Astrology Report for 10-12 June 2012 Sun Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Pisces or Esfand.


by alimostofi


Ancient Iranians thought that every day was a special day. Just look at the new babies born every day. Each one of them grows up to be a unique and important person.

We all have things that make us what we really are, and then things that we share with others. We can't really logically explain what it is that sort of blends this mix, but we intuitively know. The key word is intuitively.

With Sun still being in Gemini or Khordad, we still like to be logical and communicate about everything. We jump around and connect to all sorts of ideas.

With Moon now in Pisces or Esfand, we have to get away from social networking and progressive energy of Moon in Aquarius or Bahman that we had in the last two days.

So what is so special now. Now you need to deal with going beyond people, and into nature and culture. You need to deal with intuition. It is rather uncanny, but yesterday I was having a great discussion on a political topic in, and my contribution became more and more on Iranian culture.

This morning I got up and found that my mind wondered into all sorts of dreamy illusions. That is what Pisces or Esfand does. It makes you deal with a feeling that you can't understand. It is a bit dizzy. A bit drunk. This feeling is intuitive. You are connected to the unyou.

So do you want to think abstract? Do you want to draw or write words or music? Do you want to search for shoes, get your hair done? Go for it. This is the mood to feel for the unexplainable. Yes all that love infatuation is there. Forget reason and being practical. That is Virgo. This is the opposite.

Like other times in the previous month when the Moon was in Esfand you can get invovlved in these matters. No point repeating them. But that's the position of the Moon. But the other planets have changed.

As you know, I am trying to teach Iranians how all this Astrology, which Iranians invented, and now have no knowledge about. In India people still use it in their own way. We have our calendar that is Astrological. But no one really knows that there are meanings.

You know that compared to four weeks ago when the Moon was also in Pisces, the Sun is in Gemini. But other planets have changed positions. The biggest change has been in Jupiter.

Look at the link about and you will see Jupiter has gone into Gemini. It will stay there for a year or so. It will really help all the areas we have been talking about in this month of Khordad - communication, logic and reasoning. This video really explain it all well.


Jupiter is responsible for expansion, exploration, discovery, and it really plays the part of Santa in your horoscope. It makes life easy there. It gives a lot of enthusiasm. So look up your time of birth and see where it is. In general people born in Khoradad, Mehr, and Bahman will be really lucky.

Khordad will have a really amazing year with Jupiter there. If you were born around the first week of Khordad you will really benefit from getting in all forms of partnership.

If you have Khordad as your ascendant that applies to you. So you could be a Sagittarius but if you were born at sunset then you have a Gemini ascendant. So find out the time of your birth and find out the lucky spot.

If you look at the link above you will see that the Moon is again lining up opposite Mars and making 90 degrees to Venus. It is interesting to see this energy build up. I waiting to watch the French Open men's final. The energy will be amazing, as the battle of the two Titans of men's tennis battle it out at Roland Garros. It will tear them apart.

And for you looking to improve your love life you will be even more confused. So turn it around. Are you uncertain of your partnership? Make that call. Ask that question. Oooh it will be tough, but you will get to break it up if it is not there in your guts. Make sure you do not fall for unrequitted love. I have been there and do not wish it for anyone. Read Rumi and learn or throw Rumi out of the window. Don't be fooled. Break dellusion.


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