Astrology Report: 3-5 May 2012 Moon in Libra or Mehr


by alimostofi

The Moon right now is in the last two degrees in Virgo or Shahrivar. I hope you had a very productive few days. You should have really gotten down to the nitty gritty practical parts of your life. Did you clean the house and did you clean out the drawers? Now that you have that tidy up, you should be ready for share yourself.

In business all the files are in order and administrated and you are ready to share with others. So your partner would be able to understand your business well.

The celestial order is to go from Virgo to Libra. Here is a simple review of what we have gone through. We go to the "we" side of life. So whereas Aries was I am, Libra is we are. Taurus is I have, and Scorpio is we have. Gemini is I think, Sagittarius is we believe. Cancer is home, Capricorn is the society. Leo is you express, Aquarius is the corporate expression.  Virgo is I sort practical affairs, Pisces is your humility to reach the unexplainable.

So you need to see that there are two major divisions. The personal and the impersonal. Libra is the beginning of things we do that bond us to others.

Even though the Moon is just moving into Libra, Saturn has been there for a while. Saturn is the father figure, authority and that wall of long term discipline you have to face. We all have an area in our life which will be governed by Libra. You need to find your time of birth to figure that out.

Uranus the planet of the extraordinary is in Aries. As Moon gets into Libra it will oppose Uranus and sorts of challenges on the progressive sides of your life come out. Pluto is going to get triggered too. So in the next day, get out and really hit your social networking contacts before they hit you.

Finally get really to face the big challenges in your life when Moon conjuncts with Saturn. It will be your biggest fear. So all in all it is a going to be a time to be very aware of the wild and the conservative social parts of your life.

This phase is all directed from your mindset. So no videos. Just think first. Have the good thought first. It is all in the style and culture you adopt. Etiquette is the bottom line. Be chic. Tres bien avec finesse. Be balanced. That is what Mehr is all about.


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