Astrology of Iranian Humility - Esfandarmarzi

by alimostofi

The Iranians were first to realise that there is a great cycle of life we all need to go through.

There are twelve parts and each one follows the other for a reason. I won't go through all of them now. But will concentrate on the most difficult one. The one we are in now.

There are two parts to a person's identity. There is the open assertive side. There is the submissive side. The same is true of nature.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you can see the winter really biting and stripping nature. It is a very humiliating affair. The same is true for humans who have to go through their moment of humility and their "unyou" as it were. In Persian we call it Espandarmarzi or Forootani. And it occurs in the month of Esfand.

In short, you need to find all that is not you, and face it. It is actually very hard to explain. Let me give it a try. Imagine that some time last year you did not handle something. That thing now catches up with you. Karma.

So what do you do with things you cannot handle. You pray or pay reverence to. The old prayers are written in Yasna of Zend Avesta. You then link to your "unyou", and just let it go.

Zardieh Man Az To, Sorkhieh To Az Man is what is done on Chaharshanbehsoori. Iranians clean their soul and yet they really don't know why. Your sub-conscious knows.

Now in Astrology everyone has their own special moment for doing this. You need to find out when your 12th house begins, as the jargon goes.

For me it is now, and anyone who has read my tweets or knows me personally knows how much selflessness I have done.

So what happens after all this? Well you have cleaned the decks and ready to hit the world with a new you openly. That is when your own Nowruz starts. We call that your rising sign.


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