14-Mar-2009 (5 comments)
WM (weekend madness) - "00Robert" (first show special) is today! sorry for telling you that it was cancelled,its not.Enjoy our first WM show! >>>
bajenaghe naghi
14-Mar-2009 (6 comments)
Her accent told me she was Italian.>>>
Sayeh Hassan
A campaign has been started to collect signatures in support of Mr. Latifi. Please take a moment to read the campaign and to spread the word. >>>
14-Mar-2009 (one comment)
A peek in the life of Parsi community in Mumbai, India. Humourous >>>
14-Mar-2009 (6 comments)
Albert Einstein is 130 years old today, here are a few quotes: "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.">>>
Adib Masumian
14-Mar-2009 (15 comments)
Conspiracy Theories Against the Baha'is: Time to Turn the Tables! >>>
Ravian Bilani
14-Mar-2009 (13 comments)
The Bahá'ís should certainly Endeavour to establish further contacts with their Jewish fellow-citizens, as their spiritual destiny is assuredly very bright>>>
در یک شنبه‌شب بارانی و تقریبا بهاری، تورنتو میزبان هنرمندی بود که در طی دو ساعتی که روی صحنه برنامه اجرا کرد هنر و قابلیتهای فراوان خود را در معرض نمایش گذاشت.>>>
Sahameddin Ghiassi
14-Mar-2009 (one comment)
The young girl, about seventeen years old, steps firmly to the death place; Mona Mahmundizhad, one of my best students, was persecuted in Iran (Persia), because she was Bahá'í>>>
Sahameddin Ghiassi
14-Mar-2009 (4 comments)
هنگامیکه در آلمان در یک دبیرستان تدریس میکردم یک شب معلم دانشگاه سابق من بدیدن من آمد با خودش یک مقدار کتاب و مقاله و سند همراه داشت همه را روی میز نهاد و گفت ببین امیر که چگونه این سیستمی جهنمی دنیا را به فساد و نیستی میکشاند>>>



A very beautiful song - a roots song