Astrology Report for 18-21 July 2012


by alimostofi

Astrology Report for 18-21 July 2012 Sun in Khordad and Tir, Moon in Tir.


If you look the link above, you will see that the Moon will be in Cancer around 1800 GMT (not summer time). On its way there it will line up with the Sun. We call this the new Moon.

So make a wish. It can't be any old wish it needs to be something that you are hoping it will materialize in two weeks when it is the Full Moon. Most probably it will be to do with work and career.

Or flip it the other way round, it could be about a family situation in the past. Your heritage and your social status is the line of thought that comes to play. That is what Cancer and Capricorn control.

Moon in Tir and Sun in Tir are what the westerners call Cancer. Cancer is all about your home feelings of the past and really the way you react to the meanings of all that you have around you now.

Sense your home. Sense your family. Go out and touch the ground. Just jump around and touch nature. Feel where it was all these years before you came there. Talk to it. Sounds wacko? Do it. Suddenly a thought will pop into your head.  Where did that come from? Crazy it is not.

With Uranus and Moon and Mercury and Pluto all making all kinds of active cardinal aspects you will get that. Mmm...absorb yourself. Expand in the NOW. Astrologers have been saying this for thousands of years.

We Iranians had Jamasp who married one of Zoroasters daughter. He predicted the coming of saviours including JC and later warned of Arab invasion and then Iran finding itself again. He explained a lot of this. And he got it from even older Ancients. The Force is old. Very old. 

Homing in the NOW is what many self styled, western, toffy-nosed, posh, snooty, philosphers called Existentialism. They borrowed Astrologers' tools, repackaged them or rebranded them, and more importantly plagiarised them, to not give any credit to Iranians' who thought of it first. Prove it they say. Go to a clairvoyant and get the proof I say.

But alas none of this is really that practical. So what if we know that some Ardeshir Mazdanpanah (ficticious name) wrote about Existentialism in 2600 BC, later to have his work destroyed by countless invasions. At the end of the day the power of Cancer remains. We will all feel more and face our honest self in the month to come. That is the power of Astrology.

Of course the logical cynic mind would say it is Summer. We all chill out and see our family and friends. True if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. But what of the parts of the world where there the aren't any seasons or its Winter? How come the folks in Australia are so chill when the Sun is in Cancer? The flip side is when the Sun is in Capricorn we all get into cold management business formal mode. Will talk about that in six months.

So as I said this work tries to ramble a bit more about the Iranian background to all this. Yes I will moan and gripe but we Iranians do feel left out and ignored by recent world history. We are regarded as a bunch of bloody retards no thanks to the wackos in Qom. Nutcases the lot of them.

So as you can see the mood in this month will be to really get your feelings out and work with your heritage. Get close to mum or someone you can snuggle up to and feel comfy with. Yes like me go and brood. It is good to brood. We all need to dig into some tasty cakes and home made apple pie and melt. Breathe. Relax. Pig out. There will be plenty of time to get fit and efficient later. You need to get into your comfort zone.

So that is about as clear I can write about that. Now let's go through the usual Astrological mechanics of where planets are and what changes have taken place. As said Mercury is still kicking up dust on the domestic front. Just look at the angle it is still making to Pluto and Uranus.

Venus is another long story. Oh boy its been going retrograde. Ok what does that mean you say. Lol. Imagine you and I are driving in two cars in two lanes next to each other in the motorway. Let's say you were right next to my car and we were going at the same speed. Now imagine you slowed down. You would then look as if you are going backwards to me. You aren't actually going backwards. That is the explanation for what Astrologers call retrograde when the position of Earth is such that the other planet in the solar system is not whizzing around the same way as us. You will see an "r" in the ephemeris tables. As you can imagine the energy between that planet and Earth is different so it will have its consequences.

So the planet of love is going backwards. And it is causing havoc. Oh yes. Poor old Virgos and Pisces and Sagittarians. If you are a Shahrivar or Isfand or Azar born between 1 to 15th then you need to be careful not to be too cold on your partners. Be considerate. Don't be selfish and cold in black and white terms especially Sharivar who are very Dr Spock "logical. .. Me no feelings" types. Got a few friends like them and wow they are like that now. Oh bless them. Give them a kick up the wotsits really. For Isfand they will get seriously confused. They are the opposite to Sharivar. Too much the other way. And Azar. Well they will be randomly searching galloping horsing around philosophizing everything.

Venus retrograde will be there until 27th June. Madness on the love front for those signs. The other signs like Libra and Aquarius or Mehr and Bahman should use it to really cement your love. The others are not too affected.

Mars continues to go through Virgo and it has really forced the world to look at every action in utmost detail. Too much Sharivar detail kills most insiring concepts. And this year is the year when a lot of weeding is done. Just look at the way the nuclear negotiations are being brought to tiny detailed "what if" scenarios.  That is what Sharivar does. It forces us to be down to Earth and practical in black and white terms. So it will be tough to feel you have to do things for no reason at all when really you need to explain it all. Just like i am doing here. There is no room for intuitive imaginative insight. It has to be plain and simple in tangiable format that is idiot proof. So bear that in mind when you get an idea. Get it practical or it won't fly.

Wow I wrote too much.



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