Recent events and IRNN Vs CNN

by Abarmard

Two stations from two parts of the world had displayed the recent attacks in a very different manner. On one end the IRINN, the Islamic Republic News Network had a special 24-hour report about the Palestinians deaths and struggles with sad images, along with poems and songs for the Palestinians and the Muslims to get involved with the issue. The poems and songs were about the children and mothers to allow their kids to become Martyr. The emphasis of the news channel reporting and “advertisement” was to increase the hate and encourage fighting to the end. The images were mostly kids crying and mothers screaming by their young children bloody bodies. Men were carrying their young kids rapped around white sheets while crying and hitting their head and the entire neighborhood behind them yelling “Allah o Akbar”.

The other side of the world, things seem much more quieter. There were some lines coming across the news channels saying that the US government has asked Hamas to stop its rocket attacks. The images of the Palestinian buildings under the Israeli attacks were shown with some men calmly smoking cigarettes while walking through the rubbles, but they did mention that there were some casualties and dead people. The focus however was on the Israeli side that some smoke was coming out of an area that Hamas had hit with their rockets.

Some interesting point is that the Iranian TV had emphasis their dislike for the Egyptian government and I believe IRI would begin their plea to the Arabs to demand change of direction for the Egyptian government. According the IRINN and their interviews with some Palestinian officials and reporters, the Israelis could not attack Gaza if it wasn’t for the green light from the Egyptian government. 



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If I have to say anything.....

by KavehV (not verified) on

Darius Jaan, I believe you have a point here and I wanted to elaborate on it a little. First of all I have been very reluctant to jump into the Arab-Israeli issue and will do my best to avoid it again in the future. This is not our priority and will only serve as a diversion that benefits IRI. On a humanitarian basis, the Darfur genocide has much higher priority.

At any rate, it seems to me that IDF has a lot to learn from US army and Pentagon leaders. Again, not being a big fan of the Iraqi war, you may recall that US military has been facing similar situations in Iraq in numerous cities and with different militias, including die-hard Al Qaida who hide themselves in high population density areas. I don't recall, ever, the army calling for air support, or artillery to blast the insurgents in civilian areas, like you see with IDF.

Back in autumn of 04, the army announced their intention to enter Bakuba (Iraq) to rout the insurgent stronghold in the populated city. Despite widespread skepticism about the one-on-one, door-to-door combat with very little high tech advantage and possible high casualties, a few army brigades were able to enter Bakuba and wipe out the insurgents. They accomplished this with minimum collateral damage and civilian deaths than what IDF is doing. The same scenario was repeated in Baghdad Sadre city, Remadi, Karbala (Sadre's militia) and a number of other cities quite successfully. All of these events took place in environments that were operationally more dangerous than today's Ghaza. These American kids from middle America; Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas …. were/are willing to meet the enemy on their turf (Iraqi streets and buildings) and fight them, and die, for a better Iraq. You can argue this point, but for most US troops helping for a better future for Iraq is their only motivation in this war. In 5 years time US has accomplished so much in Iraq, but Israel still struggles with military issue after 60 years.

Why aren't Israelis doing the same ? For their own sake and that of their abused neighbors? As you mentioned, they hold all the cards and should be able to do a lot more to help these people than the constant abuse. What the IDF is doing today in Ghaza is not a fight, it is not even an engagement, it is more like target practice on live enemy, and the inconvenient civilians who get in the way.

I am not aware of the internal events/politics inside Israel, but seeing such a clumsy way of dealing with their enemy, it tells me that there are low moral issues within Israeli society and the IDF. This makes for particularly dangerous times for miscalculation of the Israeli enemies with helping lip service support of the impotent charlatans of the Islamic republic, and the fanatical elements within Israel who may think a widespread war may be "a good thing" in unifying and bringing together all the Israelites again.

Meanwhile, I remind all that our fight lies elsewhere, in Iran and with Islamists:

Eradicatde Islam !


Salam az mast agho Kadivar

by Abarmard on

Dar ta'tilat e zemestani boodam. I agree with your point. I believe that they did try to bring Hamas in and that's probably why they are now in power. But There are some that take Ideology to a higher stand than just position or power, although perhaps everything has a price!

The people in Hamas are based on Ta'ahod to the goal, and similar to Ahmadinejad and likes, they are determind to reach their goal. 

Happy New Year and be safe :)

Darius Kadivar

Kakoo Koja Boody ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Welcome Back Abarmard Jaan,

Hope all is OK on your side.

Yes You are very right on this. I think that Egypt is actually ripe for a Fundamentalist Revolution like Iran after 37 years of Mobarak in power ( gee that is nearly as old a governance and the Shah by One year less) unfortunately for the wrong reasons and it would be I think a terrible thing for Egypt if this happens.

The Gaza tragedy however painful for the human casualties may well be exploited by the IRI in order to destabilize Egypt's position in the Arab world. I read a similar analysis in the French Le Monde the other day.

The point is that Israel needs to also take some responsability in the way it is handling the crisis. I don't understand their clumsy attitude when they have all the cards to play it in their favor. For instance  I don't see why they didn't try to get rid of the Hamas leadership through secret operations with the help of the Mossad rather than taking the risk of a military attack that instead kills the innocent civilian population rather than the people they really want to target. All the more that Gaza is a densely populated region in a small strip of land. They blew up the whole region with the small turnover of three Hamas leaders killed for 250 or so civilians ...

Oh and the Head of this brilliant Israeli Military Operation is an ... Iranian Israeli !

Crazy World !




Kingdom of Jerusalem!

by Kurush (not verified) on

What you are referring to is ‘scripted’ journalism of the Western media. The same ‘news’ scripts get recycled ad infinitum & ad nauseum. But are we surprised when we know that a very tiny number of multibillionaires, such as Murdoch, and their Zionist buddies, virtually control the media in the West? So much for the freedom of the press. In an Orwellian sense these terms ’freedom of expression’ & ’freedom of the press’ are used with mendacity to dissimulate and camouflage the reality, namely, that there is no freedom of press nor expression in the West. The same syndicated group of writers regurgitate the same claptrap with utmost homogeneity. These is no diversity of views in the official Media. Discourse in the West has always been a tightly controlled affair. Moreover, in what sense might the war crimes Israel be committing in Gaza any different from the US war crimes in Fallujah? Even more importantly, all this distracts from the more monumental and epoch-making reality right before our very eyes, namely, that the ME is, for all practical purposes, an occupied region of the world,- from Gulf states, to Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine under the fascist boots of the western Judeo-Christian crusaders. The original crusaders in 1099, after their brutal conquest of Jerusalem, set up the so called, Kingdom of Jerusalem, which was their proxy state and was used to make continuous raids into Moslem territories, attacking commercial centers, population centers, pilgrims, etc. In what sense is the Kingdom of Jerusalem any different from Israel? In what sense might the fate of Israel, the West’s proxy in the heart of Moslem world, be different from the fate of the Kingdom of Jerusalem which was annihilated by Saladin at the fateful battle of Hittin in July 1187? All proxy states historically have a violent existence and a violent death. Good day