Astrology of Sun and Moon in Tir or Cancer 2012.


by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun and Moon in Tir or Cancer 2012.


A lot of you should be regulars by now, and know now the style I use, and how repetitive all of this can be. And this is the predicability of Astrology.

But still there are times that basic astrology just falls apart. 30 years ago I spotted this. The thing is that basic astrology looks at some very simple angles, and there are times when the Moon and planets do not change enough. We need more data.

What do we need to do to get more data? Well, you can increase the number angles, or look at much more than the normal set of planets. And so that is what I had to do, in order to correlate to the movement of stock markets. They are up and down all over the place every minute. So I went mad with more data.

The results are at stockstars. Have a look at the set of angles the Moon has made yesterday Monday and tomorrow Tuesday 16 and 17th.  Then look at how I have found short periods, as short as 15 mins, that the angles turn from one kind to another.

But the basic angle is the very famous one we have been witnessing now for months. Look at the big cross in the middle of the chart. It is the  famous Uranus Pluto awith Mars and Moon. It brings new social and career breaks. Many will switch their outlook. Much of the world order has been shuffled. You can see the exact time of it in the next few hours at stockstars. Interesting gyrations.

If you are born at the beginning of the seasons then take decisive action on the four areas of love home career and self concept.

As mentioned before we are in a time of Mercury retrograde so expect a lot of rescheduling. One good thing is that the Sun is no longer making awkward angles and challenges to Saturn. So legal issues will be easier. Also Venus is making a nice angle to Saturn and that will produce good term relationships.

Moon in Cancer means take care of home and heritage. Tend to kindness and use your empathy to feel for people. Be a mum. Concentrate less on business and more on family matters. Be kind.

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