Alternative Election for Iran


by alimostofi

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You and I know what needs to be done in Iran. The world press is against you. Even the world's largest non English community of Bloggers (as Iranians are) have failed.

Look at the link above. To an ordinary citizen of the world, the Hezbollah Party in Iran is Iran. Walk into a Pub anywhere and ask. You will be confused with Iraqis, and "all the rest of them over there ...". What the Hezbollah Party in Iran says and does is seen as Iran.

That is the hard reality that Iran has been reduced to by the mainstrean media. There is no "glorious Iran" as such. I sure as hell do my bit correcting people. But it is nothing.

Hard fact is that the world is told that there is an "election" on Friday 2 March 2011. Even the Iranian at AP does not put it correctly. They don't know that it is two weeks before Iranian Spring Equinox New Year festivals. It kicks off with Chaharshanbeh Soori. The mullahs know what happens then.

So which is more important? Chaharshanbehsoori + Nowruz, or this phoney election? Well as far as the world press is concerned the mullah election is. That is the problem. They don't put it in the right context. At best they will call it Iranian Spring just before the real Iranian Spring festival. Nuts!

Not one word is mentioned about the fact that these Taliban of Iran are not Iranian. So as far as I am concerned the head of BBC, AP, AFP, Reuters etc etc are responsible for the mullahs being around.

So what can we do about it? Have an alternative election on the internet via US Embassy site? Or why not have a number of sites that all then collate their results for the head of UN.

Sounds simple enough. I think with wizards like Naderi (NASA), Kordestani (Google), Omidyar (ebay), they could come up with some cunning "Ayatollah defying" solution.

Just ask yourself, "what have they done for Iran?" Is Ahuramazda pleased with them? One day they are asked by the Lord, "what did you do for Iran?". And they will say ... (I hear distant sounds of cockroaches in the dark).

Who am I to bring up such questions? Enjoy your Christmas, now that the real one (Yalda has happened).


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These Talabans of Iran are Not IRANIANS.