04-Nov-2007 (6 comments)
...let's call the whole thing off! Burma learns first hand how US foreign policy works [or doesn't]>>>
Bahman Mahmoudi
04-Nov-2007 (one comment)
A subcontractor had brought his Swedish girlfriend to the island, and the young and blond enterprising lady had started providing R&R for the oil drillers at premium prices >>>
04-Nov-2007 (one comment)
with a Qom ticket >>>


The freedom bus

They are using women to appease Islamic extremists. Why?

04-Nov-2007 (22 comments)
The scenario of Ms Bhutto's return is classic or better described a cliché... The international media knows this job only too well, to sell her as the angel of freedom to the frustrated people, stuck between two evils, one military dictatorship and the other an Islamic one. This game of political and media engineering is too transparent to miss. However, what struck me was, the way she was described repeatedly, as the first "Moslem woman leader in the Moslem world." Why did they have to mention this repeatedly? What purpose does this serve?>>>
04-Nov-2007 (36 comments)
Imagine the IRI has collapsed. Would you go back for good? >>>
04-Nov-2007 (25 comments)
Declaration of war on the United States of America by the Islamic Republic of Mullahs... >>>
Iranian identity >>>
SCE Campaign
04-Nov-2007 (7 comments)
18 years later, Soghra Najafpour who was a child at the time, is facing execution and is in hiding: >>>