Astrology of Death - a transfer from five senses world to the other.


by alimostofi

Some of you would have realised that there has been a pause on my regular astrology reports. Most of you know that I share everything. I was sharing on AOL pages in the 80's, before there was a proper internet as you know it. Why was it necessary for the pause?

A bit of background. I have always been the odd one in my very pompous "proper" family. I was loud and very honest. I back that up by being totally non voilent and ironically very aggressive about it. So yeah, I am aggressively non-violent.

Not much shuts me up. Even what you call death. Now marry that up with a family history of Kings and Courtiers and you get clashes of opinions. So I do not say any of this out in the open.

I use the internet to reach you. You will read this and I feel better. I do not know you but your better feelings will make me feel good too.  There is a bigger universe outside our family. The internet helps us feel sane.

So here we go. This is the story. My mum finally when to another place. Nevertheless my mother's transition was a shocker. Sure I used the Tarot cards, and the Astrology helped to navigate the timing. But I am still human, and I feel and digest it all.

I, like any human without any of this knowledge, had to go through all the trials and tribulations. And am going through it. So just because I know this stuff, it does not make me immune from it. Doctors get ill. Astrologers are human.

We have in Astrology, areas where all these matters are dealt with. As I mentioned in the last report, we had Moon in Cancer and it made a square or 90 degrees to Saturn at exactly the moment she made the transition. The cross on Saturn is used by Christians. The Moon symbol is used by Moslems.

Perhaps the best way to give a real taste, is to give it as it happened to me. That is me. No bull-shit. No eloquence either. Raw. It was late shopping on Thursday in Reading. I have just moved into my new flat after my divorce. I had just had a nightmare of a toe nail issue and so had to go and get that seen to. That Moon 90 Saturn, as I abbreviate it, really forced me to deal with the real issues. Saturn forces you deal with things.

So I did. Got to see the doctor. Got the antibiotics, and was about to chill, when my phone ran showing my sister's name. Boom I knew. I was happy. Yes happy. Notice my gut reaction. Why is it different? Ah... Read on.

I felt the spirit of my mum. She was released into freedom. I took a deep breath said "Yata Ahur Vayeryereh" and smiled with tears. She was there with dad, holding hands. She was happy. I felt them. That is a sixth sense. We all have it.

I finally hit the button on my new Samsung Note, and I could feel my sister's situation. She is a Moslem. So their system is - well, .. is there a polite way of putting it?  It was evident that the belief system had broken down. Or maybe it's like a virus that does exactly that. It goes into action in what is perceived as "Loss". She had no sixth sense. Need to unlearn or delete that operating system and get an iphone or android equivalent. Lol. Get my drift. Think outside the box! Yes I am blunt.

Nothing is created or destroyed and so it is a transition. Get that perspective and you are ok. In Iran, everyone sees it as a Loss. If you see a person beyond the normal five sensual spheres, then you will not see it as loss. Keep that old defunct rubbish OS and you will be stuck forever with it. But as they say "better the devil you know". What a load of crap. Mozakhrafat.

I am therefore much more comfortable knowing that the larger more comprehensive version of my mum is there. It is just a change in her system. A part of her whole existance is not locked into my Earthly five senses system. The bigger part of her exists. Accept that. Feel it. Mmmm love it

There is so much more to a person than this five sense dimension you see, and just like an X-ray can measure and see things, the other parts of the person can still be seen. This statement will produce all sorts of questions. Filter them with the correct attitide as written in the Zend Avesta.

Remember not to ask questions which you cannot answer after putting them into the Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds system. You need to think about the question, and analyse the question, before you decide to answer it.

Most of the time it is best not to bother to answer it as it will not be practical. So ask the question with another question "why ask that question?" You will have no sense of it at all. It will literally be nonsense. Lol. Just accept it.

Now this is the tough bit. You will think that the fact that you have ignored the question, that you are going to feel quilty. That is where moral discussions are preached to you in religious institutions and you will get trapped.

Next time you ask, "why did he or she go?" Just "Let it be" as Beatles said. It is a case of the change they wanted. Yes even a tiny new born can make that choice. Free will is their engine and there are reasons for all of it as part the whole system. And answers can be found. Most of it will be related to other worldly matters which will not make sense to your time and space you are in.

For now just keep it simple and respect the power of their free will. You will then accept their much larger existance in space-time. There is no life or death. Nothing is created or destroyed. It is a case of change of existances their Khodah. Khod means self, Ah is it the non Earthly part that relates to space-time. Khod and God are the same word. We can produce the Astrological chart of that moment of the gateway and get answers. There is more to this as you can imagine. So just imagine.

Ah well, I feel so much better I shared this with you. Thank you for reading it. Please feel free to put comments and share your experiences.


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Ali thanks for sharing, my condolences.

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