Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012.


Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012.
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012.


The Moon has just now moved into Esfand or Pisces. It was in Bahman or Aquarius. We all had great political discussions. Politics was everywhere including UN. What happened was people were deeply thinking of their versions of the greater humanitarian good.

Deeply cold detached rational thoughts and conversations can now end. No more politics. Your friends or political views cannot solve matters. There are certain matters that still remain. This is the last frontier of experience.

You are in a bind. You have tried to find the balance with the ones you want to be with either for love or business partnership. You have tried cold reason, and getting consensus from all. But there remains some niggling loose ends. You can feel it in your guts. But you cannot attach words or numbers to it.

These are parts of you that link you to others, but not in the conventional logical matter of fact ways. They are there, but not in the way the normal five senses are. It is very intuitive and reflective. It pops out of nowhere. You can identify it, but you cannot find it. It is there, but you cannot explain it.

This intuitive force has delluded many so called "all knowing all intelligent" beings. It is Esfand or Pisces. You cannot use logic. You cannot be systematic. Those are tools of Virgo and Gemini. No administrative or practical down to Earth method will work either. Those are tools of Capricorn and Taurus. No moral or destructive force will work. So Sagittarians and Scorpios will fail too. No family or personal character will work. Those are Cancerians and Aries. No form of collaboration will work. That is Libra and Aquarius. Animals have it. Uneducated have it. Smart arses don't.

So what is it? It is the ocean, and you feel as if you are nothing. Oh yes we all know of Heechi or Nothingness. Smart arses know of Rumi. But that is just one side of it. Heechi comes from having gone through all of the experiences I just mentioned. Hamechi needs to be done to then see Heechi. You need the One to have a Zero in computing. You need to have On to have Off. Ohrmazd va Ahriman. You have hard and soft aspects in astrology.

So this is a time when the person switches off and reflects. Imagine you are looking at something with your own eyes. Now go and pick up a mirror and look at the same scene. How does it appear. You will see a lot more. Reflecting is not detailed splitting hairs analysis, that the sign opposite to Pisces that is Virgo or Shahrivar does. You need to dream. You need to visualize. You need to forget what you know. You need to find yourself in things and people you do not know. But then you will suddenly identify with.

You will identify that deep hunch or intuition. In matters of the heart, it is that "to delam beneshineh" feeling. How many times have you fallen for something or person, and given it time to settle in your heart. Well now is the time when you will realize that feeling.

You might have passed that shoe shop, and seen that great shoe, and said "well I'll see whether it will take root in me". Or "this is a relationship but only time will tell". Or you had a great time with someone, and then it got serious, and it all fell apart. But you said that if it's real, it will be there.

In Astrology, Esfand takes care of all that. So reach in your heart. If you are good looking, and you have broken a lot of hearts, sit and think of them and send them best wishes thoughts. You can contact them of course but your hearts have their own channel. It is the natural instinctive way. Be natural. Reach to your other hearts.

Oh my it takes a lot to explain this. Hope you got it. I feel depleted. But it's Good. GOOD as in the film Bruce Almighty. You will know it is, when you can laugh at yourself. Only then will you be ready for the next stage.


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