Astrology of Sun and Moon in Mehr or Libra 2012.


by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun and Moon in Mehr or Libra 2012.


The Moon was in Virgo or Shahrivar for a couple of days. It was a time to be practical. We all had to separate the wheat from the chaff.  So we got to clear the decks and get to the nitty gritty of our own lives.

Time for change now. That is what Mehr or Libra does. It really changes us. We have to think beyond ourselves. We need to think about the other persons in our lives. It's all about love and partnership. It is about learning to trust.

And the other planets are all helping in all this. Tomorrow in particular the Moon will fall right between Mars and Venus and that Midpoint point means great trust. In fact with Venus making a square to Jupiter there is an excessive amount of trust and love.

If you are a Virgo enjoy your sense of appreciation.  All those born in the first ten days of Day or Ordibehesht will be getting good love vibrations.

Mars will be energising those born in the first week of Azar Farvardin and Amordad.

There is one big event building up. It is a bit of a wall. The Sun is going to get close to Saturn in the next week or so. Imagine your worst fear and plan around it now. If you start now you can turn this challenge to an incredible opportunity.

Most of the challenges will for those born in the last days of Mehr and first week of Aban. That's why those in high society will do well. Anyone else will be will be drawn to take on new responsibilities. This is especially the case if you are born near the beginning of Bahman Amordad Ordibehesht and Aban.

Saturn is that energy that makes you plan long term and think about things you must do in a social context. And you can't avoid it. It is a wall. In some religions they call it Satan, that is mozakhraf. Keyvan is the bringer of practical challenges and disciplines. It is our teacher. So we are all going to get a big lesson in the next ten days. Be ready to get it or give it.


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