Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012.


by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012.


In about eight hours time the Moon will go from Esfand to Farvardin. Whereas you had to think about putting others first, you will now put yourself first. Hopefully you have discovered what it means to love for the sake of universal love.

It has been hard with the Blue Moon we had. We had two full moons and that is where the phrase "once in Blue Moon" comes from. Blue links to water and Pisces. As said Virgos born around this Blue Moon will have to be ready new changes and they will be forced to cooperate and share.

But now the focus will go into red. Oh yes this is fireworks. This is Farvardin. Farvardin or Aries is all about acting first. Get on with it. Act now. Red Alert! And now don't not share. Yeah it is the Big I am time.

So in the next few days get out and just do it. Don't think and ponder. Put things into action. Now the Sun is rising in Shahrivar. Shahrivar says be practical and efficient. Mars is in Aban. Mars migeh "shhh saket bash. ... Mum's the word, go go but keep it secret." James Bond stuff.

But there is a "Bull in the China Shop" in all this. It is Uranus. Tomorrow the Moon will say hello to uncle Uranus. He is totally wacko. He wanted a revolution yesterday. He wants to shake things. He is in Aries and wants to go to war. Internet wars are all what Uranus in Aries is about. But now that Mars is making a 150 degree to it along with Mercury, there is going to be a lot of picking and choosing who your friends are.

So tomorrow is a good time to check out the friends you share your secrets with. Find out in tiny details what your joint assets are. Go through your insurance mortgage and all bank accounts. Find that manager and sort him out. Get to the bottom of what you want to do with your colleagues at work or club or politics. You need to get your unique go go go team together. Build those passionate links. They have to be active and live just like Firemen.

In two days time the Moon will make awkward angles to Venus and Saturn. So prepare to work out your love life and legal paper works. Venus will soon go from Tir to Amordad and will be at an active angle to Mars for a month. More on that later but just imagine all those love hate arguments coming around.

Mars is for men and Venus is for women. Expect a lot of women and men issues this month. A lot of plates will be thrown in huge domestic arguments.  Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio are not easy moments. They challenge us all. If you are born in the middle of the seasons then you are in the thick of it. If you ascendant is Leo Aquarius Taurus or Scorpio, use this situation to put legal and relationship in the front and centre of your life. If you don't then it will appear in a nasty way. I know it is strong language but be prepared from next week. I will be telling you the trigger points.


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