MILK.



by Setiz (not verified) on

Wrong! CalTech in fact takes far less than that in international students. This criteria is not for american students which contribute the majority of students.

And I do not need any google search, I have their hard copy application forms and booklet, which in fact says "rank example number 1 or 2 based on criteria....". They take only a couple of students from iran each year.

Apparently some are not familiar with strength of sharif U. or US academic selectivity!


for "Setiz" => There are only 194 countries in the world u know!

by Anonymoussssss (not verified) on

There are only 194 countries in the world your know! So according to (from CalTech App Form) they only have 194 times 3 = 582 students in the whole university each year? This is when we are actually counting Mongolia a country too.
According to CalTech's FAQ in 2006 they admitted 864 students in their undergrad program therefore even with your brain damaged assumption they still admit more than the top 3 people of every country in the world.

Hey, google is free do some wild searches before making and statement. You can search on the internet for other stuff besides lesbian porn...



by Setiz (not verified) on

I did not say that, I quoted the head of engineering school at stanford, so maybe he is prejudiced towards iranians.

And that has nothing to do with prejudice, being the best relates to a lot of factors such as curriculum as well as cultural values, none having anything to do "honar nazde iranian ast-o bas".


Setiz you appear to me one of those Ignorant Iranians!!!

by kazem (not verified) on

You sound like the prejudice ,blind fenatic nationalists,who think HONAR NAZDEH IRANIAN AST TO BAS!!!!!!!
Come on ,they are smart but the best in the world!!!????we are a little prejudice? aren't we?????



by Setiz (not verified) on

You are absolutely wrong on saying that 10% of any university can get into any U that they want. Look at the requirement of schools like MIT and CalTech. They openly say that (from CalTech App Form) that you should be among top 3 (not even 3%) in your entire country to get into those schools, and they routinely accept students from sharif U. The head of engineering school at stanford recently referred to sharif U as the best engineering school at undergrad level in the entire world when the top 3 positions in PhD preliminary exam turned out to be from sharif U.

On shohada, I don't know what you have against them? Let's clarify first, they are shohada of iran-iraq war. They had no hands in crimes of IRI. They only protected iran when they had to do. So, you are wrong again.

Respecting and admiring these students has nothing to do with the regime. We all know what the regime has done, to us as well as to a lot of students like these.


FYI: Sharif University

by XerXes (not verified) on

MIT tries to recruit many of these students by paying around $250,000 a year to come to US. Harvard also tries, but MIT normally gets most of them. Sharif University is the same rank as MIT, the best and brightest students are there. You can't survive being dumb, not possible!


I'm back..in case you missed me--Thanks "Some one" & "Setiz"

by Anonymous1234444444 (not verified) on

First of all Thanks to Red Wine I loved you, and now I love you even more.
Secondly I need to thank "Some one" & "Setiz" who made something clear to me. I have been out of Iran for about 20 years and don't really know what is going on there in details. Before when I read that "these kids are bache shahid o bache molah", something in the bottom of my heart wished if this was wrong and more of a joke so people can laugh. I had no idea that infact there is such a policy to let A@#$$holes into university because the are bache molah etc.her har he this is the most rediculus thing I learned.
Reading the notes from "Some one" & "Setiz" now I know this is real.
To "Setiz" I have news for you buddy ""the top 10% of sharif graduates""the top 10 percent of any universy in the world can go to any where they want and be accepted this is not for sharif students only.
Another thing some one said, can't really remember who " we are here because of the shohada/majroohin" your are damn right, this is one truth that came out of your mouth.
I am here in "Gorbart", 10 years behind my life, talking a language that is not my own dealing with a whole lot of othere $hit because of the stupid A@#$$holes who apparently have saved me and my country, what a crap.



by Setiz (not verified) on

I read your other posts, but you lost my respect here. Your comment is a sign of ignorance and arrogance.

First, majority of these students are admitted fairly based on their utmost effort. E.g., if you get one of the top positions in international Olympiad, then you get to go to sharif outside national entrance test. Or else you have to attain a top position in University Entrance Test to be able to get into sharif U. The chance of getting into Sharif for any student is about one tenth of one percent, or 1 in 1000. They are the best minds of iran, and being young they are totally innocent and outside politics.

Those few, who get under shahid family, frankly, deserve that; as they are from families who protected iran with their lives when likes of you and I did not. So they as well deserve the honor, and once in, they either have to keep up or they will be kicked out mostly at the end of their first year.

That is why the top 10% of sharif graduates can easily get into the very best schools in the west with no problem at all, sometimes even when they lack necessary credentials like GRE and TOEFL results. I know one person in particular who got into a top-notch american university only based on his ranking (3 in his class) when he could not get his academic records from sharif due to some rules there.

Your ignorance is unbelievable. You lost my respect.


On entry in universities

by Ex-konkoori (not verified) on

I saw some TV documentary that universities try to make sure there is somewhat an equal amount number of male and female students in universities (in USA). This is per research & studies conducted nationally. There are more female students who should be accepted, but by trying to make some balance between the genders, male students with lower grades get accepted when compared to female applicants. There are approximatley a 10 to 20% of female applicants whose places are given to male students with lower grades.

This has nothing to do with the topic of universities in Iran, but I just thought that its unfortunate that those female students' places are given to male students with lower grades. Hopefully this hidden and strange policy will be eliminated in the future.


to red wine

by some one (not verified) on

I think may be you have been out of Iran for some time. It is extremely hard to get to Sharif and also other top universities. I've been hearing that it is also difficult for some people to get to any University, even "daneshgah Azad" at a distant location. Imagine one million people competing for those limited places. Regarding admissions, there is a certain percentgage that goes to "khanevadeyeh Shohada", "Majroohin", and then there is a special "sahmieh" for "shahrestan". I'm not sure of the exact percentage, ( perhaps someone can shed some light), but .... may be 60 to 70% got in on their own acadmic merits. The people who are from Tehran, and get in on their own, are very smart, followed by the sahmieh shahrestan, because they require a lower zareeb. With all due respect to shohada and their sacrifices, I believe there needs to be a more careful allocation based on academic capability, given the country's limited resources, otherwise we will continue to see decline and loss of academic prestige, and a lack of progress in the country. There should be a continued support/assistance for the brave shohada/majroohin family, in many levels (financial, social, academic, etc) to help these people who gave so much to Iran.



by AnonymousXYZ (not verified) on

You disappointed me redwine. I didn't expect that from you for some reason. May by reading your articles thus expecting more from you. I don't know.


our country's best and

by touched (not verified) on

our country's best and brightest... wish you all the best. stick with elm and danesh... don't be fooled by the quick buck!

Red Wine

Smart ? Ina ? Hamina ? loool

by Red Wine on

ta axe dovom bishtar nadidam va ye dafeh yadam umad keh ina 99% az khanevadeh shahida hastan va kilui raftan daneshgah ...pas digeh smart goftan beh ina digeh cheh sighei hast akheh !!!! albateh baes-e khandeh hast vali khoub,in hameh basateh khandeh vaseh ma ijad nakonid keh sar dard pish miareh !  


Arezu, how can America make

by Nader - West Covina (not verified) on

Arezu, how can America make people stupid when you have Americans sweeping noble price contests every year? And holds 18 out of top 20 universities in the world? And has been the home of some of the greatest inventors like Edisson,,,,? And produces 46% of technology in the world? What logic are you using? And when are Iranians gonna stop believing in clichés and stop being envious to other people’s success? And for the love of god, when are they gonna use logic before making an argument?


To Arezo:

by Tahirih (not verified) on

After talking to Anonymous 123444444444,and reading your comments to scared.
In all fairness,Arezo jan,have you ever cried over something being taken away from you?
something that was yours ?
something that all other people had it and you were the only one taken from?
have you been away from your parents by the reason of force?
have you heard how your best friend was tortured so bad in evin prison that all his cellmates were praying that the next day they would kill him to end his pain?
have you had your 16 yr old daughter raped and hange because she was not muslim?
Has anyone taken your old parents pension?
the resting place of your family being turned into a park?
your holly places ruined and built Mosque on them?

The list can go on and on .So my dear don't jump to judgement.Not every one can forget or forgive.

Ask yourself why "scared "is so angry? do not judge,try to find the root of her anger.
If we all did that ,IRI can not stay.
Freedom for one group will be freedom for every group.
"unity is so powerfull that can illuminate the whole Earth"
With regards for you,


To Tahirih ......

by Anonymous123444444444 (not verified) on

I really admire your wellwishes and someday I (might) gain the maturity(you have) to forgive and forget. what I don't understand now, is that why muslims leave Iran?(to go to university?)I think they are simply not smart enough to pass Konkoor. They leave Iran and say "I couldn't go to university in Iran" instead they should be saying "I wasn't smart enough to pass konkoor".


My dear Anonymous1234444444

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I feel your pain I had it and the scare is there to look at for the rest of my life.
I lost exactly 10 years of my productive years too.And I had dear friends that they lost their young lives,for just being a religious minority.I am haunted for the rest of my life for that.

BUT,by hating them we can not stop this domino of hate.We have to fight against the IRI regime and that is in any form or shap,but at the same time we have to teach their YOUNG the compassion that their parents did not know of.
Only historical fact finding and educating their young can change it.
If we stay separate from them they never know how wonderful we are ,and how we feel the pain when they oppress us.

My dear instead of hating them ask them to lobby their elders to let smart and young bahai kids a chance to go to university in Iran.


If you do and stay quiet about it then you are as quilty as your parents generation!!!

With love and regards for the fair minded hamvatanan,


To Tahirih ...

by Anonymous1234444444 (not verified) on

You say:
"I was thrown out of the university of Shiraz,because of my religion,it took me many years to forgive and heal my pain."

Maybe some of us are not yet at your stage to be able to forgive and forget and our pains are not really healed yet. For example I am a good 10 years behind my life (education/life/money/job/)because I had to leave Iran and was not able to go to university there. Since I was 25 I had to alway compete with people who where 10 years younger than me and had to watch them graduate when I had to due to family obligations take part time courses. Now at work I am still competing with people much younger than me. Please don't misundrestand my point here I have a good education from one of the best universities in the world, I have a very well paying job and I have the perfect family but I keep thinking I could have had much more if I was not 10 years behind in my life. I don't really expect anyone to understand my pain but this whole thing is IRI's fault and if I could not go to university at 18 when everybody else went, sorry but I won't be celebrating Iran's brightest and finest with you guys( not that anyone care).


why some people act like "scared"?

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I am not defending her,and If you scroll down you can see my lecture to her!
But for the rest of you that are mad at her,you have to realize lots of people (monority or majority )were badly burned by this corrupt clergy worshiper regime.
and not every one is at the end of their healing path.My dear "setiz" says every one was hurt and it is true ,but religious minorities were killed and mamed without participating in any opposition group.
that is why they feel more resentfull.
It is like you are at home minding your bussiness and your neighbours are arguing and in between they come and kill and rape your daughter.you sit there thinking "what the hell" was that for ,I was an inocent bystand.

please watch this video ,all of you pro or against this young faces,and see how corrupt the regime has been from the beginning.
I AM NOT A FAN OF THE PERSON THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ,but just watch how they miss represented every thing to people.This is just a small example.



To: Scared what a shallow, pathetic individual you are

by Arezu (not verified) on


It is types like you the world calls the "ugly Americans". The way you look at the world and judge the rest is shallow, superficial, and demonstrates your gharbzadeh complexity. Who gives a damn about your job, job security, your great "guy" ...

I hardly think in anyone's definition, your comments qualify you as an intelligent person. You exhibit such deep resentment for these young students that it's pathetic. Who said these young guys would even want your daughter, they most probably would find her just as shallow as her mother!

God, how America makes people dumb and stupid!!

Ugly, is not how one looks but what spits out of ones' mouth that portrays their character - and you are ugly!!


Tahirih ...

by Setiz (not verified) on

I am very sorry for what has happened to our beloved minorities, but dear let's not forget that IRI has been equally ruthless with the majority (of moslims). Attitudes are changing inside rapidly though as people have started to "feel" what has happened to them. I was pleasantly astonished recently to see a rather religious (moslim) family speaking positively about bahais and defending their rights. We need to understand that any oppressive regime feeds on division and blame to distract and justify its existence and its actions.

As for these students, they are simply the best of iran, and if that is not good enough for some, so be it. Some of them are indeed most beautiful and admirable indeed. Some need to stop by any western school and see how students there look, talk, and behave.


Scared please!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I was in another blog and a comentator asked me to come here because of the uglines of the remarks,and I have to say,yes it is ugly!!!!!
I looked at the pictures and they are normal young faces with the hope for the future.
I have to say ,that I was thrown out of the university of Shiraz,because of my religion,it took me many years to forgive and heal my pain.
I was able to finish my degree in a better major and I love my job.
I have to shake my head at "scared",please forgiveness is a human virtue.I hope your religion is not the same as mine,because we are here for peace and unity of humankind.
These kids did not throw you and me out of the university ,may be their parents did,so lets hope and behave in a way that they will learn humanity and compassion.
Instead of hate, lets teach!!!!!


Some Zionist are shaking

by Israel_Sucks (not verified) on

Some Zionists are shaking knowing that each one of these students makes Iran one step closer to the Bomb. lol, that's why they come here as Iranian "woman" and talk like that. Poor Zionists, are running out of tricks. Love it, loooooooooove iiiiiiiit. Yes.


How awful

by Setiz (not verified) on

How awful some comments are. These students should be celebrated as despite all the restrictions and problems and difficulties they manage to accomplish so much and bring us the only pride that we have today. Some people do not appreciate how hard it is to get into this school, and once you are in, how hard it is to finish it. Yes, there maybe some hezbollahis/shahids shuffled in, but they are a minority and if they do not keep up with the rest, they cannot graduate.

Maybe we should ask why best schools in the west so easily accept these students once graduated and take pride in them; one of very very few things that iranians can take pride in these days. The fact that they may have "rish and pashm" or "rousari" has nothing to do with their achievement. Frankly, I find some of them quite handsome/beautiful when I think of what they are achieving there under constant oppression and daily difficulties. May god bless them all.

Tane aadami sharif ast beh jaane aadamiyyat,
nah hamin lebaase zibaast neshaane aadamiyyat.

I should also add that students in western schools look no better when it comes to their dress code as well as their behaviour.


dont get played

by Anonymous1day (not verified) on

farz and scared are not who they say they are, and infact they may be one and the same person.
Just think about what their comments is accomplishing and who benefits from their devisive accomplishment and you will know who they are!!!!
Dont get played, ignore hateful comments they are the work of professionals.


What a waste!

by farrad02 on

There are so many talented young people in Iran! But with the exception of those who manage to leave Iran, they will all go to waste, unless the system changes to one that values freedom of thought and let's these talents florish and take flight!


to scared

by Anonymous 1000000222 (not verified) on

oh my god, i just looked at all the pictures and they are not even that bad looking...all i can say to you scared person, you are just one oghdeii woman who was always after the "good looking" guys and was never able to get one, and hala haminjoorii dare missoozeh...you see?? i've never seen a mother telling their daughters: honey only go after the hot iranian guys and dont care about anything else, lol lol wow i cant stop laughing about how stupid and oghdeii someone can be lol lol usually mothers tell their daughters go after someone who has sirate niko and not soorate nikoo...i'm not sure how you look like, but hamin i just really hope that your daughter's face doesnt represent your inside look, because be ghole shoma hamin risho pashmiha ham nemiyan begiranesh...got it?? lol