Agar Shah Narafteh Bood

by alimostofi

Every year on this day, (which happens to be my birthday), I ask my self this question.  I go through all the What ifs and ponder, what would it would have been right now, or as an Astrologer, dreaming as I do, think of another timeline, where Iranians are living a different world.

My fantasy takes me to another world, where suddenly the Shahanshah of Iran decides, along with with my father, who decided to leave Iran, for medical reasons, in November 1978, to come clean about his health to the nation of Iran.  The Shahanshah goes on TV, and declares that he is terminally ill.

Suddenly the fanfare that was surrounding the old man in Paris, dies.  The news is all about the poor old Shanshah of Iran, and how little time he has left to live.  The people of Iran begin their mourning very early.  Every day the people greet the Shah crying, and he feels as if he is not able to meet their standards of leadership.

He worries about who will lead Iran, and what will happen to Iran.  There is his son, but he is too young, and he reflects on this over and over again.  He feels so bad that he has not prepared his country for this situation.  But at least the people are thinking about a big change.

Eventually the Shah dies, and the Crown Prince resumes the cultural duties of the Royal Institution.  A new Prime Minister is elected and Iran continues to grow at an unbelievable clip.  There is a new economic engine in the world in Western Asia, that is compared to those a long time ago in East Asia.

Wake up Ali.



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aghaa mostofi, baba, namak

by ex-anti-shah (not verified) on

aghaa mostofi, baba, namak laaye zakhmemoon nariz, yaademoon nanadaaz ke 30 saal pish cheh ghohi khordim...

hala emrooz tobeh cheh faayedeh? 37 saal behemoon goftan aadam beshid, aakharesh 1979 goftime nemikhaaym, tarjih midim mesle magas too goh beloolim ta inkeh mesle zanboor aadam baashim.

kaash oon khodaa biaamorz too saremoon mizado nemiraft. afsoos.


Iranian trait number 1 surfaced: Jealousy that brought us here.

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

Iranians are never jealous of likes of Bill Gates who has more money than he can swallow. Iranians are never jealous of Steve Jobs or any other non-iranian who is rich.

But iranians are very jealous of iranians, even in their wildest dreams. They are willing to see iran destroyed lest someone gets a lousy job at NIOC to make a decent living; as merry widow clearly articulated:

You would have returned to Iran and become a senior executive at the NIOC, thanks to papa's pulling strings, and kept there for sometime, enough to stock a massive fortune to have a luxury yatch pemanently moored at the Kish island and a private jet, in some remote air filed in North Tehran, fuelled and ready to fly away in case of an emergency.

Yeah, iranians do not mind some non-iranian being super rich, but they cannot even imagine that some other iranian live a decent life (let alone being rich) no matter how impossible and imaginary that would be. Even the imagination of some other iranian being rich drives them crazy and makes them want to see iran ruined so that that would never happen. Only misery and failure of other iranians make some iranians happy. Sigh.


If Iran is so great why is

by questions? (not verified) on

If Iran is so great why is there such a huge brain drain? Why is it that people in Iran want to get out and those who are abroad don't want to go back to Iran?

Was it like this too during the Pahlavi's time? Were there so many expats abroad as they are now during the Pahlavi's era?


Let me see ...

by merry widow (not verified) on

You would have returned to Iran and become a senior executive at the NIOC, thanks to papa's pulling strings, and kept there for sometime, enough to stock a massive fortune to have a luxury yatch pemanently moored at the Kish island and a private jet, in some remote air filed in North Tehran, fuelled and ready to fly away in case of an emergency.

Meanwhile, in Qum, a new plot was being hatched to over throw the Successor.


very simple, you want to

by binocular (not verified) on

very simple, you want to know?

If shah had not gone, saddam would still have attacked. MKO would still join saddam to fight shah. shah had nothing to offer to motivate people so the army would lose.
then the oil would be gone and people in the north would freeze to death.
Then saddam would lose everything to others and middle east would be in a bigger mess.
on the other hand if he had been a good puppet and just like he let bahrain to go he would let something else go to British then he would be helped to kick saddam's ass then you would still be there amybe as Vazir Mostofi.
But i am not sure what kind of vazir you would have liked to be, eghtesad? naft? you say it..


Don't forget what Ruhollah and the deceived kept asking for!

by Forgetful (not verified) on

Everybody, starting first and foremost with Ruhollah himself ... down to American and British ambassadors to Iran and further down to millions of gullible deceived Iranians, ALL, except for a handful, were asking for the Shah to leave.

Remember what Ruhollah kept saying in response to those millions of fools impatiently asking for his return to Iran to go and give each and every one of them their monthly 350 tomans stipends , free utilities, etc.:

"Mammad Reza Bayad BARAAAAAAAAAH"

After the Shah left Iran, and Ruhollah went back, took over and settled in then he demanded for the sick Shah to return to Iran be shot to death.


If shah had not gone...

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

I don't know about the rest of you, and I don't know about any of the west-living islamists and hezbollahis and IRI supporters and hypocrites and intellectuals and leftists; but if that accused awful shah had magically remained in iran and his allegedly corrupt regime had sustained, I would be living in my own country helping my own countrymen and my own country.

We wouldn't be worse than dubai, malaysia, indonesia, singapore, india, brazil, turkey, ..., and all of the other places that iranians die for to immigrate to these days.

WE did not even deserve the shah let alone anything better than his regime, WE did deserve mullas, WE asked for mullas, and WE got mullas. What we see is the comfort zone of most iranians, those who asked for revolution, and can far more easily make connection to than they did with the shah's regime. What a bitter reality that is.


Ali Jaan

by samsam1111 on

You come to the house of an ex-hezbollahi wishing for your shah return..isn,t it ironic ...Give it up Pal, mullahs are every where & all around you ....closer than you think & getting closer every day..Dont worry about Shah , In a few yrs you be wishing for your America back if shaikhs & shaikh pimps have it their way...

Cheers & good dreaming Patriot !!!

Darius Kadivar

Happy Birthday ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Funny ... ;0))

Here is to your Dream and may it come true one day: